Annam Noodle Bar Opens in Eastwood: Serves Elevated Pho and Banh Mi

Singapore and Indonesia‘s famed noodle house Namnam opens its first store in the Philippines. Annam Noodle Bar in Eastwood formally opened yesterday, on a rainy holiday afternoon, with diners raring to indulge in their bowls of their hearty and comforting pho and filling banh mi sandwiches. This place gives diners a taste of the Indonesian old-world street food concept in a modern, casual dining setting.


Would you want some wagyu slices on your piping hot bowl of Pho? Annam offers an extensive menu of the well loved noodle dish with different toppings and combinations. It’s the same lovely combination of the aromatics, the intense flavor from the slow cooked broth and the different condiments served in different forms and permutations.

annam_noodle_bar_condimentsDifferent condiments that they flown in from Indonesia; they make their own fish, chili, and hoisin sauces. I just love how you can use them to tweak the dishes to your preferred taste, it also makes the dining experience more fun and interactive.

annam_noodle_bar_green_papaya_saladFor something light and fresh, their Green Papaya Salad is a must-try. A melange of greens cut into strips still giving a nice texture to the bite and topped with thinly sliced beef jerky, herbs and peanuts. This worked well in titillating ones palate, vibrant flavors with a nice amount of spice.

annam_noodle_bar_crispy_squidCrispy Squid with Sriracha Mayonnaise is a real crowd pleaser. Pieces of crispy, fried baby squid in a light and flavorful batter served with a slightly spicy dipping sauce. It was a nice combination of savory and spice, leaving one wanting for more.

annam_noodle_bar_crispy_imperial_rollsBut the biggest surprise from the appetizers / small plates that we got are these Crispy Imperial Rolls. These babies were delightfully crunchy but is loaded with meaty goodness when you bite into it. I also love that it’s not oily at all and is void of any of that oily, cloying after taste. This is actually really, really good. Definitely a personal favorite and a must-try!

annam_noodle_bar_pho_australian_wagyu_slices3For meat lovers their Pho with Australian Wagyu Slices is a must-try. Get treated to that complex, aromatic broth and those slices of tender, flavorful meat. A warm, comforting and filling bowl of rice noodles, premium quality meat all in a fantastic soup base, what’s not to like?

annam_noodle_bar_pho_australian_wagyu_slices2You can also order extra slices of meat that they served with the same soup base. This is just perfect for the rainy weather, every slurp and mouthful will give you utter bliss.

annam_noodle_bar_pho_chicken1Their Pho is just so good I got another one this time with slices of chicken, liver, gizzard and a soft boiled egg. And to be honest I actually liked this better than the more premium bowl with wagyu slices. I just offered an infinitely more flavorful and complex broth, probably because of the various components and the inclusion of the innards.

annam_noodle_bar_pho_chicken2Then you break the soft boiled egg and its golden, gooey goodness mixes with everything like a sauce, giving it that luscious, creamy mouth-feel. Just so, so good, an extra order of the egg is highly recommended.

annam_noodle_bar_lemongrass_caramelised_5_spice_pork_banh_mi1As if two big bowls of pho wasn’t filling enough, we also tried some of their banh mi. This one is stuffed with pieces of Caramlised 5-Spice Pork Belly. The fatty bits are just so tender it almost melts in your mouth! And then you hit the various components giving it a more interesting flavor and texture combination. All encased in a piece of light and chewy baguette.

annam_noodle_bar_lemongrass_pork_cream_cheese_banh_miAnother must-try is their Banh Mi with Sautéed Lemongrass Pork, it’s the same awesome combination of the good bread base housing all the ingredients and then you get some of the flavorful, tender pork bits with that aromatic, unique flavor of the lemon grass seemingly permeated through each strand of the meat. Oh and there’s cream cheese in this lovely sandwich as well.

annam_noodle_bar_vanilla_pudding I was so full having tried a lot of their filling dishes that I only got the Vanilla Pudding as my dessert. It’s topped with some palm sugar caramel that’s not too sweet. A perfect light treat after a lovely meal.

The stuff that we tried at Annam Noodle Bar in Eastwood were very good, I’m excited to go back here to try the other items in the menu, particularly the other noodle dishes.

Annam Noodle Bar

Unit 1880-4 Ground Floor,
1880 Building, Eastwood Avenue,
Eastwood City, Libis
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