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Ming Kee Live Seafood Restaurant opens its first store outside of Singapore, a place that specializes on food that is common on the southern region of China. A new dining destination in Poblacion, Makati – located in a 5-story building with a big open kitchen at the base and spacious dining area with a more modern, industrial look on the interiors coupled with traditional Chinese-style service. The place also has a nice bar on the third floor and 4 VIP rooms for events and banquets.

ming_kee_live_seafood_restaurant_makati_featured_posterThe food that we tried here surpassed my expectations, but definitely the star and highlight of our meal was their glorious Crab Beehon, so very flavorful you’ll want to mop everything down to the last bit.ming_kee_live_seafood_restaurant_makati_salmon_saladHouse Special Salmon Salad / Yee-Sang or Yuu-Sahng now this is something that I usually try during the Chinese New Year with their prosperity toss but it’s definitely a very enjoyable starter dish as well. Salmon pieces with finely shredded veggies and jelly fish glazed with a special sauce.

ming_kee_live_seafood_restaurant_makati_drunker_prawns_with_herbsDrunken Prawns with Herbs is a nice and comforting dish that starts with live prawns being soaked in Chinese wine and then poured to a nice broth that’s flavored with spices. It’s quite enjoyable as the prawns are naturally sweet and then you get the aroma from the soup base along with that distinct flavor from the alcohol and the spices. Kind of reminded me of medicinal soups but is still very enjoyable.

ming_kee_live_seafood_restaurant_makati_assorted_hot_and_cold_cuts ming_kee_live_seafood_restaurant_makati_assorted_hot_and_cold_cuts2 ming_kee_live_seafood_restaurant_makati_assorted_hot_and_cold_cuts3Now for something festive their Assored Hot & Cold Cuts of honey bbq pork, teochew pork belly, roast goose, prawn roll and teochew prawn salad. Among the stuff from the platter I enjoyed the sweet and savory honey bbq pork and that awesome pork belly.

ming_kee_live_seafood_restaurant_makati_crab_beehonNow this was the star of our dinner, the highlight of our meal at Ming Kee, their famed Tripple Cooked Crab Beehon. I’m telling you this dish is so damn good you’d want to go back again the next day just to munch on all its deliciousness again. Stir fried, steamed and braised to infuse all the flavor and yummy goodness from the crab to the rice noodles that’s made with a higher rice flour content making it infinitely more absorbent, between the noodles that’s so very flavorful with some mushrooms and other textural elements and the perfectly cooked, succulent crabs I was floored upon tasting the dish. Definitely a must-try!

ming_kee_live_seafood_restaurant_makati_teochew_garoupaAnother festive dish is this Teochew Garoupa that’s served in a nice fish-shaped steel bowl, whole fish that’s cooked beautifully and topped with beancurd, mushroom, chili, spring onion and pickled plums and veggies. Everything is good – from the soup base the well prepared whole piece of fish and the other components making for a more interesting flavor and texture.

ming_kee_live_seafood_restaurant_makati_soya_chickenMoving on to something that’s a bit more familiar we tried both their Hainanese Chicken with your usual sauces and the ever flavorful chicken rice and this Soya Chicken that’s been marinated in premium dark soya along with a number of herbs and spices that really steeped through each strand of the meat, really good and flavorful that’s awesome when paired with rice.

Now something that was surprisingly good was their home-made beancurd dishes, I really really liked all the dishes with beancurd that we tried.

ming_kee_live_seafood_restaurant_makati_beancurd2Home-made Beancurd with Brocolli and Black Mushroom is a very simple but good dish where the beancurd is deep fried to give it textured and then mixed with sauteed veggies in a light soy sauce and superior soup stock making a nice delicate flavor and the texture of the beancurd is just fantastic!

ming_kee_live_seafood_restaurant_makati_beancurd1The other dish of the same base that we tried is their Braised Home-made Beancurd in Claypot where the stuff is braised making for a nice and silky texture with the same slight crisp as the beancurd were deep frieed also and then braised together with the veggies and that flavorful sauce. So simple but really good.

ming_kee_live_seafood_restaurant_makati_clams_with_homemade_sauceAnother very good seafood dish of Clams with Home-made Sauce where fresh clams is complimented with a special sauce that’s been cooked four times with different spices giving it much flavor and umami goodness, it’s also topped with garlic that compliments the clams really well. GOOD!

ming_kee_live_seafood_restaurant_makati_cereal_prawnsAnother must-try dish is their Cereal Prawns – very good and is just perfect with a lot of rice. It’s a delightful mix of sweet and flaky, slightly thinner texture from the oats and the plump and succulent prawns with some deep fried basil leaves and some chili to give it that nice aroma and a tinge of spice that leaves you wanting for more. Sweet and savory flavor combination that’s so good! This one’s a must-try too.

ming_kee_live_seafood_restaurant_makati_sambal_fried_riceSambal Fried Rice that’s so very flavorful with a slight bit of spice with chili pepper, shrimp paste, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, shallot, scallion a rice dish with a number of components but all together makes for a flavor profile that just works. This is very good with the cereal prawns and the chicken dish that we also tried.

ming_kee_live_seafood_restaurant_makati_yam_with_taro_pasteAn off the menu item of Yam and Taro Paste / Orh Nee, an authentic dessert using yam and taro made tediously as they need to constantly mix the base with oil and sugar to develop that smooth mouth-feel and sweet flavor. This actually reminded me of our ginataan but definitely less sweet and had a more creamy mouthfeel. If you love taro then you shouldn’t miss on this sweet tooth treat

Had an awesome dinner at Ming Kee Live Seafood Restaurant. Definitely another dining destionation in Poblacion, Makati you should try their Crab Beehon and unravel for yourself all its yummy goodness and why we’re all raves and praises to their famed dish.

Ming Kee Live Seafood Restaurant

7852 Makati Avenue,
Poblacion, Makati City
(02) 893-4533 / (02)246-9069 ext:253
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