Korean BBQ Feast at Bulgogi Brothers (+ Giveaway)

Bulgogi Brothers released some new Barbecue Specials for their Manila and Davao branches. Good for sharing platters of meat and seafood goodness that will cater the carnivorous cravings of most foodies. A treat for anyone that wants to savor something hearty, meaty, and comforting as you ‘d likely satisfy your barbecue cravings with a variety of platters and indulge yourself with good food.


This is their signature Pork Belly (Tong Samgyeopsal) A korean favorite of pork belly chunks a citrus-bulgogi sauce base. Almost all of the BBQ sets we tried are lip smacking more rice, more fun kind of dish. It was inevitable, to gorge oneself with all the meaty goodness and countless cups of rice, I think I had five of them.

bulgogi_brothers_banchan2 bulgogi_brothers_banchan1

The various BBQ sets also come with a selection of banchan (side dishes) on the house. Sweet potatoes, corn on cob and some quail eggs for some carb fillers. Then there’s the spicy salad. a very nice side dish that’s light and crunchy to the bite and packs a light hint of spice that will keep you wanting for more.


Boneless chicken leg quarter marinated in sweet garlic soy sauce.

Spicy Boneless Chicken (P350)
Spicy Boneless Chicken (P350)


Effortless Indulgence! Their Spicy Boneless Chicken is a sweet, spicy, and savory treat that can be enjoyed effortlessly since it’s a deboned piece of chicken leg quarter. The skin had this nice crunch to the bite and is enveloped by a nice sticky sweet and spicy sauce, then you hit the meat and its all tender, succulent and perfectly cooked. It’s as if each strand was infused with the sauce base.

For drinks I had the usual Raspberry Tea Mint.

Raspberry Tea Mint (P150)
Raspberry Tea Mint (P150)

A very refreshing drink with a nice sweet, fruity flavor, it goes really well with most of their food, especially those that are a bit spicy.

As for the BBQ Sets / Platters, starting with the healthier option, we got their Seafood Special first ๐Ÿ˜‰

Seafood Special (P750)
Seafood Special (P745)
Seafood Special (P750)
Seafood Special (P745)

A combination of Salmon and Apahap fillet served with lemon-butter sauce.

bulgogi_brothers_seafood_special_poster bulgogi_brothers_seafood_special3

Pieces of succulent fatty salmon and apahap prepared in front of you, cooked in a wonderful concoction that’s lemon and butter, the wonderful aroma is sure to whet your appetite. Tried both fishes and I got to appreciate their delicate flavors hinted with some tangy buttery notes, surprisingly I liked the apahap better for its light and sweet flavor. The salmon pieces on the other hand had this nice crunchy skin, then you hit the salmon meat and enjoy its fine taste and texture.

We also tried ribs in various permutations, the Boneless Beef Ribs and the L.A. Style Short Ribs.

L.A. Style Short Ribs (P495)
L.A. Style Short Ribs (P495)
L.A. Style Short Ribs (P495)
L.A. Style Short Ribs (P495)

Strips of bone-in beef short ribs marinated in their special bulgogi sauce

Bone-in most often than not translates to a more flavorful meat. Fortunately their L.A. Style Short Ribs (Galbi) did not disappoint, flavorful pieces of meat with a decent marbling and meat-to-fat ratio. A sweet bulgogi sauce base that highlight the flavor of the meat, then you hit it with the spicy paste for the sauce and it compliments the flavors even more.

Boneless Beef Ribs (P450)
Boneless Beef Ribs (P450)
Boneless Beef Ribs (P450)
Boneless Beef Ribs (P450)

Boneless beef ribs flavored with a fruity bulgogi sauce.

bulgogi_brothers_boneless_beef_ribs_kkotgalbisal_poster bulgogi_brothers_boneless_beef_ribs_kkotgalbisal3

Their Boneless Beef Ribs (Kkotgalbisal) is a winner! Succulent pieces of meat with caramelized and crispy bits in all the right places, exuding a distinct fruity-sweet flavour that I just can’t get enough of. Really tender meat that’s sweet with some faint fruity notes then you hit it with the spicy paste of a sauce that further highlights the flavour of the meat leaving you wanting for more, more rice that is.

Korean Pork Belly (P245 - solo | P395 - to share)
Korean Pork Belly (P245 – solo | P395 – to share)
Korean Pork Belly (P245 - solo | P395 - to share)
Korean Pork Belly (P245 – solo | P395 – to share)

A Korean favorite! Pork belly chunk with a twist of citrus-bulgogi flavor

bulgogi_brothers_korean_pork_belly_tong_samgyeopsal_poster bulgogi_brothers_korean_pork_belly_tong_samgyeopsal3

Their Pork Belly (Tong Samgyeopsal) was really good too. Chunks of pork belly and all its meaty, glistening fatty glory enveloped by a sweet sauce with some faint fruity notes that only highlight the flavor of the meat more. Took a bite and I love how there’s some crunchy bits but then you hit some of the fat and it almost melts in your mouth! A dash of that chili paste will go a long way, flavorful meat with a good meat-to-fat ratio. Until now, days after we had the feast, my stomach’s still growling whenever I see the photo, craving for this awesome meat platter.

For the sweet endings, they only have Korean Ice Creams, the type that you can buy at convenience stores, etc…

bulgogi_brothers_korean_ice_creamGot my usual go-to piece Binggrae’s Enriched Chocolate Bar / Encho. Chocolate coating with a vanilla and rich chocolate filling, simple and good.

And oh, here’s another giveaway for you guys, P1500 worth of GCs up for grabs so you can try their new BBQ Specials too. Just follow the instructions at the rafflecopter widget below. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. I would like to try the Spicy Boneless Chicken; it looks so slurpy yummy. I’m always more inclined to order chicken dishes and your pics make it so enticing.

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  2. aside from Japanese food, this particular famous Korean dish captured my attention. would love to try out their seafood special since after my surgery, my doctor advised me to eat healthy food.

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    1. forgot the reason why I love to try this dish from Bulgogi Brothers.. because I love eating fish & my favorite is Salmon rich in vitamin D, Calcium & Omega 3s. While the Boneless Beef really so yummy and also gives me protein, iron, zinc, and B vitamins.

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