International Burger Day at Burger Company : New Specialty Burgers and Bacon Overload

BURGER COMPANY – Celebrating international burger day in this awesome place along Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City. The owner of the place, dubbed the burger boss, is celebrating his birthday today and in line with the celebrations he came up with a bunch of new specialty burgers. It’s been a while since I last visited the place and I really liked their new creations specially the bacon filled treats.

burger_company_mother_ignacia_quezon_city_featured_posterThis is one of their new specialty burgers, called the Holy Guacamole of angus beef patty, guacamole, corn fritter, braised chipotle, sour cream, chicharones and cilantro.burger_company_mother_ignacia_quezon_city_bacon_dippers

HOMEMADE BACON DIPEPRS – homemade, lightly battered bacon strips, served with cheese sauce, seasoned vinegar or garlic ranch

burger_company_mother_ignacia_quezon_city_bacon_dippers2Now this is love at firstĀ  sight! Gorgeous Homemade Bacon Dippers of strips of bacon that’s cooked perfectly in this light batter that makes it extra crispy. Think of it like a cross between bacon and chicharon served with a creamy cheese dip, seasoned vinegar, or ranch. SO GOOD! I really hope they consider serving this with rice and maybe with a sunny side up egg. This one’s a must-try!


CHICKEN FIRECRACKERS – special firecracker breaded chicken fingers, served with garlic ranch, honey mustard or sambal lime

Another great starter dish of tender pieces of chicken fingers coated in their special firecracker batter. I think those are pieces of potato chips? Not only does it give the chicken fingers a very nice crunch to the bite, the flavor on these Chicken Firecrackers are very good, specially with the dips and sauces that they served it with.


SATAY SAMBAL WINGS – wings smothered in a uniquely hot, savory, and nutty sauce.

A flavor combination that makes so much sense, chicken wings that are coated with this unique sauce with a nice savory flavor and a unique bit of spice and with a nice creamy, nutty flavor going through in the background.


PEKING DUCKED! (China) – lettuce, tomato, angus beef patty, cucumber, bacon dumpling, crispy wonton wrapper, hoisin sauce, leeks

This is definitely my favorite from the burgers that we tried, imagine the flavor and texture of peking duck in burger time. Everything from the strong flavor in the hoisin sauce and the crunch from the bacon dumpling and wonton bits, they really nailed the flavor and texture combination on this one, a definite must-try!


HOLY CUACAMOLE! (California) – lettuce, tomato, angus beef patty, guacamole, corn fritter, braised chipotle, sour cream, chicharones, cilantro

Holy Guacamole is another good burger treat, a hefty burger patty topped with a number of flavor and texture elements from the guacamole and corn fritter and then you hit the chicharones and a number of sauces that makes every bite a great experience, it’s creamy, savory and slightly sweet and spicy. Good stuff.

burger_company_mother_ignacia_quezon_city_tandoorificA nice surprise is their Tandoorific! (India) burger of patty that’s coated with that luscious tandoori sauce that’s both buttery and slightly spicy topped with yoghurt and a cucumber relish to balance all those intense flavors.

burger_company_mother_ignacia_quezon_city_okonomiyummyOne of my favorite Japanese comfort food treats is the okonomiyaki, now their Okonomiyummy (Japan) burger that’s topped with this mix of slightly chewy savory pancake topped with corn kernels, mayonnaise, cheese and some nori bits. An eyecandy of a burger that tastes as good as it looks and is a fun thing to it.

burger_company_mother_ignacia_quezon_city_nutella_milkshakeNow pairing their awesome burgers with this Nutella Milkshake is definitely a no-brainer. Very creamy and rich vanilla base that’s flavored with that addicting and chocolaty hazelnut spread that we all know and love.


O BACON ME CRAZY! – 3 pieces of bacon wrapped oreos with vanilla ice cream (you can also get the one with toppings; apple compote, banana caramel, nutella)

burger_company_mother_ignacia_quezon_city_bacon_oreos2A bacon themed dessert of your dreams, two things that I love in one sweet tooth treat the crispy bacon wrapper gives it much flavor and then you hit the oreo stuffing that’s slightly melted, makes for a nice warm, sweet and savory flavor that you hit with some vanilla ice cream. Another must-try!

Celebrate International Burger Day at this awesome place, they’re launching six new specialty burgers that is inspired with some signature dish of different countries. The stuff that we tried are very good, the food is inspired and well prepared and the quality of service from the wait staff is commendable.

Burger Company

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Paligsahan, Quezon City
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