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Lovely Dinner at 22 Prime of Discovery Suites Ortigas

22 Prime at Discovery Suites Ortigas – I had a lovely dinner here the other night, an indulgent meal that showcases their specialty dishes that they crafted specially for the upcoming holidays. Been hearing a lot of great things about this place from foodie friends and I’m very happy that I was able to try their food and other offerings last night. A fun night of good food and wine as well as bespoke cocktails by Enzo Lim.

22_prime_discovery_suites_prime_ribeye1A piece of USDA Angus Prime Ribeye served with a velvety purple potato puree and some green peppercorn sauce for that bit of zing. Fatty, and beautifully cooked with nice toasted bits on all the right places – a sure treat to us steak lovers.
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Filling Comfort Food at Chelsea Kitchen Eastwood

CHELSEA KITCHEN – I’ve been wanting to try this place for quite some time, with raves of their food from some of my foodie friends and upon checking out their menu online, I knew they serve my type of food – no frills comfort food that’s definitely filling and awesome. I had a leisurely lunch at their Eastwood branch a few weeks ago and had a great time over plates of palatable dishes and good company with some friends.

chelsea_kitchen_eastwood_chorizo_gambas_on_toastIt’s no secret that I’m a fan of anything with Spanish chorizo so of course I had to get their Chorizo Gambas on Toast. Imagine a generous topping of salty chorizo and juicy shrimp pieces – with the oil from the meat rendering this glorious sauce that coats the bread giving it much flavour – GOOD! Continue reading Filling Comfort Food at Chelsea Kitchen Eastwood

Kitchen 1B in Legaspi Village, Makati

KITCHEN 1B – I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant since they opened last year in Salcedo, by the same chef as the famous Apartment 1B, this fairly new concept focuses on what they call the wholesome alternative, prioritizing the nutritional benefits of the food rather than following the bandwagon of the organic ingredients and diet food restaurants. I must say this is actually some of the best, well prepared dishes that I’ve tried for this niche of restaurant.

kitchen_1b_grilled_prawns_and_lentil_saladGorgeous Grilled Prawns & Lentil Salad of plump pieces of smoky, succulent of prawns on a bed of well seasoned lentils, it was so simple but so good! The big head prawns had this distinct hint of smoky flavor to it from the grilling and together with it’s natural sweetness, it’s one awesome starter dish. Continue reading Kitchen 1B in Legaspi Village, Makati

Locavore’s Chef Opens a New Restaurant in BGC: FAT #makemeFAT #FATph

FAT Restaurant – A new awesome concept by the chef of Locavore, one of the more famous restaurant in the Kapitolyo area. I really, really like the concept of this restaurant – unapologetic and heavy on flavor and the same playful interpretations by Chef Mikel Zaguirre, everything we tried for lunch was awesome! From the simple bar mix to the more indulgent main dishes and luscious desserts, FAT has to be one of my favorite new restaurant that opened this year.

FAT_restaurant_bgc_green_tea_chicharonGREEN TEA CHICHARON – Awesome combination of two things that I love – deep fried, crispy pork rind (chicharon) and green tea!!! Big chunks of really crispy and beautifully fried chicharon pieces topped with green tea salt and served with a pickled vegetable relish and an awesome dipping sauce that’s a combination of honey and pinakurat. GOOD! Continue reading Locavore’s Chef Opens a New Restaurant in BGC: FAT #makemeFAT #FATph

Cru Steakhouse Manila Marriott Hotel – Great Steaks and More

CRU STEAKHOUSE MANILA – This place has always been on my bucket list of go-to for good reasons; many of my friends sung raves and praises about the place, as huge steak fan myself I wanted to try the restaurant out and see how does would it compare to some of my favorite steak place in the Metro. Went here with a fairly big group, tried the steak and a bunch of other stuff.

cru_steakhouse_manila_marriott_feature_posterA thing of beauty 900 grams of ribeye in all its fantastic fatty awesomeness, carved table-side the slicing of the huge piece of steak has got to be one of the most appetizing sight ever. Continue reading Cru Steakhouse Manila Marriott Hotel – Great Steaks and More

Great Lunch Deal from House of Wagyu

House of Wagyu has always been on my bucket list of restaurants to try. Being a shameless meat lover and a fan of steaks myself, the thought of  enjoying some fine, high grade steak cuts grilled on lava stones is quite tempting. So imagine excitement when they released an irresistible deal of a sub one thousand meal consisting of some high grade Australian Wagyu sirloin and some nice side dishes of classic caesar salad and classic mashed potatoes and veggies.


A gorgeous piece of grade 12 Australian Wagyu Sirloin steak, grilling on a hot lava stone grill for your enjoyment, table-side. A very appetizing experience, a feast to the senses and to your taste buds as well.

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Freestyle Tapas and Fusion Cuisine at VYNE (@vyne_ph)

VYNE is nice tapas bar, restaurant and lounge tucked at the top floor of the W Global Center in BGC. I think the ambiance here is great; a nice view of the city on its large glass panels, high ceiling and tasteful interiors of artsy murals and a gorgeous looking bar as a focal point of the restaurant. I really thought of the restaurant more of a drinking place, but its actually a nice place to get a decent grub of freestyle tapas and fusion cuisine – familiar dishes with playful takes and interpretation makes for a more pleasurable dining experience.


Pièce de résistance of Ribeye steak, all 600 grams of it, food here is playful and inspired. Great place to hang out and savor some good small plates with drinks (tapas) or go for the more heavy, filling entrees.

