MEAT AND SEAFOOD ON THE BARBIE: BBQ Dinner at the Poolside of Bellevue Alabang

Ever fancy to enjoy your fill of good meat and seafood by the poolside, like the great American BBQ experience? Well I had just that during our stay at B Hotel / Bellevue Hotel Alabang. Good meat and seafood on the Barbie, this is available upon special request, usually when they do special events, they reserve part of the poolside, fresh produce grilled perfectly while you wait.


A snapshot of the various meat and seafood available for grilling, personal favorites are the assorted satay, the spiced sausages and the squid.

Now here’s the problem; halfway during our dinner, my trusty camera broke, good thing I was able to get some shots albeit very few, tried my very best to edit the pictures and salvage them to make a decent post.


ASSORTED SATAY – These skewers of beef and chicken were my favorite that night, meat oh so tender with good flavors; traces of herbs and spices, can be thoroughly enjoyed even without the sauces. I especially like the chicken, a cut like this can easily dry up, but their satay was very moist and packing some good flavor. Other must-try from the buffet spread were the spicy sausages, a hint of spice just enough to leave you wanting for more, it’s a good pair for a nice ice cold pint of beer too. The pork loins, prawns, squid and fish come were also good, fresh seafood, in this case fish on the Barbie was just awesome, a hint of sweetness from the meat, give it a dash of lemon to balance all those rich flavors and you’re all good.

bellevue_hotel_alabang_meat_and_seafood_grill_buffet_desserts1 bellevue_hotel_alabang_meat_and_seafood_grill_buffet_desserts2

For the desserts, you get to try these mini variations of their blueberry cheesecake and decadent chocolate cake pieces, all are quite good, I especially enjoyed the fruits dipped in chocolate, after eating that much meat and seafood, I was longing for something light and tart for dessert, the rich chocolate dip was a great bonus though.


BBQ Dinner Buffet Bellevue Alabang

2107 Prime St., Madrigal Business Park Ayala Alabang,
Muntinlupa, Philippines
(02) 828-8181
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