Simple Comfort Food Fix at The Cheese Steak Shop (+ Giveaway)

Need a quick grub? Why not indulge in one of comfort food’s simplest form. The Cheese Steak Shop serves Classic Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches. One that’s done right, oh that simple and gratifying medley of thinly slices of meat and an overload cheese encased in an Amoroso roll — a simple bread with a distinct crisp crunch on the outside and a nice soft base.


CLASSIC PHILLY CHEESE STEAK Sandwich – An awesome medley of meaty and cheesy goodness!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: We’re giving away P2000 worth of GCs for the Cheese Steak Shop.

Classic Philly Cheese Steak (P280 - 7'')
Classic Philly Cheese Steak (P280 – 7”)

This is their smallest serving size, these sandwiches are available in 7, 10, and 15 inches and I could only eat so much. This is one badass sandwich. meat straight from the griddle giving the slightest bit of crunch and then you hit the tender savory meat and then the provolone cheese with it’s mild slightly piquant flavor. Then you hit the onion and the bread giving this nice starchy and sweet kick. They have some sweet and hot peppers too, for that nice hint of spice.

You can also try some of their sides, fries and buffalo wings? A YES! Best enjoyed with their sub zero beers.

Garlic Fries / Fries (P99)
Garlic Fries / Fries (P99)

Thick cut fries crispy outer bits and soft as you bite into it, the other one’s smothered with garlic bits, If you’re a big fan of garlic this one’s a must-try! Found it a bit too overpowering though, should’ve gotten the Steak Fries instead.


Cheese Steak Shop‘s Buffalo Wings – Crispy with a nice combination of spice and tart.

Buffalo Wings (P225)
Buffalo Wings (P225)
Buffalo Wings (P225)
Buffalo Wings (P225)

The wings were nice and crispy even though it’s enveloped by this nice spicy and tangy sauce base. Big chicken pieces packed with flavor, that nice tinge of spice leaves you wanting for more. Served with the usual blue cheese dip, it’s creamy and distinct flavor helps a lot in toning down the heat. This one’s another good beer mate.

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  1. I’m joining for my cousin and his family. I would like them to try the Classic Philly Cheese Steak.

    Roselle Adecer-Labitad
    san2_adecer ( a t ) yahoo ( d o t ) com

  2. I wanna try your Classic Philly Cheese Steak because as I see on your photo it surely taste so great! and because I love meat and cheese and I’m so inlove with sunny side up egg eversince I was a kid!
    Imee V. Doromal

  3. Since I already tried the the Classic Philly Cheese Steak during my last “Cheese Steak experience,” I would like to try now the Western Premium Cheese Steak, plus The Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich for dessert. Yum Yum! :)))

    Marquis Albert Minlay

    tnx hefty Foodie for this one… πŸ˜‰

  4. I already tried the Bacon Premium Cheese Steak but would love to do it again.

    Nelson Guevara

  5. Cheese Steak Sandwich would like to try : Classic Philly Cheese Steak – Chicken


  6. I would like to try the Bacon Premium Cheese Steak because just looking at the picture it looks so appetizing and I love bacon too. ^^

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  7. If ever I win, I would love to try the Classic Philly Cheese Steak with my family and will definitely order the Ice Cream Sandwich. We love trying something new and those foods look yummy. πŸ™‚
    Mica Ella P. de Jesus

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