My Kind of Bar: Bar Dolci at Burgos Circle

Was invited to Bar Dolci and got a taste of their new products. It was my kind of bar; one that doesn’t serve alcoholic beverages. Instead they have gelato, french macarons, and other savory stuff . So I was more than excited to go to Burgos Circle to munch on those yummy treats. 😀

We got the invite from Ms. Mae Ilagan a blogger/new age story teller that contributes for When In Manila while maintaining her other food blog Eats a Date. (So thanks again Ms. Mae for this awesome hookup :D)

Upon entering the store you’ll see all those gelato, french macarons, and cocktail pops, and other stuff that would delight the sweet tooth, then probably you’ll realize; this is my kind of bar. 😀 As for the ambiance it was nice and comfy, they have a few tables at their al fresco dining area and some comfy couches upstairs.

We started off with their frappelato, it’s like a cross of a frappucino and gelato, creamy goodness FTW!

Salted Caramel Frappelato (P230)

With a sip of their salted caramel  frappelato , I got these sweet notes from the caramel, balanced with that hint of saltiness that left me wanting for more. I also love how it’s really creamy but that’s expected because of its gelato component.

Strawberry Ricotta Bruschetta (P100/pc or P270/3pcs)

This one’s a really simple and yummy treat! bread topped with ricotta cheese and their home-made strawberry jam. Loved how the cheese went well with the jam that is not too sweet.

Spinach and Bacon Provolone Quiche (P180 / slice)

I’m a firm believer that everything is better with bacon, and this one was no exception. I think it’s a nice way to trick carnivores (such as yours truly) to munch on green leafy stuff. The mild taste of the cheese and the saltiness of the bacon complimented the spinach well.

Roquefort Broccoli Quiche (P180 / slice)

For those that are not familiar with roquefort, it’s a type of blue cheese (molded) so it’s quite pungent. So this might not appeal to some, but I find it quite nice.

Tomato and Basil with Mozarella Quiche (P180 / slice)

Another way to trick people into eating veggies is to load it up with some yummy cheese! Enjoyed how the mozzarella  did not overpower the tomato and basil instead it helped develop a balanced medley of flavors. Loved it!

Quiche Lorraine ( P180 / slice )

Really enjoyed Bar Dolci’s take on this popular variant of quiches, it had a tender filling and generous amount of bacon pieces that I happen to really really love. 😀 It kind of resembled a stuffed pizza  and is definitely filling.

Honeyed Pork Loin with Gouda Cheese and Apple Sandwich (P260 / serving)

This one’s quite light in flavor, the gouda cheese was mild and bit like cheddar while the pork loin having just the right amount of sweetness.

Turkey and Brie with Cranberry Chutney Sandwich  (P260 / serving)

This one’s a must try! Most of us raved on how good it was. Loved the cranberry chutney with the mild flavor of the cheese. (Brie) Though I find their chutney to be a bit on the sweet side (usually it’s prepared to have a balance of sweet and spicy flavors) I still liked the sandwich and loved how all the flavors went well together.

For our sweet ending we tried their Gelato Burgers, Mango Yogurt Sorbet, and some of their French Macarons.

Mango Yogurt Sorbet (P120)

Their mango yogurt sorbet was light and refreshing. Liked how it’s not too sweet with a little bit of tanginess.

Their gelato burgers kind of reminded me of that ice cream sandwich most of us enjoyed when we were kids (monay stuffed with ice cream FTW! :D)

Ferrero Gelato Burger (P120)

Common who doesn’t love ferrero? I loved it! Ferrero Gelato stuffed bread that would appeal to kids and kids at heart.

Pandan Gelato Burger (P120)

This one’s rather mild but still enjoyable, it’s light, simple and refreshing. The flavor is quite similar to vanilla and I really enjoyed it.

Salted Caramel Macaron (P50 / pc)
Salted Caramel Macaron (P50 / pc)

I loved how their macarons are a bit crunchy on the outside and is chewy when you bite into it. One might have a hard time stopping after having a bite of their salted caramel macaron.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Macaron (P50 / pc)
Peanut Butter and Jelly Macaron (P50 / pc)

Imagine the nice combination of peanut butter with it’s strong and nutty flavor balanced off with a hint of fruity goodness in macaron form. It was love at first bite! 😀  This one’s a definite must-try!


Bar Dolci, Burgos Circle

F133 Forbeswood Heights cor. Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 846-8245
Official Website 
Facebook Page
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  1. Oh my! I love the quiches, kaya lang parang it’s perfect with match with hot beverages. Oh well, I still want to try their frappelato.

  2. this looks like an expensive place but looks yummy especially that pie.. especially the roquefort you mentioned hahaha.. yum yum.. oops breakfast na.. nakakagutom post mo

  3. The Tomato and Basil with Mozarella Quiche and Ferrero Gelato Burger looks sooo god!
    Actually everything looks good naman but those 2 are my def faves!

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