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Honey Creme Philippines Opens First Store in SM Aura

HONEY CREME – Another big brand in the organic / premium soft serve category opens its first store in the Philippines.  A simple menu of eye candy soft serve treats varying from the most simple, plain organic with honey comb to the more head turning caramel popcorn and organic mixed greens.

honey_creme_ph_sm_aura_honey_combThis is one of their basic flavors – organic, hand crafted soft serve topped with a piece of chewy honey comb and drizzled with more sweet and fragrant honey. Continue reading Honey Creme Philippines Opens First Store in SM Aura

Playful and Inspired Baked Goods by The Bald Baker

THE BALD BAKER – A home baker that’s based in BGC that makes some of the most fun and inspired cookies that I’ve tried in recent memory.  Started out in a benefit food fair, word of mouth about his awesome baked goods spread like wildfire, now he’s also spreading his product line with the introduction of new cookie flavors and loaves.

the_bald_b aker_featured_posterCy of The Bald Baker makes some of the most unique cookies that are moist and slightly chewy on the edges, my personal favorite is his Matchallows and it’s one of the best matcha-based cookie that I’ve tried. Continue reading Playful and Inspired Baked Goods by The Bald Baker

Healthy Indulgence Desserts by The Sexy Chef

Indulgence, desserts, and healthy food – words that usually don’t go together. I recently stumbled upon this food delivery service from the guys of The Sexy Chef, you might remember them (Chef Barni and Rachel Alejandro) as they’re one of the pioneers in the healty food / diet plans here in the country. Tried some of their desserts that any of us can eat without the guilt and these are some of my favorites.

the_sexy_chef_healthy_indulgence_desserts_blog_posterMy absolute favorite from their Healthy Indulgence Desserts that I tried; a Mango Trifle that would make anyone with a sweet tooth very happy.

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Danish Bar SM North: Japanese Bakery Opens First Store in the Philippines

Danish Bar is one of the more popular Japanese Bakery concepts that opened their first store in the Philippines recently, they launched the first branch in SM North. Savory and sweet tooth delights of buttery flaky pastry that makes for an indulgent treats. They have two main products, danish bars with a different fillings and the danish balls of plain sugar glazed and the other one with dark chocolate.

danish_bar_sm_north_feature_posterHeat them up for a few minutes in the oven / toaster and eat it while its hot, layers of flaky pastry with a nice soft, pillow-y texture and buttery flavor to it, a real treat. Continue reading Danish Bar SM North: Japanese Bakery Opens First Store in the Philippines

New Sweet Tooth Treats by Scout’s Honor, Just in Time for the Month of Love

Scout’s Honor has got to be one of my favorite pastry shops that was released last year. A craft cookie place with an exciting milk bar, a make-your-own option, and some of the irresistibly good signature ones that I really really liked. And Chef Miko Aspiras after their stint at the recently concluded world pastry cup in Lyon came bearing gifts of new and exciting ingredients that he transformed to these simple sweet tooth treats.

scouts_honor_valentines_day_posterMERINGUE may sound so simple but Miko’s version is just really good. Light set outer edges yielding this delightfully fluffy and airy consistency, this new treat will be available in Scout’s Honor starting today and comes in three variants of Orange Poppy Seed and Almond, Matcha Black Sesame, Rose Praline. Continue reading New Sweet Tooth Treats by Scout’s Honor, Just in Time for the Month of Love

New Flavors, Same Indulgence

INDULGENCE BY IRENE – one of the home bakers you should keep an eye for if you love cheesecakes because I really think she makes the best in the Metro. Personal favorites queso de bola and ube are still her best sellers but she recently expanded her cheesecake line of baked goodies with four new flavors. What makes her cheesecake good is the base and the fact that she doesn’t scrimp on the ingredients, always striving for a quality product above anything else. A base that’s ethereally creamy with a very simple crust of crumbly, buttery graham goodness, you’ll fall in love with its fantastic combination of flavor and texture.indulgene_by_irene_new_cheesecake_poster

Four new flavors, same cheesecake indulgence of corn, earl grey, coffee with bailey’s and orange bourbon.

