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When we have food trips around the Bonifacio High Street area I can’t help but to notice this seemingly awesome dessert place. I’ve always had my eye at Cake Club. It’s been at my bucket list of go-to restaurants for quite some time now. Last weekend I finally had the chance to try the place and had brunch there.

The place had this cozy and tasteful interiors, everything was simple and spot-on classy.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me, most definitely. We tried a bunch of stuff from their weekend brunch menu but we got some awesome stuff for starters to rev up our appetite.

We started with their TRUFFLE FRIES!

Truffle Fries (P180)

Crispy fried sliced potatoes, truffle oil, sea salt flakes.

It brought a big smile to my face the minute it was served. The aroma of the truffle oil was just hard to resist. Took a piece and munched on it and man it was all sorts of awesome! The fries are a bit thick and was cooked beautifully resulting to this awesome crispy outer layer then you hit the soft center. The essence of the truffle oil was just great and I really love those small hints of saltiness. We finished a batch of this awesome stuff in no time. This one’s a definite must-try.

Foie Gras Macaroon (P150 / piece)
Foie Gras Macaroon (P150 / piece)

Chef Nick Stoyanov’s signature savory macaroons is a must-try!

Okay you might be thinking P150 for a macaroon would be too much. But I’d say it’s reasonably priced, their foie gras macaroon is significantly larger than any other macaroon that you’ll get from other patisseries AND we’re talking about foie gras stuffed macaroon here; the awesome duck fat that’s well loved by a lot of foodies. To be honest I was a bit skeptical on how this savory macaroon would taste, but it certainly did not disappoint. Took a bite and I enjoyed the tinge of crunch of the outer layer and I hit the filling and it was chewy and nice. There was this explosion of flavors that delighted my taste buds; a good contrast of flavor between the macaroon and the savory and rich foie gras filling. It’s good and I really really liked it.

Having tried some really awesome appetizers we then tried a bunch of stuff from their weekend brunch menu.

Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes (P295)

Mascapone cream, homemade blueberry preserve, fresh bananas

Straight up traditional breakfast staple, the whole wheat pancakes were enveloped by this nice and tarty blueberry preserve. The pancakes are good moist with a hint of sweetness that I’ll gladly eat even without butter.

Mediterranean Eggs (P355)
Mediterranean Eggs (P355)

Pan fried lamb sausage, vine ripe tomatoes, fresh basil, feta cheese, rocket salad.

A personal favorite from their brunch menu, their Mediterranean eggs came with three pieces of this gorgeous lamb sausage. Their succulent, tender and definitely delicious packed with flavor. I really like the medley of flavors from the eggs with the tomatoes, basil, and some other stuff + the hint of spice from the sausage, it’s just lovely.

Bircher Muesli (P265)
Bircher Muesli (P265)

Old-fashioned rolled oats, assorted dry fruits, fresh green apple and shredded coconut soaked in yogurt and milk.

Another traditional breakfast staple, this oats dish packs a punch with the interesting flavor from the yogurt + milk combo. Love the fruity bits with the oats and nuts that make for this really nice texture. Though I’m not a fan of oatmeal for breakfast, this is quite good and I liked it.

Stuffed French Toast (P295)
Stuffed French Toast (P295)

Brioche bread, cream cheese, fresh strawberries, wild berry mascapone sauce.

I honestly think that the quality of the bread will make or break a French Toast. Love the bread they used, it’s light and slightly fluffy and I love how it had this rich and tender crumb consistency. The fruity filling was good and the berry + mascapone sauce just takes it to a different level, you’ll love the explosion of flavors from the fruity bits.

Homemade Corned Beef Stuffed Blinis (P325)
Homemade Corned Beef Stuffed Blinis (P325)

Creamy scrambled eggs, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, whole grain mustard sauce, vine ripe tomatoes.

I really liked this one! Imagine small and light pancakes stuffed with corned beef. The grainy bits of the mustard sauce was great added a more interesting texture to this corn beef stuffed blinis. This is a really simple, palate-pleasing dish and I loved it.

Pan Fried Foie Gras (P365)
Pan Fried Foie Gras (P365)

Creamy scrambled eggs, fresh herbs, truffle oil

This dish is all sorts of awesome. Pan fried foie gras + truffle oil is one AWESOME duo. The luscious pan fried foie gras had this soft melt in your mouth goodness when you bite into it and with its really awesome rich flavor, this is one of my favorites. A definite must-try.

Smoked Salmon Benedict (P345)

Whole wheat and quinoa pancakes, olive oil, cooked asparagus, hollandaise sauce.

I’m a big fan of Eggs Benedict so I’m more than happy to try this one. I really love the golden yolk awesomeness that oozes out when you poke the poached eggs, that and the hollandaise sauce just brings me utter bliss.


The piece of salmon was definitely succulent. Poked into the poach eggs and this beautiful golden rich yolk goodness oozed out, it caused shivers down my spine. Took a bite and it did not disappoint. Salmon + oozing egg yolk + hollandaise sauce = HAPPINESS. I loved it, a definite must-try.

We also tried a bunch of stuff from their regular menu. 😀

Baked Salmon (P455)
Baked Salmon (P455)

With Mediterranean crust, saffron risotto.

GORGEOUS piece of salmon crusted with different herbs and spices that makes for this really awesome combination of flavor and really good texture. Took a bite and I really liked that the fish was really scrumptious and beautifully cooked. And that faint hint of honey-like taste from the saffron risotto was just wonderful. Awesome stuff that’s definitely a must-try.

