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NEW: Taste the World Dishes by Pepper Lunch

I’ve been a big fan of Pepper Lunch and their signature beef pepper rice, the reason being I’m more of a meat person and rice is a mainstay have in my everyday meals. The thought of flavorful strips of meat tossed with their aromatic pepper rice is enough to make me hungry and craving for its sizzling goodness. The Pinoy Fiesta dishes that they launched a while back was a big hit for me, I mean sisig and lechon in pepper rice form? A BIG YES! So Imagine my excitement when they announced the launch of their new beef pepper rice creations where they took inspiration with some familiar flavors and cuisines allowing you to taste the world with their awesome new dishes.


BISTECCA BEEF PEPPER RICE – aromatic rosemary in olive oil, olives

This is definitely one of those dishes where simple is more, I just love the aroma on this one an irresistible whiff from the rosemary mixed in with the meat and the pepper rice is enough to make one salivate, pour in the olive oil and rosemary mixture as you mix all the components together where simplicity is what makes the dish all sorts of awesome. Between the well seasoned beef, olive oil, and rosemary this is definitely a nice filling treat. Good stuff. Continue reading NEW: Taste the World Dishes by Pepper Lunch


NOMAMA AT CAPITOL COMMONS – I’ve been a fan of Nomama, one of Chef Him Uy de Baron‘s signature restaurant since I tried their food when we did a food crawl around the Quezon City Area. Wrote about their restaurant when I was just starting up with the blog and did number of return visits since then. I really like how Him build on his flavor combinations, and the meticulous plating too, every component seemed perfectly placed. I think his food is imaginative and the flavor and texture components on most of the dishes are really good, he also did a number of tweaks with the formulation of his ramen and the noodles that goes with it making it infinitely more enjoyable. Recently we visited Nomama‘s new branch at Capitol Commons, trying up some new stuff from their menu, and even old ones, that we might’ve missed with previous visits.


Ever had tuna cooked like a steak? This very dish is a revelation – half cooked tuna, a bed of creamy kobacha with a killer bacon and edamame dressing.

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AKIRA Alphaland Makati Place: Interiors by Cobonpue, Teppanyaki, Rolls, and Bento Sets

AKIRA Alphaland Makati Place– Went to this fairly new building along Ayala and checked some of the new restaurants there. A Japanese restaurant that really stands out, alluring diners of its gorgeous interiors. A place that focuses on the arts of teppanyaki and sushi, I was very much excited to get the whole experience so we tried one of their teppanyaki sets. A leisurely weekend brunch with some amazing foodie friends, we partake on a set meal meant to be shared by a small group of five.


Teppanyaki, sushi, rolls, and bento sets that’s the totality of Akira’s menu and we managed to try a bit of everything.

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YOMENYA GOEMON GREENBELT: Japanese-Style Pastas, Pizzas, and a Killer Yakitori

YOMENYA GOEMON GREENBELT – A spaghetti house like no other, serving Japanese-style dishes from pastas, pizzas to some really good sweet and savory luscious meat skewers on a stick, a very good yakitori. I’ve always been curious of the place, seeing their menu there was a lot of items that I wanted to try, unfortunately most often than not, I usually get dragged into the usual suspects in the area when I’m dining with friends so I wasn’t able to try this restaurant even though it’s been in my bucketlist of must-try restaurants for quite a while.Fast forward a few weeks back, we went here for a late brunch, with stomach growling, we enjoyed our fill on some of their dishes, we tried A LOT, honestly I wasn’t able to try them all, but I’m including the ones I tasted and liked on this feature.

yomenya_goemon_post_poster Continue reading YOMENYA GOEMON GREENBELT: Japanese-Style Pastas, Pizzas, and a Killer Yakitori

Pepper Lunch Pinoy Fiesta Launched with Two New Dishes

Pepper Lunch launches PINOY FIESTA with two new variations of their Pepper Rice. A new line of dishes that celebrate our love for festivities and basically local favorites, dishes and flavors that are more familiar to our palate and have been a stable at our tables for the longest time. Hope they bring in more of these type of dishes, I must say they nailed the interpretation of this two filipino favorites.


Two dishes that are decadent and sinful, my new favorite pepper rice variants; LECHON AND SISIG!!! Continue reading Pepper Lunch Pinoy Fiesta Launched with Two New Dishes

Affordable Contemporary Japanese Food Fix at YUMI

Yumi at Promenade, Greenhills — A quaint place that’s tucked in the mezzanine level of  the Promenade of Greenhills Shopping Center. Exuding this modern vibe with industrial light fixtures and a right mix of dark colored walls and murals that makes for this good chic vibe. As for the food their serving, contemporary Japanese food without the hefty price tag. You get to appease some of your Japanese food cravings without breaking the bank. I think this is also the same reason they’re always packed with patrons that are charmed by the simplicity and the good quality of food that they serve.


A personal favorite from the feast we had at Yumi, Teppan of U.S. Tenderloin with Foie Gras. Oh those cubes of perfectly cooked tenderloin bits prepared medium rare, just the way I like it and then topped with these little disc of seared foie gras. Continue reading Affordable Contemporary Japanese Food Fix at YUMI

Quick Lunch at Ginza Bairin

A few weeks ago, I tried Ginza Bairin, a new competitor of the katsu wars at that time. They had a few menu items that I found interesting since no other katsu place serves those dishes at that time; a katsu sandwich (sando) and unagi to name a few. Had a quick lunch at Ginza Bairin with G and tried some of their bestselling dishes.