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Kouign Amann by Cicou – Fantastic Dessert Creations that Will Blow Your Mind!

Kouign Amann are desserts made in food heaven, the first time I tried this delectable sweet tooth treat was at a degustation, where I met Chef Cyrille Soenen of Impressions and Brasserie Cicou in Greenhills, during that dinner we tried the classic and the chocolate version of their kouign amann and I’m telling you it was love at first bite. It was just these layers of butter, flaky pastry and sugar the base was just fantastic! Reminded me of a really good croissant / puff pastry but only more rich and decadent it’s really a treat. I’ve been wanting to go to their restaurant in Greenhills for quite some time but failed since I don’t usually go to that area but I’ve been craving for it since. So imagine my happiness and excitement when they launch this new pastry shop that sells kouign amann and its many permutations! Went there right away to treat myself a box – which I devoured in one seating after I took pictures of them for the feature. 😀


They have a number of variants for the sweet tooth treat; from the more basic but equally satisfying toppings to the more premium ones and the more complex savory variants. Personal favorites are Peanut Butter and Jelly, Caramel, and Chorizo

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THE SWEET STUDIO – A New Mom-and-pop Pastry Place in Greenhills, San Juan

THE SWEET STUDIO – A new mom-and-pop pastry place in Greenhills, San Juan – at the helm of the operations are two sisters whose passion for baking and making homemade treats are very evident with the look and feel of the place, the simplicity and their simple comfort food creations. Something that started with making delicious savory pies and custom made cupcakes and cakes have blossomed to the newest dainty pastry shop in the neighborhood.


Some munchies to appease your cookie cravings, these Peanut Butter Stuffies had a very decadent and moist cookie base that has a nice deep chocolate flavor to it, then you hit the center and that creamy filling of peanut butter bursts out giving a nice sticky mouth-feel and a nice hint of creamy, nutty flavor. This is quite good, enjoy it with a glass of milk or a fresh brew of coffee.

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COOKIE MONSTERS HEAVEN: Scout’s Honor at Hole in the Wall

SCOUT’S HONOR – A new craft cookie place that you should definitely check out! If you love desserts, a self-proclaimed cookie monster or anyone that’s just always in the lookout for good food, do try this new concept spearheaded by two young and talented chefs, Miko Aspiras and Kristine Lotilla. Choose from a variety of their Scout’s Cookie, get to know their classic, signature cookie creations, they also have a gorgeous milk bar and an awesome craft cookie / make-your-own-cookie option. GOOD STUFF!


Happiness! Yes these cookies looks and tastes good, a rack full of their signature scout’s cookies and on the background is a savory one. Craft Cookie with gouda cheese, spam (tocino), and a herb shortbread base? BIG YES!!!

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MORE THAN JUST DESSERTS: Scrumptious Dishes of Dulcelin Gourmet UP Town Center

DULCELIN GOURMET UP TOWN CENTER – a place that’s know for their irresistible sweet tooth treats, cakes, pies, and tortes that would make any dessert enthusiast giddy with excitement. I’ve always saw this place as a dessert destination, a haven for your sweet endings; dessert and coffee. My perception of the place changed, big time when we had a feast for lunch there last week, I was surprised of how the menu was extensive and filled with good savory dishes that’s set to impress.


HOME MADE BACON SLAB and PORK INASAL WITH CRISPY SKIN; these are some of my favorites from the bunch, we had an awesome lunch here, an overload of all things good. Both food and good times with some really awesome people. Continue reading MORE THAN JUST DESSERTS: Scrumptious Dishes of Dulcelin Gourmet UP Town Center

Pleasure Makers of Magnum Manila

Pleasure Makers! A tag line that I’m sure they’ll deliver when Magnum Manila open its doors on April 8. I think I never seen a pop-up concept of this magnitude, this grand and awesome concept of the beloved ice cream bar will only be open for a year, and that’s it. Well there’s so much for you to try from the savory dishes that’s all in line with their aim to deliver good comfort food to the desserts, your sweet endings when you visit their cafe, countless combinations to choose from and some gorgeous, gorgeous plated desserts.


