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Annam Noodle Bar Opens in Eastwood: Serves Elevated Pho and Banh Mi

Singapore and Indonesia‘s famed noodle house Namnam opens its first store in the Philippines. Annam Noodle Bar¬†in Eastwood formally opened yesterday, on a rainy holiday afternoon, with diners raring to indulge in their¬†bowls of their hearty and comforting pho and filling banh mi sandwiches. This place gives diners a taste of the Indonesian old-world street food concept in a modern, casual dining setting.


Would you want some wagyu slices on your piping hot bowl of Pho? Annam offers an extensive menu of the well loved noodle dish with different toppings and combinations. It’s the same lovely combination of the aromatics, the intense flavor from the slow cooked broth and the different condiments served in different forms and permutations. Continue reading Annam Noodle Bar Opens in Eastwood: Serves Elevated Pho and Banh Mi

PAMPANGA FOOD TRIP: Banh Mi Vietnamese Eatery

BANH MI VIETNAMESE EATERY was the other stop of our recent Pampanga Food Trip and damn do I miss this place. Seriously good sandwiches and other food items, this is probably the BEST Vietnamese food that I had, so simple but the flavor and texture combination was just so good, with good ingredients as the star of the show. A few days after our trip, I got a lot of cravings from the stuff that we tried here, I really hope they consider opening a store in the Metro really soon. This place SHOULD BE on your go-to list when you do a food trip in Pampanga.

banh_mi_vietnamese_eatery_angeles_pampanga_featured_posterA special combination banh mi of their housemade chicharon, ham, bacon, and hoisin sauce. SO GOOD! A place of humble beginnings with a very talented chef at the helm of the operations. Continue reading PAMPANGA FOOD TRIP: Banh Mi Vietnamese Eatery