Classic Ensaymada and Cheese Rolls by Homemade Treasures

I really believe that some of the country’s best chows are sourced by home-based food purveyors. May it be an heirloom recipe or one that’s perfected and made with much passion and dedication, I really admire how they put so much effort in developing the recipes that really sets them apart with most of the commercialized counterparts. One recent discovery are some fantastic pastries from Homemade Treasures by Ms. Chona Ayson, a home baker that’s based in Pampanga that’s really famous for her classic ensaymadas.


This is her 1930’s Classic Ensaimada, one that’s done right with all the good stuff; butter, sugar, and cheese, lots of them. Unapologetically cheesy, with all that sharp flavor that I just can’t get enough of, then you get all these caramelized sugar bits in all the right places, this is without a doubt, the best classic ensaymada I had.

1930's Classic Ensaimada
1930’s Classic Ensaimada
1930's Classic Ensaimada
1930’s Classic Ensaimada

A classic ensaymada done right! The base was buttery and really soft, then you hit the cheese bits and this wonderful explosion of flavors delight your palate as that buttery base highlight the sharp flavor of the cheese, and then there’s the caramelized sugar bits, giving a nice hint of sweetness to it, balancing, binding all the flavors together. It’s perfect with a warm cup of coffee or some classic chocolate de batirol, you can also have it toasted and all those caramelized sugar bits and with the cheese delicately melting, oh pure ensaymada bliss.

It was definitely love at first bite, this classic ensaymada is a must-try, definitely one of the best that I had.

Another great creation from her kitchen are these lovely cheese rolls, now what’s your pet peeve when eating cheese rolls? Most often than not, I find the cheese stuffing lacking, there’s more bread and sugar than the cheese that’s supposedly the primary flavorful component.


Fortunately homemade treasures’ version of this well-loved treat is a totally different story, it’s most definitely another home run!

Cheese Rolls
Cheese Rolls
Cheese Rolls
Cheese Rolls

Say goodbye to that pet peeve moment because her version of cheese roll packs a SLAB of cheddar cheese and all its sharp cheesy glory. It has that same soft, pillowy, and buttery base as the ensaymada, first you hit the caramelized sugar coating then the buttery base creating a nice medley of flavors and then there’s that gorgeous slab of cheese and all it’s creamy, sharp flavor and awesomeness. There’s no comparing this beauty to all the existing commercialized versions out there, this just knocks them all off the park.


I’ll be sure to keep an eye for some new creations from Home Made Treasures Cakes and Pastries as I really enjoyed all that good stuff, they have a few pick up points in the metro and you can check their product list here.


Home Made Treasures

184 Manibaug, Libutad,
Porac Pampanga
(0928)507-0928 / (045)323-4149
Facebook Page

Pick up points in Manila:
1. Makati – Focaccia Restaurant – Ground Floor, A. Venue Mall, Makati Avenue
2. Astoria Plaza, Ortigas

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