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Jet 7 Bistro Quezon City: Wine, Dine, and so much more…

Jet 7 Bistro Quezon City – A fun and chic place to hang out, have some good food and enjoy some really good music. A night of food, good music and great company, that was the gist of my dining experience here, had a nice dinner with some of my favorite people and was treated to sets of good music from a number of musicians and bands.


The pièce de résistance of French Cut Ribeye Steak 28 ounces of meaty goodness, my eyes were glued to this gorgeous piece of meat when it was served.

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Decadent Bagnet Paella Straight from Pio’s Kitchen

A while back my social media feed was filled with this seemingly awesome dish, it was really like a match made in heaven; of sinful bagnet bits that I really, really like and an abundance of plump shrimps in a rich paella base. Then came a series of blog posts from some of the bloggers I admire, whose discerning palates I respect and value,  and with these much raving recommendations this very dish has been on my bucket list of must-try ever since. Paella made even more awesome with these crazy chunks of the beloved crispy pork dish.


BAGNET PAELLA – Truly a unique creation by Chef Chin Gallegos of Pio’s Kitchen, a small hole-in-the-wall type place in Quezon City that offers private dining services and offers an extensive menu filled with food of Spanish and Mediterranean origin. Continue reading Decadent Bagnet Paella Straight from Pio’s Kitchen

OTKB – Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar’s Tasting Menu

[OTKB] – Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar recently released a new tasting menu, a degustation that I think better showcase their creativity and gusto in whipping up a well thought off set of dishes that made me want to go back to place again and again. It was the first time that I’ve been to the place since their soft opening. The ambiance improved, more tasteful design pieces, a huge improvement to the more bare look of the place before. As for the food they’re serving, they started also started offering some chef specials that’s adventurous and definitely more interesting.


Start the feast with a trio of foie gras popsicle, caponata macaron, and an eel-apple galette. A gradation of flavors and textures, with each course driven by three main ingredients as base.

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Sultry Tapas at the Ibiza Beach Club

Now you might be familiar of the Ibiza Beach Club, I wrote a feature about it a few weeks ago. Their churrasco buffet was truly the highlight of my recent Cebu trip, an overwhelming feast of  meat and seafood. But there’s more to the restaurant than their famed churrasco buffet, they serve some really nice tapas and other ala carte dishes too. A fun night of small plates of sultry tapas, good wine, and good times with some of my favorite people.



Grilled Lamb Skewers marinated and cumin topped with bits of feta cheese to add that pop of flavor, notes of creamy, savory subtleties. Traces of earthy notes accentuate the gamy meat, meat that’s very tender with some nice trimmings of fat. Then you hit the chunks of cheese and some roughly chopped mint and it gives this other layer of flavor, a nice contrast with the meat that’s perfectly paired with the dip it comes with. Continue reading Sultry Tapas at the Ibiza Beach Club

Lunch at SAILS: The All-day Dining Restaurant of Movenpick

First stop on our recent trip to Cebu, we tried SAILS, the all-day dining restaurant of Movenpick. A place that serves contemporary comfort food with a mix of specialties that’s built on international flavors. We just had a quick lunch here, a sampling of the hotel’s food gives me a good impression right off the bat, simple and well executed.

I was in the mood with something that’s a bit gamy at that time so I tried this; Braised Lamb Shank sitting in a lovely combination of edamame and rosemary reduction. A nice touch of richness that cuts through the gaminess of the meat.
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Lolo Dad’s Café in Malate, Manila – A Culinary Gem – Splurge and Indulge

Lolo Dad’s Café in Malate, Manila — A culinary gem tucked right in the center on one of the city’s most busy areas. A place dedicated to dish out some of the most delectable, well-plated entrees; unparalleled quality of food is expected from their gold medal winning kitchen spear headed by Master Chef Ariel Manuel. This is definitely a place for special occasions, for that wonderful dinner with your other half, or anytime you’d want to splurge and indulge with some really good food.


Duck Confit — so good it’s kind of depressing, gorgeous piece of duck leg slow cooked to perfection, with the meat really tender falling off the bone, it also yields the crispiest skin. Packed with amazing flavor, it’s to be paired with a foie gras rice; an explosion of flavor and texture that’s sure to please anyone’s palate.

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NACI Comfort Food: For the Love of Rice and Desserts

NACI Comfort Food – A fairly new place at BGC’s restaurant scene, the place debuted in Greenhills until they decided to move to this better location earlier this year. It’s my kind of bar; a place that takes pride on all things comfort food and all that warm-and-fuzzies. Also their specialties revolve around the love of RICE, which I think is our ultimate comfort food. In most cases rice is a staple on our dining table, it’s just one of those things we can’t live without.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of pasta, the more cheesy and creamy, the better. So imagine my excitement upon trying Nadine’s Adobo Canneloni, two of my favorite comfort food in one dish! Oh generous strands of pulled adobo meat oozing with flavor and then there’s that heavenly concoction of béchamel sauce and cheese all in that chewy pasta base — fantastic, ethereal.

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Salmon Buffet at Corniche

CORNICHE of Diamond Hotel launched a Norwegian Salmon themed buffet with the premise that “one can be healthy and indulgent at the same time”. For the love of its fatty meat and fine texture, I was curious to see the well-loved fish in various permutations so I went there with a very empty stomach, excited to try their succulent spread.


This is their Czech Baked Salmon, an eye candy at their carving station, you’ll be happy to know that it’s as good as it looks. Gorgeous succulent piece of salmon baked til really tender and oozing with all those glorious fatty juices topped with some spices to provide that kick of savory flavor and a bit of spiciness as well. Took a bite and I loved how it was tender and moist then you hit the spice crust and some slaw and it gives a nice tinge of crunch to the bite, hit it with some of their dill sauce and its creamy goodness balances all the flavors, really good!

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