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Coffee and Grub Nook: Tipsy Beans

TIPSY BEANS is a recent discovery of mine, was stuck because of traffic along the busy Jupiter Street in Makati due to sudden downpour (rain) so I lingered in this nice little nook of a coffee shop and they have quite the interesting concept so we tried a bunch of stuff from their menu. What makes this place unique is they also specialize with food and drinks spiked with different liquor, the menu is split into two category; sober and tipsy. With good, affordable price point and decent food and drinks, this easily would be one of my top choice for a coffee run when I’m in the area and they serve Vietnamese coffee too which is my absolute favorite.

tipsy_beans_featured_posterA good gauge on how good a coffee shop is would be trying their basic brew, Tipsy Beans uses a mixture of robusta, barako, and arabica for their signature blend making for this aromatic caffeine treat with a nice bold flavor. Continue reading Coffee and Grub Nook: Tipsy Beans

K&L Cafe: From Blushing Cupcakes to a Charming Neighborhood Cafe in White Plains

Stumbled upon this charming neighborhood cafe in White Plains called K&L. now you might be familiar with their food as this is a concept by the people behind Blushing Cupcakes. The plaze is cozy with nice pieces from Baguio and places up north since the owners are from that region. Aside from the promising sweet tooth treats of cupcakes, brownies, cookies and other good stuff – they actually have really good and simple comfort food.

KandLCafe_mozz-ham-rella-sticks_posterThis is their Mozz-HAM-rella Sticks cleverly named, your good old mozzarella sticks, upgraded and stuffed with ham making it infinitely more enjoyable. The batter is light and crisp, the stuffing is warm, comforting, and gooey cheese and those ham pieces giving it much more interesting flavor and texture. Their menu is filled with uncomplicated comfort food treats like this. Continue reading K&L Cafe: From Blushing Cupcakes to a Charming Neighborhood Cafe in White Plains

THE SWEET STUDIO – A New Mom-and-pop Pastry Place in Greenhills, San Juan

THE SWEET STUDIO – A new mom-and-pop pastry place in Greenhills, San Juan – at the helm of the operations are two sisters whose passion for baking and making homemade treats are very evident with the look and feel of the place, the simplicity and their simple comfort food creations. Something that started with making delicious savory pies and custom made cupcakes and cakes have blossomed to the newest dainty pastry shop in the neighborhood.


Some munchies to appease your cookie cravings, these Peanut Butter Stuffies had a very decadent and moist cookie base that has a nice deep chocolate flavor to it, then you hit the center and that creamy filling of peanut butter bursts out giving a nice sticky mouth-feel and a nice hint of creamy, nutty flavor. This is quite good, enjoy it with a glass of milk or a fresh brew of coffee.

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Seattles Best Coffee — A Taste of Christmas in a Cup

Seattles Best Coffee launched a bunch of Christmas inspired drinks both available in Javakula and Hot variants. For this year I think they’re going for a toy shop inspired look; from the Christmassy decorations at the store front to the little design elements at the counter and the mug and tumbler displays. And most importantly the holiday cup of cheers; four coffee flavors, a gradation of flavors for everyone’s enjoyment.


Their Gingerbest is a personal favorite, a blend that’s not too sweet, truly a taste of Christmas in a cup, a white chocolate mocha base with swirls of gingerbread syrup and an enticing garnish of Christmas tree sprinkles and a gingerbread man.

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Awesome Dining Experience at Pain de Mie

Pain de Mie — A café simulation by the chefs and students of Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy. We got to try some really palatable entrées, coupled with nice chitchat with some of my closest friends, it’s one recipe for an amazing dining experience.
This is their tortellini of beetroot, spinach, and prosciutto; an explosion of flavors, a personal favorite among the dishes we had at the café.

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Corner Tree Cafe: Lunch Without the Usual Suspects

It’s no secret that I love everything that’s sinful, fatty, and meaty. Most often than not, I go for all the usual pampabata stuff as I’m the happiest when I get to munch on those. One gloomy afternoon though, I decided to have lunch at this nice, meek restaurant and cafe along Jupiter Street, Corner Tree Cafe — It’s not my usual quick lunch fix as they specialize on the healthy stuff; vegan and vegetarian options that’s quite appealing.

corner_tree_cafe_chocolate mousse with dark toblerone_posterNow I have to reward myself after eating all that good, healthy food right? So I gorged on this! Their Chocolate Mousse with Dark Toblerone. A very simple sweet tooth treat; rich and chocolate-y I just couldn’t get enough.

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Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Lately I’ve been curious about this seemingly nice pastry shop at Glorietta, it attracts a lot of people with it’s warm and fuzzy ambiance and appealing pastry selections. A lot of my foodie friends have been raving about their cupcakes but every time I go to their shop, it’s jam-packed with diners and there’s this long queue of  customers that buys their pastries for take out. So one night, after a rather late dinner with friends, we went there for our after-meal sweet tooth cravings.



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Kuppa Roastery and Cafe: More than a Cup of Coffee

Coffee is one of my weakness; I should at least have  a cup or two daily. Recently we tried Kuppa (pronounced as cuppa) Roastery and Cafe at BGC. We had an awesome lunch there and splurged on their wide selection of food and beverages.

This is their awesome Cristina Pizza; definitely flavorful and packs a nice twist that would titillate your taste buds.

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