Ready for BEST FOOD FORWARD this Weekend? (+ Giveaway)

One of the country’s most awaited benefit summer food fair is back, fun time for foodies as this awesome event is just around the corner, see you this weekend!


A quick post about some of the food vendors for the event, yummy stuff. I’m also giving away some tickets for the event, check the bottom of the post for more details. 😀

Starting with one of the more familiar merchants, Eat My GF


Now aside from their awesome fries their also serving this, an awesome burger with a half bacon, half beef patty, oozing with smoky flavor, then topped with egg and some more of that crispy bacon strips that I just can’t get enough of.


Another good example that everything is better with bacon.

Check out Eat My GF – Garlic Fries’ Facebook Page

Then there’s also some yummy treats by the Curly Pepita’s, adorable daughters of Ms. Dedet de la Fuente of Lechon Degustacion at Pepita’s Kitchen where we had this memorable feast filled with glorius stuffed piggies and all its crispy, fatty glory


If you’ve read about my degustacion experience, this nice blend of sweet butter beer and yummy vanilla frosting might be familiar to you, a fun, simple, and delicious drink.

Cookie Butter / Speculoos fans rejoice! They’re also making some really good stuff out of the well-loved spiced cookie butter spread.


Speculoos Polvoron that’s sweet and crumbly then you hit these cookie bits, then everything just melts into your mouth – it’s really good! Heard their planning to put some swirls of cookie butter for this sweet tooth treat, that would take things to a whole new level, I’m really excited to try this during the event this weekend.


Another yummy treat are theese cups filled with speculoos that’s coated with chocolate, dissolved with hot milk and you’ll have speculoos heaven, warm comforting milk then you hit the chocolate and speculoos bits and all it’s awesome, creamy glory.

Oh and they’ll be selling Speculoos Milktea and Shakes for the event, AWESOME!

Check out Lechon Degustacion at Pepita’s Kitchen Facebook Page

Check out these inventive French Macarons from Mrs. Graham’s Bakery.


Tried their Inside Out Smores first, genius! A light and chewy macaron base then you hit the filling and you you get this sweet, chewy smores filling, it’s really, really good. They also have these dainty macarons filled with maple pancakes, I imagine eating this with some crispy bacon, oh french macaron breakfast bliss 😀

best_food_forward4Check out Mrs. Graham’s Bakery Facebook Page 

Nutella Lovers will go crazy over these cookie treats by Kalookies.


Awesome cookies, moist and tender then you hit the chocolatey bits, they’re all wonderful! Try the Reese’s Chocolate Chip and Nutella / Chocolate Chip White Chocolate and Nutella / Chocolate Chip and Nutella.

Check out Kalookies’ Facebook Page

There’ll be a lot of awesome food merchants for the event and some fun activities for some quality time with your family. See you at The Best Food Forward This weekend!

I’m giving away 10 tickets for this awesome event, just follow the instructions from the rafflecopter widget below 😉

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UPDATE: Here are the winners of my Best Food Forward Giveaway, congratulations!

Pye Reyes
Eunice Cai
Claire Pajarillo Santiago
Patricia Rivera
Iris Castillo
Jenny Esplana
Lovely Lyn Javelona Rosales
Nina David
Lory Alba
Claire Pajarillo Santiago

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