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Prime Café: B Hotel Alabang’s All-Day Dining Bistro

PRIME CAFE – B HOTEL ALABANG, its Friday when we checked in and it was the perfect time for us to try their Lunch Buffet. The spread was fairly simple, a few dishes but seemed well prepared. I got to enjoy some good old local dishes here, thoroughly enjoyed their take on some of my favorite dishes.


SISIG! A sure crowd pleaser everytime, their take on it was quite good, nice crackle from some of the toasted bits and you get to enjoy a hint of acidity to balance the strong flavor of the meat, and some heat from the chili, leaving you wanting for more. Continue reading Prime Café: B Hotel Alabang’s All-Day Dining Bistro

Churrasco Feast at the Ibiza Beach Club

A feast like no other, a churrasco experience that’s far from anything we have here in Manila; indulgence of pure meat and seafood glee. That’s what I had in Ibiza Beach Club at Movenpick Hotel, Mactan Island, Cebu. Undoubtedly the highlight of my recent trip to the region. Fourteen courses of unparalleled enjoyment of all things grilled, either meat or seafood, each course as impressive as the next, I was utterly blown away.


A personal favorite among the stuff we had, grilled lamb chops, oh perfection; tender, succulent, ever so flavorful. I could go on and on with praises on how good this was but this was really the star of the feast perfectly seasoned with olive, peppercorn and fresh thyme. It was definitely love at first bite for me, eye-popping, mind blowingly good. If not for the other thirteen courses of their churrasco buffet, I would’ve gorge  on these beauties that’s perfectly matched with their red wine butter and chimichurri and enjoy it with those heaps of garlic rice that it’s served with.

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American Food and Wine Festival at Corniche Diamond Hotel

Corniche Diamond Hotel is having an American Food and Wine Festival for one week (August 22-29). They brought in Chef Christopher Gallaga, executive chef for Fat Angelo’s Italian & Angelo’s Pizza. This all American feast is set to impress foodies with some of the more famous American food staples. Food that is simple and bold in flavor. corniche_roast_us_cut_steak_posterOh yes! Roast US Prime Cut Steaks will be served in the buffet, slow cooked, succulent meat pieces for the meat lovers, with an awesome unapologetic meaty flavor.
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Awesome Dim Sum Buffet at Li Li

Fixed my cravings with a fill of delectable dim sum creations from Li Li – Hyatt Hotel’s signature Chinese Restaurant. Dumplings and other delicacy made with such attention to detail and passion, I was treated to a gastronomic journey filled with meticulously made treats that would make any dim sum connoisseur filled with much happiness and content.


This is their Steamed Fish-shaped Dumpling with Cod Fish and Chinese Parsley an eye candy creation of a dumpling. The outer bits was light and a bit chewy, freshly made and served hot. And as you bite into it you hit the delicate piece of cod, ever so slowly I chewed and slowly appreciate the flavors and texture, hit it with the sauce for some spike in flavor and it’s all good.

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Salmon Buffet at Corniche

CORNICHE of Diamond Hotel launched a Norwegian Salmon themed buffet with the premise that “one can be healthy and indulgent at the same time”. For the love of its fatty meat and fine texture, I was curious to see the well-loved fish in various permutations so I went there with a very empty stomach, excited to try their succulent spread.


This is their Czech Baked Salmon, an eye candy at their carving station, you’ll be happy to know that it’s as good as it looks. Gorgeous succulent piece of salmon baked til really tender and oozing with all those glorious fatty juices topped with some spices to provide that kick of savory flavor and a bit of spiciness as well. Took a bite and I loved how it was tender and moist then you hit the spice crust and some slaw and it gives a nice tinge of crunch to the bite, hit it with some of their dill sauce and its creamy goodness balances all the flavors, really good!

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LUZVIMINDA: Filipino Food Festival at F1 Hotel’s All-Day Dining Buffet

F1 Hotel Manila recently launched LUZVIMINDA – a month-long Filipino food festival showcasing the best of the various regions in the country. Spearheaded by F1’s very own executive chef, Sau Del Rosario. They also got some really talented chefs to represent the other regions as well. A buffet spread prepared by some of the country’s best culinary minds using the freshest local ingredients, mostly organic. This food festival will run for the whole month of June.


This is Chef Sau Del Rosario‘s Sisig with Foie Gras – A fantastic take on a classic kapampangan dish, oh fatty sinful sisig bits with a nice crisp topped with succulent pieces of foie gras – meaty, fatty, sinful, GOOD!

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Cocina Filipina by Chef Bruce Lim at Corniche

Corniche of Diamond Hotel features a Cocina Filipina festival by Chef Bruce Lim, They’re highlighting some local dishes infused with international flavors, familiar dishes done with a unique twist.

poster_sinigang sa batuan with grilled pork belly

This is their Sinigang sa Batuan with Grilled Pork Belly; it has a more fruity and distinct taste than your usual sinigang and oh that grilled pork belly, succulent and the fatty bits almost melts in your mouth along with the really nice soup base of bright flavors.

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Affordable Buffet Fix: Primero Casa Filipino at Quezon City

A charming house that’s converted to a restaurant, and an affordable buffet fix at that. Primero Casa Filipino is just a few blocks away from Tomas Morato. The facade of the restaurant is admirable and some may even think of it as an events place, but it’s a buffet place that won’t hurt your wallet, definitely worth checking out.


Two of my favorite things from the Buffet; Angus Beef Kare-Kare and Porb BBQ Ribs, both sinfully good.

The place is formerly known as Chef Laudico’s Casa Filipino, and since the Laudicos are not affiliated with the restaurant anymore, they’ve got a new Chef and totally revamped the buffet spread. For those of you that tried it before, with the Laudico’s dishes, you might want to give this place another try, a much deserved return trip to see what’s changed.

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Buffet at CHOPS Chicago Steakhouse – Gorging on Steaks and Ribs

Was bored one weekend and went to the Greenbelt area to buy some stuff. Then I passed by CHOPS Chicago Steak House and saw that they’re offering this nice weekend buffet, being the shameless meat lover that I am, I can’t pass on that opportunity to stuff myself on awesome steaks so I availed their Lunch Buffet promo.

chops_greenbelt_buffet_steaks2Sausage + Ribs + Turkey + Various Steak Cuts = One awesome lunch.

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Makanan Lazat (Malaysian Food Festival) at Corniche by Diamond Hotel

Finally got the chance to try Corniche at Diamond Hotel last week, Yey! I’ve wanted to try this buffet place for quite some time.(part of my long and growing bucket list of go-to’s) and it was quite timely that they’re having a Malaysian Food Festival and I was more than happy to give it a go.

This is their parmesan cheese and herb crusted salmon. Awesome stuff!

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Experience Flavors of Asia at Marriott Cafe

Got invited to the launch of Flavors of Asia at the Manila – Marriott Hotel. Their having an all-Asian theme for their buffet at Marriott Cafe and they amassed four different chefs for this wonderful offering.

They officially launched Flavors of Asia at The Den of Marriott Manila. There the four chefs were introduced with their signature dishes. Chef Thanatorn Krobsuay of JW Marriott Bangkok with his Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad), Chef Dadang Wahyudi of JW Marriott Jakarta, Indonesia and his  Aneka Sate (Assorted Satay), Chef Ruhizad Muri of Renaissance Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and his  Beef Rendang, and finally Chef Phan Tien Hoa of Renaissance Riverside and his Cha Gio (Fried Spring Roll).

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