Brazil Brazil: Meat Lover's Heaven

Went to Brazil Brazil at Serendra with Pat and Julie, awesome buffet of churrasco and some other dishes 😀

Churrasco is a Portuguese and Spanish term for grilled meat, Brazil Brazil is a churascarria (like a steakhouse), they serve grilled meats and some other stuff that you can munch on to your heart’s content!

In my previous visits we were given a yo-yo, it has a red side and a green side, the green one means GO!  The servers will roam around the restaurant looking for tables with their yo-yo’s turned on the green side and they’ll give you the grilled stuff. Then if you want them to stop serving,  just have to flip the yo-yo to its red side. But when we tried it last (during this review), they didn’t give us one, when I asked why, the server said the yo-yo was out of stock or something. In my honest opinion, the part where the diners use the yo-yo to signal the servers if they want or they’re ready to munch on the grilled stuff was actually a nice touch, it’s quite unfortunate that they’ve changed their way of serving the churrasco.

As for the look and feel of the place, it’s simple with some interesting design pieces. (like the masks on the walls)

They have a small spread of international dishes, it’s good to get some while waiting for the grilled stuff to arrive.

They also serve local and foreign beers as well as other beverages to match the churrasco that is served, I opted for their iced tea(bottomless)

So we got a few stuff from their spread and after a little while the churrasco madness began. Servers roam around the place with huge cuts of grilled stuff, they’ll carve it directly to your plate!!!

Leg of Lamb

Those that are fond of lamb and its gaminess would love their Leg of Lamb churrasco, it was definitely flavorful and good.

Pork Shoulder

Oh I really liked this one! Their Pork Shoulder tasted like ham it’s savory and had a hint of spiciness.

Schublig Sausages

They also served Shublig Sausages that is juicy and cheesy

Pork Belly

This is one of the sinful grilled stuff, Their Pork Belly was scrumptious!!!


They’re Chicken was also good it was really flavorful and is cooked just right.

Beef Hanging Tender

The Beef Hanging Tender was okay, flavors were great, but the parts that was close to the ligaments was tad hard.

Beef Brisket

The Beef Brisket was lightly seasoned and was really tender.

They also served Squid, but I forgot to take a picture, I was really busy with the stuff on my plate.

Aside from the meat and seafood stuff, they also served grilled fruits.

Corn on the Cob

We really enjoyed the fruits, especially the banana and the pineapple. The Banana had these caramelized bits that is really nice! And the Pineapple was quite sweet and juicy. 😀

Snap shot of my plate *Sorry I’m really bad at plating :(*

A few more rounds of their churrasco, we were really stuffed and satisfied. We had a great time at Brazil Brazil!

Decided to skip desserts, (they have tarts and ice cream) Because I wanted to try SLICE, a new pastry shop around the area that is still at their soft opening (Soon on HF!)

VERDICT: Our stay at Brazil Brazil was great, the grilled stuff and the way it was served (carved to your plate) was quite overwhelming, but we did enjoy it. If you’re a meat lover like me, do try this buffet, it’s awesomeeeee!!!! 😀 😀 😀

VALUE FOR MONEY: Their dinner buffet is priced at P777, it’s reasonably priced.


Brazil Brazil, Serendra

The Piazza, One Serendra, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila
(02) 856-0671

10 thoughts on “Brazil Brazil: Meat Lover's Heaven”

  1. I only got to eat at Brazil Brazil when we used our voucher for their Churrasco Feast Platter. It wasn’t buffet style but it was already filling enough for 2. I can’t imagine how stuffed I’ll be if I went for the eat-all-you-can! Will try it some time soon though 😀

  2. Interesting post. Great foods. They have this different way of treating what seem to e simple cuisines. Those food look really mouth watering.

  3. Every time I visit this site…
    I’m seeing such savory and well presented dishes..
    Of course, this is a food blog and obviously…
    the writer is excellent when it comes to
    PHOTOGRAPHY as well.


  4. Your food shots made me recall this certain scene in BRIDESMAIDS, when they ate at this Mexican store! Priceless! Hehe.. Anyway, I’ve yet to try Brazil Brazil soon. I first heard and read about it at Sumi Go’s review. =) Anyway, following you now and adding you to my foodie blogroll. =) Cheers!

    1. Oh my thanks! I think Sumi tried their churrasco feast platter? It’s quite different from the buffet. I do recommend trying both 😀
      Anyway thanks for adding me to your blogroll 😀

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