This is their Unagi Katsu, premium katsu of melt-in-your-mouth unagi (eel) pieces on a light and crunchy butter. Bursting with flavors and a very, very nice contrast in texture.

Continue reading Quick Lunch at Ginza Bairin

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen — Haven for Rich Tonkotsu-based Ramen

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen specializes on tonkotsu-based ramen, utilizing pork bones as base to this insanely rich and milky broth. I’ve actually tried their ramen on the opening day of their first branch at the East Wing in Shangri-la Plaza Mall. Many months have passed and I think they’ve finally got their groove on and actually launched a number of branches in the process. Aside from the rich pork-based broth they also make their chashu and ajitamago quite well; gorgeous half-boiled egg marinated for hours and that really flavorful pieces of meat with a gorgeous trimming of fat, what’s not to like?

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Ukokkei Ramen Ron – Still One of the BEST Ramen Joints in the Metro

Ukokkei Ramen Ron still serves some of the best bowls of ramen in the metro. Now before I get a lot of bashing on how I regarded the place to be one of the ‘best’. It’s really a personal preference, for me it’s the love of that rich and milky pork bone / tonkotsu broth, or that earthy and nutty flavor you get from the miso. So in this regard, I think most of you would agree with me, Ukokkei really excels in making that excellent miso soup base.


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Chef Bruce’s Playground – Omakase at Sensei Sushi Bar

Sensei Sushi Bar at BF Homes, Parañaque — A quaint place tucked in that Aguirre Street, with so many flashy restaurants, it’s really easy to miss such a small restaurant. Meticulously crafted entrées and a play of various flavors that just works. This is not a restaurant the Chef shares, this is his playground, a place with a constant evolution of food, regulars find the stuff they’re serving improve every time they visit the place. And all this is being spearheaded by someone so young, it’s really laudable. We had an Omakase here – a degustation of 12-15 courses, you set the price, and they source what’s good and fresh on the local market.

sensei_sushi_9_posterA4 Wagyu Ribeye — beautiful, succulent meat! Unapologetically meaty, fatty and packed with flavor! Layers of flavors and texture that would make any meat lover giddy. And the inclusion of grated wasabi for the fatty bits of the meat was a revelation, this is definitely one of my favorites from the degustation.

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Finally! Katsu Feast at YABU

YABU: House of Katsu — Ever since they opened, there seemed to be a ginormous hype (for lack of a better term) about the brand. Countless raves about their katsu dishes left me with very very high expectations for their food, so high that for the longest time, I’ve been looking for another person that have yet to try their katsu offerings, I want to try the food with a clean slate, devoid of any prejudice.


This is their Salmon Katsu, the biggest surprise of our dinner, pieces of fatty, succulent salmon encased in a crispy batter then you hit the centre that’s so tender some of the fatty bits almost melts in your mouth, crazy good!

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Hokkaido Ramen Santouka: Of Rich, Milky Broth and Komi-Tamago Bliss

A ramen place that takes time to perfect its soup base, that is tonkotsu. Mild and pearl colored, this soup takes hours and hours to prepare. A rich and delicate pork broth, kept at an optimal temperature for everyone’s enjoyment. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, one of the popular ramen franchises in Japan opened its first store in Glorietta and is now thrilling foodies and ramen aficionados around Makati.


This is their signature variant, the Tokusen Toroniku Ramen; oh soothing broth served with slices of choice pork meat, Their toroniku is simmered pork cheeks, so tender and flavorful it was love at first bite.

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Lovely Teppan Feast at Nomama

Recently I went back to Nomama, an awesome foodie destination at the Quezon City area to try their new teppanyaki fair. And oh it’s been a while since I visited the place, the first time their ramen got me raving for it’s awesome bite-y noodles, the broth that had some good balanced flavor, and the tamago, oh that soft-boiled egg that’s been marinated, infused with great flavor, and the way it melts in your mouth is just lovely. nomama_soy-prawn_teppan_with_uni_cream_sauce2This time though, we visited to try their new teppanyaki offerings and this is one of them; Soy-Prawn Teppan that’s bathed with an Uni-Cream sauce. Fresh prawns loaded with flavor made more awesome with the inclusion of this ridiculously rich uni sauce. It’s damn good! Continue reading Lovely Teppan Feast at Nomama

New Katsu Offerings at Ma Maison: A Fairly BIG Dinner for Two People + P2000 Giveaway

When Ma Maison launched their new Katsu offerings they decided to do it with a BANG and had a 50% off on their new offerings, being a big katsu fan myself, I did not hesitate to have this much needed return trip. I dragged one of my closest friends with me; a friend foodie / blogger, Rakee. We call each other bully. 😀

Bully’s favorite katsu set – Seafood katsu with prawns, fish, and squid.

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Japanese + Western Food at Ma Maison

Indulged in good food at Ma Maison, where we tried their Japanese-Western dishes. I was with PH and some other good people. Nothing beats good food and chitchat with friends. 😀 Yummy escargots baked with garlic butter! I’m not really a fan of crustaceans, but it was really good, enough to make me a convert. 😀

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