Festive Dinner at Aria Cucina Italiana BHS

Went to Aria Cucina Italiana at Bonifacio High Street for dinner. Good Food + Chitchat with Friends = AWESOME dinner!

Aria originated in Boracay and has gained popularity over the years for their good food and authentic Italian dishes. Last May they opened their store at BHS Central. Though their branch at BHS had this nice and tasteful interiors that’s quite at par with it’s Boracay counterpart having a more rustic feel and ambiance.

To start things up we were given some focaccia bread and a dip that had olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and Parmesan cheese.

We tried stuff from their Monthly and Weekly Special dishes.

Saccottino di prosciutto Parma farcito con bufula e Pachino (P390)

Fresh buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes wrapped in parma ham.

Good starter dish, with the cheese wrapped in prosciutto slices you’ll get cured-salty goodness from the parma ham and when you hit the cheese filling a sublime and almost buttery taste from the cheese would delight your taste buds.

Marinato di tanguigue con rucola e pomodoro (P380)

Marinated spanish mackerel fillets with tomato and arugula.

The fish fillets was succulent and lightly seasoned. Though I’m not really a fan of raw compositions, the sour taste balanced off the flavors and I actually find it quite nice.

Taglierini leggermente piccanti alla bottarga e erba cipollina (P390)
Taglierini leggermente piccanti alla bottarga e erba cipollina (P390)

Fresh taglierini pasta in lightly spiced mullet bottarga butter and spring onion

Enjoyed the saline goodness of this one. And oh don’t mistake the brown pieces at the top of the pasta as pork rinds; it’s actually a piece of cured fish that’s really strong in flavor. This one’s a simple and yummy pasta dish, and I’m a big fan of salty stuff so that’s a plus. 😀

Fettucine al ragout di calamari (P380)
Fettucine al ragout di calamari (P380)

Home-made fettuccine with calamares bolognese.

Awesome pasta dish! Rich and flavorful and I loved the tiny pieces of calamari. Took a bite and then another one and the balanced flavor and its delightful creamy goodness left me wanting for more. Be sure to try this pasta dish, a definite must-try.

Pizza al Metro (P1,300)

Giant trio pizza – choose 3 flavor combinations from any of their pizza toppings

Awesome 1 meter pizza, we got a combination of their Capricciosa, Frutti di Mare, and Rucola e Pinoli.

Capricciosa – Fresh cherry tomatoes, artichokes, farmers ham, mushroom, kalamata olives and mozzarella

With a bite of their capricciosa pizza you’ll get an explosion of flavors with all the stuff that comes with it. I liked that it’s more on the salty side.

Frutti di Mare – Tomato sauce, garlic, seafood and mozzarella

Seafood lover’s go-to variant it’s rich and flavorful, you’ll get to indulge in the fruits of the sea topped on a thin crust pizza 😀

Rucola e Pinoli – Cream sauce, mozzarella, fresh arugula and pine nuts

This one’s definitely rave-worthy it’s different but definitely yummy. A bite of this pizza and you’ll be fond of its creamy sauce base then the tinge of crunch from the arugula, and then the pie nuts with it’s nutty awesomeness. with good texture and flavor this one’s really nice! Do try it out. 😀

Pizza broccoli e salsccia (P580)

Broccoli + Italian Sausage + Mozzarella cheese.

Broccoli Pizza! Cool right? It’s actually really nice. Thin crust pizza with a bed of mozzarella cheese topped with pieces of broccoli that still has that nice hint of crunch in it  plus some slices of their Italian sausage. I swear if only all broccoli/veggie dishes tasted this good, I’d probably have no problem munching on it everyday!

Tagliata di pollo con verdure alla griglia (P450)

Sliced char-grilled chicken breast fillet with grilled seasoned vegetables and parsley pesto served with your choice of side dish.

Loved that the chicken fillet was cooked beautifully, juicy and tender. And the salsa verde went well with it, haven’t tried the grilled veggies tho.

Filetto ai pistacchi (P1,500)
Filetto ai pistacchi (P1,500)

Pan-grilled angus loin on moist crostini with creamy pistachio gravy.

Now here’s something that’s really rave and drool-worthy. We got their Filetto ai Pistacchi served in medium well done-ness. It’s really a shame that I wasn’t able to take a picture of the cross section, I was busy munching on the lovely steak and it was pure bliss. 😀 The piece of meat was enveloped by their awesome pistachio gravy, packed with flavors and that roughly chopped pistachios gave it a more interesting texture. This one’s a definite must-try! 😀

Meringa con cuore di panna e frutta (P220)

Merengue pastry topped with chantilly cream and assorted fruits.

Really sweet meringue treat with a dollop of cream and fruits on top. Took a bite and enjoyed the chewy meringue and its sweet flavor balanced off by the cream and the pieces of fruits.

Panna cotta al mango amaretto (P185)
Panna cotta al mango amaretto (P185)

Cream custard flavored with mango and amaretto.

Appealing dessert dish served in shot glasses. It’s best to take a spoonful of this one from the top that’s a topping of mango with it’s tangy goodness, then you hit the bottom and the custard filling that’s sweet and creamy.


VERDICT: Good and speedy service, awesome food, and great ambiance with tasteful interiors, the place certainly deserves a return trip! Really liked their Filetto ai pistacchi and I do recommend this place if you’re craving for good Italian food.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Depends on what you order, food items here can be pricey but if you’re willing to splurge a certain amount for good eats, why not. I think the food items here are reasonably priced, and the quality you’re getting is well worth it.


Aria Cucina Italiana, Bonifacio High Street Central

Unit 205, Bonifacio High Street Central, East Superblock, 30th St cor 7th St
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 623-0119 / (02) 621-4111 / +639175255985
Official Website

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  1. I have to admit the Filetto ai pistacchi did look appetizing, until I saw the price. I like the presentation of the Marinato di tanguigue con rucola e pomodoro. The mix of ingredients is a bit intriguing. Will definitely try out this one when I happen to be in the area again.

  2. they all look delish and nicely presented 🙂 i like the Panna cotta al mango amaretto, for i am more into dessert, good thing i’m having no problems with my sugar count hehe

    1. Hello Cai, we tried their Monthly and Weekly specials.
      What did you try? Too bad you didn’t have a great time at Aria, but we had an awesome dinner at their branch at BHS. 😀

  3. The name had a familiar ring and when I read your post, it made sense as I’ve been to Aria in Boracay and they have great foods and now they bring in their great meals at reasonable prices at Bonifacio High Street.

  4. wow the food presentation is already mouth watering .Ive been to bonifacio high street only thrice and never tried this place before . since i am a pasta lover , i might drop by on this place on my next visit to the metro on my vacation to Luzon . This is definitely part of my list in visiting the metro ….see you soon (pasta) yum yum 😀

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