3 New Dishes to try at Ippudo Ramen

Ippudo Ramen in SM Megamall has been a big hit as a lot of people actually still line up for their ramen bowls of comfort. Recently we revisited the place to sample some of their new dishes, and I must say it tops my favorites from the restaurant, specially their new ramen variant that has both miso and tonkotsu in its soup base.

ippudo_ramen_sm_megamall_feature_posterThree new dishes that you should definitely check out, a meat lover’s dream for a ramen bowl with the intense flavor of miso and that creamy texture of tonkotsu as the base, a killer fried chicken bun that honestly tops their famed pork variant, and a deep fried gyoza.ippudo_ramen_sm_megamall_deep_fried_gyoza

DEEP FRIED GYOZA – crunchy twist to an Ippudo classic; deep fried gyoza topped with spicy mayo, negi, and chili powder on a bed of shredded cabbage served with ponzu sauce.

I really liked this deep fried version of their gyoza, you have the best of both worlds, crunchy wrapper yielding a juicy, meaty filling and the various toppings and textural components really helped highlight the flavor of the filling more, making this infinitely more enjoyable than the classic gyoza (at least for me).


FRIED CHICKEN BUN – Ippudo’s signature steamed bun with glazed crunchy chicken fillet, shredded cabbage and japanese mayonnaise.

I really could go on and on about how good this chicken bun is! Probably got the most raves during the dinner because of its simplicity but it’s just so damn good! A key element that makes this dish aside from the meaty filling is their steamed bun that’s just fantastic and pillow-y soft. And then you hit the crunch from the fillet with a sweet glaze and they you hit the actual meat that’s succulent and perfectly cooked and when you add the ever so creamy Japanese mayonnaise and some crunch from the cabbage – HEAVEN IN YOUR MOUTH! This one is a must-try!


MISO AKAMARU – thick and wavy noodles in a flavorful fusion of 3 types of miso with Ippudo’s signature tonkotsu broth, topped with a slice of torched rolled chashu, sansio ground pork, fresh bean sprouts and cabbage then infused with koyu and red akamaru miso for that spicy garlic kick

Now this is definitely a ramen bowl for the meat lovers! I have so much admiration for their new Miso Akamaru Ramen, primarily because it has both miso and tonkotsu as soup base which I mentioned before I’m partial to. The flavor of the soup is rich and complex, with three types of miso and that ever so flavorful and milky pork bone broth and then you hit those thick and wavy noodles for a more interesting slurp and mouth feel.

ippudo_ramen_sm_megamall_miso_akamaru2And I would just pause for this beauty I really, really liked the chashu on this one! Just gorgeous meat to fat ratio and then along the trimmings of the fat is that caramelized, toasted layer this cut of meat being torched, it gives it that background of smoky flavor and I honestly think it really improved the intensity of the porky goodness of the cut of meat. And then there’s also the ground pork with the broth and the noodles are equally good. I’m not going to lie this is a real treat and a rich one at that, but I do like the hint of spice that they added to cut down all those rich flavors from the meat as well as the soup base.

ippudo_ramen_sm_megamall_miso_akamaru3It’s no secret that I can’t have a bowl of ramen without the presence of this marinated soft boiled egg, I just love ajitamago! I really think the gooey, creamy goodness of the yolk is just perfect with the broth, they can serve the Miso Akamaru with ajitamago, an extra slice of that decadent torched rolled chashu and nori too so yey!


I was really full after trying all the new dishes but I just can’t pass on the dessert, Green Tea Ice Cream this time served with a side of sweet red beans / adzuki and those hazelnut wafers that I really like. The green tea ice cream’s base was good enough, earthy flavor and then you get a bit of sweetness from the beans.

I really liked these three new dishes of Ippudo Ramen in SM Megamall and I’ll definitely be back for more. Do yourself a favor and try their Fried Chicken Bun and if you love meat as much as I do, treat yourself with a comforting bowl of their Miso Akamaru Ramen.

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