Hefty Foodie's Quick Bites and Randrom Cravings: Chocnut Cheesecake – Indulgence by Irene

Last weekend I got a nice treat encased in a red box, simple and straightforward. But inside was this exquisite product; Chocnut Cheesecake of Indulgence by Irene.

What are your earliest memory of this well loved local chocolate treat? As for me I’ve been munching on these nutty, chocolate-y bars ever since I could remember. And it was definitely an awesome treat to munch and indulge on a cheesecake that celebrates it’s taste and glory.

Indulgence by Irene is a home-based business that’s been making a huge buzz among foodies and cheesecake connoisseurs for her awesome Queso de Bola cheesecake and this is her latest creation; creamy cheesecake topped with crushed chocnut 🙂

When I opened the box, this amazing irresistible aroma came forth, making me really excited to dig in and try it. It was definitely grueling trying to set up the cheesecake to take a picture, with my hands terribly shaking due to excitement, I really had a hard time getting decent show since most of them came out blurry 😀 😀

Took a btie and damn it went above and beyond my expectations, the nice aroma was just an added bonus.

While making this shot: 

Me: Okay I’ll take a bite so I can take a nice picture of the cross section.

*took a bite, and another one, and another….

Me: OH SHOOT! I ate half of it *takes a picture*

This chocnut cheesecake was just heavenly, took a bite and I loved the creamy base of the cheesecake, then I hit the bottom with it’s graham crust with a nice buttery taste to it, then these sweet notes from the chocnut further delighted my taste buds. Munching on it was pure bliss, I’m definitely ordering another one, this and her famous Queso de Bola Cheesecake REALLY SOON!

CHEESECAKE PRICES: P900 – 9 inch, P200 for 4 inch mini version


Indulgence by Irene

(0922) 830-3900
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