10 New Dishes to Try at Black Olive Capitol Commons

BLACK OLIVE – One of the original restaurant that opened in the Capitol Commons area before – I really liked their simple, no non-sense approach to food. Last week we went back to try their new dishes and here’s some of my favourites. Giving you a list of 10 New Dishes when you visit at Black Olive, Capitol Commons.

black_olive_paella10. BLACK OLIVE PAELLA – The deep flavour of their paella starts with a good sofrito that’s made of aromatic ingredients that builds up the flavour that marries well with the seafood bits that it’s cooked with. It’s filling, flavourful and definitely filling.

black_olive_balsamic_chicken_wings black_olive_garlic_parmesan_wings9. BALSAMIC CHICKEN & GARLIC PARMESAN WINGS – These wings are actually pretty good one is tossed in some chili and a balsamic vinegar reducting making for this deep, dark and slightly spicy glaze and the other one tossed in a mixture of galic and parmesan. The wings are quite big and is perfect for sharing.

black_olive_involtini8. INVOLTINI – If you’re into something more light, do try this dish of eggplant rolled and stuffed with ricotta and roasted cherry tomatoes and a bit of a balsamico drizzle – very good.

black_olive_ravioli7. RAVIOLI –  This is one filling pasta dish of ravioli piece stuffed with mushroom with the pasta bits enveloped by a luscious parmesan cream sauce and a bit of truffle oil. Rich flavours and a killer aroma – I can eat this all day.

black_olive_italian_sausage_pizza6. ITALIAN SAUSAGE PIZZA – nice crust and bold flavours, that’s how I’d describe this pizza – a bed of basil pesto and cheese (mozzarella and parmesan) with bits italian sausage all in a beautifully charred crust.

black_olive_stracci_pasta5. STRACCI PASTA – A personal favourite from the pasta that we tried, this one is a definite must-try! This coming from a guy that’s not usually a fan of pesto that’s the based utilized for this dish. Papardelle pieces coated in a pesto cream sauce and mixed with bits of italian sausage and roasted tomatoes – so simple but so good!!!

black_olive_tiramisu4. TIRAMISU – Layers of grated chocolate, mascarpone custard and coffee soaked lady fingers – it’s a very good and simple sweet tooth treat that paired really well after a rich and filling meal.

black_olive_ribeye1 black_olive_ribeye23. BLACK OLIVE RIBEYE – Now this is a thing of beauty and the aroma is just fantastic! 12 oz of Angus Ribeye sizzling in some mustard butter and served with  a side of rosemary roasted potatoes. Do remember to eat it right away or remove the slices from the sizzling plate if you want to retain your desired meat doneness.

black_olive_marsala_and_walnut_semifredo2. MARSALA & WALNUT SEMIFREDO – Layers of crushed nuts, a bed of caramel sauce, frozen cream and custard and another grating of nuts on top for more flavour. GOOD!black_olive_chicken_scarpiello

  1. CHICKEN SCARPIELLO – Now this is my absolute favourite and the biggest surprise of our lunch. A fillet of chicken perfectly seared with crispy skin side giving a nice crunch to the bite and then you hit the sausage and fennerl risotto and some roasted peppers. I’d go back to Black Olive for this dish – so good!!!


They also have a buy one take one promo on these French wines – a great deal specially for the coming Valentines Day since all these food are perfect with a glass of wine.

Black Olive

Unit R3A & B, Camino Verde Avenue,
Capitol Commons, Brgy. Oranbo, Pasig City
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