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Buffalo Wild Wings to Open First Branch in the Philippines

Ever since I read an article of some of the possible foreign food concepts that will be opening this year in the Metro, I’ve been very eager and excited for some of them to finally open. Now I don’t know about you but I’m a big fan of good chicken wings. Best eaten with your hands, it’s one of the most simple type of comfort food and something that everyone can enjoy. Exciting times as Buffalo Wild Wings, one of the more popular sports bar concept from the US that specializes on wings with different blends and sauces and some imported and craft beers.

hf_buffalo_wild_wings2This concept will be brought in by The Bistro Group and will open the first store in Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons on January 29. Now I don’t know about you but this concept looks promising – 18 flavors and blend of chicken wings, 22 imported and craft beers, 44 flat screen TVs.


Another exciting bit, first 100 guests in line on January 29 for the restaurant’s opening will receive this awesome prize of FREE WINGS FOR A YEAR!!!

So who’s going? Good wings, craft beers, seemingly good sports bar vibe – I’m in! Really excited for this.

What to Expect at Best Food Forward this Weekend

It’s that time of year again and Best Food Forward will be held at the Rockwell Tent this weekend. A number of great food purveyors from home bakers to up-and-coming concepts that would excite even the most discerning taste buds. It’s their fourth year and this most awaited benefit food fair is back and will be held in an awesome venue that’s the Rockwell Tent.


This is a preview of what to expect for the food fair this weekend and I’m more than happy to give you some recommendations. First on my list are the cheesecakes of Indulgence by Irene. Their cheesecakes are generally dense and very rich has a simple buttery graham crust that we all know and love and this is my favorite among her four variants, her UBE CHEESECAKE is to die for! Simply put it’s like Ube Jam in Cheesecake form. REALLY GOOD!

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See You at the Ultimate Taste Test 2014!

It’s that time of year again, one of the more exciting food event that I look forward to, The Ultimate Taste Test 2014 is just around the corner. For those not familiar to the event, it’s basically a food tasting thing where you get to be a food critic for a day. UTT has always been a haven for wonderful new food finds and I look forward to seeing the new and exciting stuff every year.

UTT Teaser

So mark your calendars and see you at the Rockwell Tent of Powerplant Mall this September 24, 2014 (Saturday), 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

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Party Planning in 5 Days!

Ever had the gruesome task of having to plan a party for a friend? It can be a bit stressful since you’d have to consider every bit of detail. As for me my first concern is food, nothing beats good food and some nice quality time with friends.


What’s your favorite pica-pica food? One recent discovery led to an addiction over these chorizo and quezo de bola stuffed mini spring rolls, they’re so good!

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WeChat: New Version, New Features

I know I’ve been posting about this free chat app for a while, but its really what I use to stay connected with some of my closest friends. We even have a small foodie group chat there too, where we plan all our upcoming food trips and whatnot. Recently they launched a new version for the app, and packs awesome new features that I personally like.

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Staying Connected to the People Important to You: A WeChat Side Story

How important are your friends / family to you? I’ve been blessed to have met a lot of wonderful people in my life, friends from college that I value like my second family, and now new foodie friends that have been my support group to recent decisions and one of the sources of the euphoric state that I am in right now. Now being constantly connected with them has become very important to me; from keeping me posted on our travel plans and next food trip destinations, to the more personal stuff, and for this I’ve been using WeChat, as most of my closest friends have been fond of the app, I decided to join in to and we’ve been using the chat app to keep in touch ever since.

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Before the Food Arrives: Gunz Dash Side Story

Let me share with you guys a short side story of the stuff I do while waiting for my food in restaurants. You see I have this thing for arcade games, having spent most of my early years playing various games in different consoles and platforms I guess the gamer in me would never cease to exist. And though I’m not as hardcore, or active in these stuff as I did during my school days, every now and then I still play casually but most often than not, I use my smartphone.

I have this thing when I’m famished, I get cranky and I usually try to find things that would take my mind off the wait, killing time while waiting for the food I ordered when I visit restaurants, I usually play games. Of course when dining with a group of friends I still engage with the conversation, I’m a multi-tasker like that. It’s just that playing with my smartphone I think is the best way to keep me busy so I won’t mind the excruciating wait you experience from some dining establishments. As for the games that I play I usually settle for runner type games and my current addiction is Gunz Dash from the Game Center of WeChat

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UP FOODGASM III is upon us!

Finally! UP Foodgasm III is upon us mark your calendars — An annual food tasting event organized by the University of the Philippines Economics Society (U.P. ECOSOC) where the foodies are treated to various rave-worthy grubs for their indulgence. Now on its 3rd year, the said event happen at Mercato Centrale in Bonifacio Global City. Experience some of the newest, up and coming food finds there, a lot of food purveyors are participating this year so you guys are definitely in for a treat!


And oh, I’m one of the Food Blogger Judge for this year and I’m very excited for this event, a sampling of some really good food and to mingle and meet other foodies as well.

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A Week of 50% OFF Treats from Diamond Hotel

The awesome people from Diamond Hotel treats us to a week of discounts for their various restaurants!


What a better way to start off this week? A dinner buffet at Diamond Hotel at half the price! Find out other half-price deals for the week in this album, and stay tuned for more half-price offers. Feel free to share it with your friends and family!

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Hefty Foodie's P.F. Chang's Giveaway: P1500 GC for Cheers! and Flavors of Asia

We had a great dining experience at P.F. Chang’s ATC, enjoyed the good food and awesome signature cocktails, and I want you guys to try it too. I’m hosting this giveaway and here’s P1500 worth of gift certificate up for grabs 🙂

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PR: Malaysian Culinary Treasures Featured at Corniche, Diamond Hotel

Malaysia offers one of Asia’s finest cuisines with its wide variety of cooking styles and flavors, mainly influenced by its three major races: Malay, Chinese and Indian, as well as the myriad of ethnic groups from its different regions. From September 5-16, experience Malaysian culinary diversity with MakananLazat: A Malaysian Food Festival, highlighting the culinary masterpieces meticulously prepared by guest Malaysian Chef Cheong Yan See of Enderun Colleges.


Prepare for a gastronomic feast and let the culinary adventure begin with a spread of authentic Malay fares at Cornicherestaurant’s lunch and dinner buffet. From the zesty appetizers, flavorful array of mains, to a tempting assortment of desserts, Chef See will ensure that Corniche’s sumptuous buffet with be teeming with Malaysia’s popular dishes. Enjoy the mouth-watering Curry Laksa(Egg Noodles with Coconut Curry Broth), DalchaKambing(Lamb Shank and Lentil Curry), NasiAyam Ipoh (Ipoh Chicken Rice) and KarryIkan(Snapper Fish Curry),andManggadan Sago Gula Melaka (Sago Pudding with Mango and Malaccan Coco-caramel Sauce).

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Excited for the Ultimate Taste Test!

I’m definitely going! Really excited for the Ultimate Taste test this weekend (September 15) at the Rockwell Tent.

What to expect for this year ‘s UTT:

– The latest and biggest food discoveries from a minimum of 40+ suppliers

– Experience being a Food Critic for a day as you rate the best home-based food suppliers in the country and other Power Plant Mall restaurants.

Really excited for this event! Are you guys going? See you on Saturday!