DEATH BY CHOCOLATE – My obsession for warm and cold dessert materialized in this pan of rich and decadent chocolate lava cake, chocolate truffle magnum and these cute little crisp choco pearls that gives a nice burst of crunch to the bite. Oh this dreamy dessert is really a sight to behold, tried my best not to let my jaw drop when it was served on our table, when I was clearly drooling and giddy with excitement. Continue reading Pleasure Makers of Magnum Manila

Quick Bites and Random Cravings: Dutch Speculoos Ice Cream

COOKIE BUTTER — I remember the first time I tried this well-loved spread, it absolutely blew my mind. I guess it helped that I’m crazy over cinnamon that’s why this spiced cookie spread appealed to me so much. There’s been a fad over cookie butter for a couple of months now, and now that’s it’s finally settling down, the spread is more common and available to the local market. Now I was doing the usual grocery run the other day and I came across this glorious tub of speculoos flavored ice cream. It’s under Nestle’s Temptation line of ice cream, they came up with this Dutch Speculoos variant. And since I’m in the lookout for something sweet, I figured this would be a good treat to deal with my random sweet tooth craving.


Spiced cookie flavored ice cream, swirls of speculoos, and cookie chunks. They nailed the combination on this one, from the flavors and the varying texture, I think this would really appeal to you cookie butter addicts out there. Continue reading Quick Bites and Random Cravings: Dutch Speculoos Ice Cream

Mad Mark’s at Glorietta 5: Affordable Toothsome Dishes

When Mad Mark’s Creamery & Good Eats opened their second branch at Glorietta 5, I got really excited to visit the place and to partake on a variety of ice cream selections and try some seemingly awesome grilled stuff from their menu. You see I’ve been doing food trips long before I started the blog, we had this little foodie group at the office and we usually go to a place and try a bunch of restaurants in the area, one of our first food crawls was along Kapitolyo and Mad Mark’s was one of our stops. Back then they had significantly fewer items on the menu, just some sandwiches and some interesting ice cream flavors. So imagine my excitement when I learned that they finally opened a store in Makati, cravings of their half-baked madagascar and sandwiches suddenly filled my thoughts, urging me to give their new store a quick visit.


A must-try at Mad Mark’s, their Signature Steak. USDA Angus Striploin with a number of sauces made from scratch to perfectly compliment the flavor of the grilled meat.

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Doussants by Raffles / Fairmont: A Worthy Contender to Manila’s Cronuts Scene

FAIRMONT / RAFFLES Makati is known for their amazing desserts, so imagine my excitement upon seeing a particular Facebook post about these lovely sweet tooth treats; they are now making Doussants, yes folks down with the bandwagon and this is their version of the cronut. This hybrid of a croissant and a doughnut has been making a big buzz these days, and with the locals unparalleled love for doughnuts, I think this craze is here to stay.


They’re trying to keep things fresh, assuring quality of their pastries, thus producing a small batch daily; only 200 pieces of these luscious hybrids. Love how the base was like a croissant thin layers of pastry with the edges giving a nice crunch to the bite and as you bite into it yields a nice soft and chewy consistency to boot. Layers of pleasure and indulgence meticulously prepared, it’s kind of amazing how I was able to peel each of the layers admiring the flavors ever so slowly. Varying flavors and texture and then you hit the pastry cream, BAM! Oh utter bliss.

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NACI Comfort Food: For the Love of Rice and Desserts

NACI Comfort Food – A fairly new place at BGC’s restaurant scene, the place debuted in Greenhills until they decided to move to this better location earlier this year. It’s my kind of bar; a place that takes pride on all things comfort food and all that warm-and-fuzzies. Also their specialties revolve around the love of RICE, which I think is our ultimate comfort food. In most cases rice is a staple on our dining table, it’s just one of those things we can’t live without.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of pasta, the more cheesy and creamy, the better. So imagine my excitement upon trying Nadine’s Adobo Canneloni, two of my favorite comfort food in one dish! Oh generous strands of pulled adobo meat oozing with flavor and then there’s that heavenly concoction of béchamel sauce and cheese all in that chewy pasta base — fantastic, ethereal.

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