Slow Roasted Beef Belly (P395)
Slow Roasted Beef Belly (P395)

Honey roasted baby carrots, brown rice, horseradish cream.

My love for sinful, pampabata dishes is no secret and the moment I saw this slow roasted beef belly on their menu, I was really eager to try it. One bite and it was pure and utter bliss, the piece of meat was just scrumptious with decent meat to fat ratio. The fatty bits just melts in your mouth when you bite into it and it’s just SINFULLY GOOD!.

Lamb Burger (P490)
Lamb Burger (P490)

Moroccan spiced lamb patty, feta and parmesan cheese, harissa yogurt.

I love their Lamb Burger! Due to the raving recommendation of one Spanky Enriquez, I tried this particular dish and it’s so good I can’t even talk when they were asking me ‘how was it?’ It had this nice hint of spiciness that I really really like. That tinge of spice revved up my appetite and left me wanting for more a bite after another I really enjoyed the juicy Moroccan spiced patty. It’s really good and I’d definitely recommend this to anyone, a definite must-try.

We were cautious in leaving space for dessert since we already tried a lot of stuff. So it was time for the sweet ending! We indulged on their ice cream and cake selections 😀 😀

Black Sesame (P150 / 2 scoops, dine-in only) | Supermoist Chocolate Cake (P150 / 2 scoops, dine-in only)

Starting off with the best, these two are my top favorites from the  ice cream selection at Cake Club. The Black Sesame had this really really good an interesting flavor, don’t be fooled by it’s gray color that reminded us of some really unpleasant stuff (no pun intended) BUT it was SURPRISINGLY GOOD, really good. It had this  complex flavor that will blow your mind. Their Black Sesame ice cream is the bomb, it taste like toasted heaven on a cup, a definite must-try.

Being a big sucker for really moist chocolate cake, it was love at first bite for me when the supermoist chocolate cake ice cream was served. I knew we shouldn’t miss on this one seeing supermoist chocolate cake in the name I already considered this as a must try, most definitely, it’s a no-brainer. And man it did not disappoint took a bite and it had this awesome bits of supermoist chocolate cake in it that gave it a more interesting texture and boosted it’s chocolatey goodness to the highest level! I really, really liked it, chocoholics will go crazy on this one.

Apple Pie (P150 / 2 scoops, dine-in only) | Ispahan (P150 / 2 scoops, dine-in only)

Their apple pie was quite nice, but it was a bit too sweet for my liking. The Ispahan on the other hand was really good, it’s a combination of raspberries, lychees, and rose essence that gave it this amazing fruity flavor that titillated our taste buds. Really good stuff.

Genmaicha (P150 / 2 scoops, dine-in only) | Melon (P150 / 2 scoops, dine-in only)

Their Genmaicha (Green Tea with Roasted Brown Rice) was surprisingly good it had this nice level of sweetness while maintaining that faint hint if green tea flavor. At first I was a bit skeptical on how this green tea flavored ice cream would taste because I’m not really a fan, the only green tea dessert dish that I like aside from this one is Ma Maison’s Frozen Green Tea, a personal favorite of mine. Their genmaicha ice cream had this wonderful contrast of flavors that I really like it’s an awesome treat that you shouldn’t miss.

The Melon ice cream on the other hand was light and refreshing, the fruity flavor acted as a nice palate-cleanser with all the sweets that we tried.

Baked Cheesecake (P150 / 2 scoops, dine-in only)

I’m also a big fan of cheesecake so trying this one is another no-brainer, I love their Baked Cheesecake ice cream with it’s light and creamy flavor. The subtle hint of cheese provided good contrast in flavor that I really like.

Guia (P250)
Guia (P250)

The flavors of maple and walnut makes up this rich and creamy cheesecake.

The faint hint in of maple flavor in the cheesecake helped make this light and awesome combination of flavor. Took a bite and I was delighted by its light and creamy consistency then I hit the crust with all these walnut bits that provided some really good texture. It’s overall a very good cheesecake treat that I’d highly recommend.

Vanessa (P250)
Vanessa (P250)

Our GM’s favorite! Made of pistachio macaroons and fresh strawberries.

This one’s a gem, big pistachio macaroon stuffed with cream and strawberries. I love how the pistachio had this nice tinge of crunch and it’s a bit chewy as I bite into it. The fresh strawberries is just nice and I love how its flavor went well with the pistachio macaroon. AND it’s not too sweet, good medley of flavors with really nice texture. It’s a delight munching on it, a definite must-try.


VERDICT: We had a wonderful dining experience at Cake Club, Bonifacio High Street. I enjoyed every dish from the degustation, from the brunch items to some really good stuff from their regular menu. The ice cream selection is tremendous with some really awesome stuff. And the cake creations did not disappoint, with various choices that would delight anyone’s sweet tooth. Cozy ambiance + Good service + awesome food = one happy foodie. The place really deserves a return trip, and I’m really excited to go back there and try a bunch of other stuff.

VALUE FOR MONEY: The price range of their menu items are a bit on the pricey side. But you’re getting some really good food that I’d vouch for, it will not disappoint and would definitely delight you’re taste buds.


The Cake Club, Bonifacio High Street

UG/F Bonifacio High Street Central, East Superblock, 7th Ave cor 29th St
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 621-3176

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  2. everything looks so yummy! but from the looks of it, but a bit pricey too like you said. I have not ventured to this place, hopefully soon I will get my chance. 😉

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