Chibi’s Kitchen: Teishoku Dining and Home Cooked Japanese Comfort Food

A few weeks ago we went to Evia Lifestyle Center in Las Piñas to try this quaint Japanese casual dining restaurant called Chibi’s Kitchen. It’s an interesting place, quite in a middle of residential areas but still a fun place to hang out and dine. They serve some uncomplicated home cooked meals that are both good and filling.

chibis_kitchen_featured_posterThe restaurant specializes on teishoku dining setup where you are treated to a full course meal and just some simple and good comfort food.


KARAAGE – classic japanese style fried chicken

I love their Karaage!!! This is definitely my type of comfort food, well made fried chicken with a light and flavorful batter that packs a nice crunch to the bite yielding the succulent boneless chicken meat. Then you hit it with some of the creamy japanaese mayonnaise, so good!!!


SABA SHIOYAKI – grilled fillet of japanese horse mackerel

It’s no secret that I’m more of a meat person, but this grilled mackerel was quite good too! Drizzle a bit of lemon to enhance the flavor of the fish that’s just perfectly cooked and still tender and moist to the bite, then you pair it with that flavorful sauce with a bit of radish


KARAAGE WITH TAKOYAKI SAUCE – karaage served takoyaki style with mayonnaise, takkoyaki sauce, green layer and katsuobushi

It’s the same great base of their Karaage made even more awesome since it’s topped with the bits and pieces that would go to takoyaki. This is just so good with rice, I’d be happy with a plate full of this and the fluffy white rice. Tender and moist chicken in light batter given much flavor between the sweet and savory takoyaki sauce and the creamy mayo and that smoky flavor of the bonito flakes.


NIKUJAGA – stewed thinly sliced beef with potatoes

Now this is something that I’d gladly eat all day, well prepared thinly sliced beef with flavor that permeated through each strand of the meat, the sauce and drippings that the meat rendered is pure gold and it is just perfect with rice.

chibis_kitchen_weinerWhen dining at Chibi’s Kitchen you shouldn’t pass on this pan fried sausages, Wieners that’s just so good! Simple and a real treat, it makes for a perfect side dish as it’s delightfully cheesy and slightly smoky with a nice pop when you bite into it. It’s good on its own with some rice or a side dish to a more filling main,


BUTA SHOGAYAKI – pan seared pork belly with ginger sauce

Good pork dish of slices of pork with a nice trimming of fat on the side coated with a flavorful sauce with a nice background of ginger flavor. The hint of ginger sort of cuts through the richness of the pork.


BUTA NO KAKUNI – slow cooked, melt-in-your-mouth pork belly with rich soy based sauce, served with soft boiled egg and green beans

Definitely my favorite from the stuff we tried. Imagine glorious slow cooked melt-in-your-mouth pork belly sitting on top of a bed of this rich soy-based sauce. You eat the pork with a bit of mustard to cut through the richness and that sauce with flavorful meat with fluffy white rice is just so good! If you love meat as much as I do this is a must-try! Oh and the soft-boiled eggs with the sauce kind of reminded me of ajitamago that you know I love.


GYUDON – rice toppings of thinly sliced beef, egg and a special sauce

Gyudon is another feel good comfort food for me, a base of fluffy white rice with topping that’s a delectable mix of flavorful thinly sliced beef with some sweet onions and gooey egg. You break down the yolk and its gooey, creamy goodness coats everything like a sauce. GOOD!

chibis_kitchen_panna_cottaIf you’re getting the teishoku meal sets, you’ll probably get these panna cotta for dessert that’s available in three flavors; caramel, mint and matcha. I really liked the caramel for its simplicity and the mint with a nice layer of chocolate is quite good too, only if they nailed the texture between the two layers.

chibis_kitchen_uji_matcha_kakigoriUji Matcha Kakigori that’s just perfect to beat the summer heat! Shaved ice filled with bold matcha flavor studded with some adzuki / read bean and ice cream, cereals, and biscuit. It’s quite awesome that they’re playful with the presentation as all their kakigori is plated to look like a bear.

chibis_kitchen_coffee_kakigoriIf you’re not a fan of the earthy flavor of green tea, you can try the Coffee Kakigori that’s flavored nicely like a deep, bold espresso as base and when you mix it with the sweet vanilla ice cream makes for a good flavor combination too.

Chibi’s Kitchen in Evia Lifestyle Center, Las Piñas serves some really good comfort food that’s just simple home cooked treats. I really liked their chicken dishes and that slow cooked pork belly, I would frequent this place but it’s in the far south, hope they open a branch in the Northern part of the metro as well soon!

Chibi’s Kitchen

G/F Everyday Bldg, EVIA Lifestyle Center,
Daang Hari Rd Almanza Uno,
Las Piñas
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