Affordable Gourmet Hotdogs from Snag Box at Spark Place, Cubao

SNAG BOX – A new meek, little kiosk at the Spark Place Cubao that serves some of the best affordable, gourmet hotdog sandwiches that I’ve tried. Seriously their treats are ridiculously affordable and the quality of the food is good, such a great deal. We tried all of their sandwiches and these are the stuff that I liked.

snag_box_spark_place_cubao_rustic_onion_medleyThis is their Rustic Onion Medley that’s a delicious mix of onions, cream cheese glaze and cheddar. This is so good, between the slight sweetness from the onions to that zing that you get from the bell peppers and then you hit the succulent piece of sausage and all that goodness is encased in a good piece of bread.

snag_box_spark_place_cubao_chili_beefChili Beef is something that I’d crave once in a while, so simple but quite good. Chunks of chili beef crowns the piece of sausage with a drizzling of cheese sauce and sour cream and topped with some jalapeƱo pieces. This is something that would pair well with a nice cold pint of beer.

snag_box_spark_place_cubao_bacon_4_cheese_bruleeMy absolute favorite from the hotdog sandwiches that we tried, their Bacon Four Cheese Brulee. This is a definite must-try! Between the same nice sausage as base and then it’s topped with four types of cheese making it infinitely creamy and flavorful and then topped with some crisped up bacon bits and then torched before serving. Bacon + cheese overload, what’s not to like right?!

snag_box_spark_place_cubao_japanese_dogTheir Japanese Bulldog is very good too and you shouldn’t miss on the goodness of their deep fried, breaded sausage topped with asian slaw, and then finished with a drizzling of tonkatsu sauce and black sesame. The flavor and texture combination on this one is spot on and it’s just simple and tastes really good.

snag_box_spark_place_cubao_truffle_and_wild_mushroom_raguFor those who love the earthy, umami goodness of the mushroom, do try their Truffle and Wild Mushroom Ragu. Loaded with great flavor because it’s topped with mixed mushrooms in cream sauce and then some toasted garlic, parmesan and then finished with some truffle oil. Good stuff.

snag_box_spark_place_cubao_noriyakiThe Noriyaki has the same Asian / Japanese flavour profile as the jap dog but this is a bit simpler, what makes the sandwich good is the right balance of flavour from the nori, slaw, kani and wasabi mayonnaise. If you like a bit of spice, I suggest you try this one and it pairs really well with their truffle and parmesan chips.

If you love hotdog sandwiches and happen to be in Cubao, don’t miss on Snag Box, The Spark Place is a fairly new building but with food this good for the price (their hotdog sandwiches range from P99 – P130) it’s a great deal. Will definitely go back for more Bacon Four Cheese Brulee.

Snag Box

Ground Floor, Spark Place,
P. Tuazon, Cubao, Quezon City
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