8 New Dishes to Make You Visit HEAT at EDSA Shangri-la

HEAT RISES! EDSA Shangri-la‘s buffet restaurant, HEAT recently launched 8 new signature dishes prepared by 8 of their talented specialty chefs. Trying the new signature dishes is like a nice gastronomic journey, with inspiration from different parts of the world, it was great savouring specialties from their different chefs, all quite good, from classic staples to familiar dishes reinvented to further titillate our palate.

HEAT_curry_seafood_dim_sumCurry Seafood Dim Sum by Chef Andy Liew – these gorgeous pockets of joy are really good! Imagine plump seafood pieces that packs a bit of spice from the curry and then there’s the thin, delicate piece of dough that it’s encased with. I would love to eat this all day, so good!HEAT_signature_maki_magic_cube_rollHEAT Signature Maki and Magic Cube Roll by Chef Yusuke Hino. These are fun to snack on, although I’m not sure if these are supposed to be one bite snacks but it’s stuffed with pieces of tuna and sweet tamago. then you hit the fish egg coating that bursts as you bite into it.

HEAT_spaghetti_vongoleSpaghetti Alle Vongole by Chef Marco Ghezzi, if you’ve been to EDSA Shangri-la‘s Paparazzi, then you already sampled Chef Marco’s cooking, this time he takes us back to his roots and prepared something that his mom would make. A classic Vongole of oil based pasta with clams, really packed with flavour but prepared in such a simple way that the seafood pieces along with the perfectly cooked pasta are the stars of the show.

HEAT_cheese_spatzle1One of my absolute favourites from the new signature dishes, Cheese Spatzle by Chef Tobias Unger. The combination of the rustic, cheesy pasta and the curry sausages was so good I think I can finish a pan of this! A definite must-try!

HEAT_cheese_spatzle3We start with the pasta, his awesome Cheese Spatzle that had hand made pasta cut into irregular shaped pieces slathered and covered with gooey, creamy mozzarella cheese, and then a slight toasted bits and caramelization on top along with the onions, it’s just lovely.

HEAT_cheese_spatzle2Then you hit it with the Curry Sausages! It was one filling and hearty meal, between the chewy, cheesy pasta and these pieces of spiced sausages, it left me wanting for more. I think I got three servings of this and I still wanted to eat more, but there was other dishes that we should try so I moved on to the next one.

HEAT_tandooriThey also have a Pomfret Tandoori by Chef Fanisbwar Nath, now I’m not really a fan of the fish so they prepared also a chicken version for us picky eaters, and it was good, moist, flavourful and had that nice distinct taste. I wanted to eat everything with some rice.

HEAT_coffee_spareribsCoffee Spareribs by Chef Tony Sum was good too, this sticky and meaty treat had bold coffee flavour coating each piece of the meat well, the edges had this nice slightly crunchy caramelization but as you bite into it the meat and the fatty bits was moist and tender, another more rice, more fun type of dish, which I really, really liked.

HEAT_adobo_prime_ribBut my absolute favourite is the Adobo Marinated Prime Rib by Chef Roxanne Castillo. Seriously! This is a meat lover’s dream treat! Imagine a well cooked, smoky, medium rare prime rib laced with an ever so flavourful adobo glaze, it’s just fantastic! Between the perfectly grilled, smoky meat and the intense flavour from the adobo, BEST. PRIME RIB. EVER!!!

HEAT_cheesecakeFor desserts we had this Raspberry Molted Brownie Double Shot Vodka Cheesecake with Centered Raspberry Sauce by Chef Martin Frowd. An apt long name for a lovely sweet tooth treat. Imagine a decadent cheesecake covered by a luscious dark chocolate coating and then you squeeze in some of that raspberry sauce. SO GOOD!

Do try the 8 New Signature dishes the next time you dine at HEAT of EDSA Shangri-la. I’ll definitely come back for more Curry Seafood Dim Sum, Cheese Spatzle with Curry Sausage and that amazing Adobo Marinated Prime Rib!


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