Buffet at CHOPS Chicago Steakhouse – Gorging on Steaks and Ribs

Was bored one weekend and went to the Greenbelt area to buy some stuff. Then I passed by CHOPS Chicago Steak House and saw that they’re offering this nice weekend buffet, being the shameless meat lover that I am, I can’t pass on that opportunity to stuff myself on awesome steaks so I availed their Lunch Buffet promo.

chops_greenbelt_buffet_steaks2Sausage + Ribs + Turkey + Various Steak Cuts = One awesome lunch.

chops_greenbelt_buffet_ambiance2 chops_greenbelt_buffet_ambiance1

The place had this classy, hotel-like ambiance, with it being dim-lighted I think it would be an awesome dinner-date place, ideal for that more intimate setting. You can go with high tables and chairs, sit by the bar and gulp on some drinks or settle with the more comfy couches and nooks, well I did 😀


As for the buffet, it’s fairly basic with the meats being the highlight of the spread.


Very basic salad bar, with various greens and dressing.

chops_greenbelt_buffet_spread_sidingsSome decent sidings; grilled corn, cardiac rice, mac and cheese, creamy spinach, old mushroom pasta and buttered veggies.

chops_greenbelt_buffet_spread_steaks_and_sausagesThe reason why I tried their lunch buffet, the meat; sausage, US Prime Beef Steak cuts; striploin, tenderloin, and ribeye.

chops_greenbelt_buffet_spread_ribs_and_turkeyand oh they also have ribs and turkey too.

chops_greenbelt_buffet_spread_dessert chops_greenbelt_buffet_spread_fresh_fruitsThen some stuff for sweet endings; some fruit slices, cream puffs, cookies, and cupcakes.

First was the choice of drinks, though I’m tempted to have a decent Red to go with the meat, I settled with the usual bottomless iced tea.

Bottomless Iced Tea (P180)
Bottomless Iced Tea (P180)

Then I got some steak cuts for grilling, figured it may take some time so I got some salad, want to start it right, some greens for a change 😀

chops_greenbelt_buffet_saladThis was the before shot :), well before I begun munching on this salad plate, I went back to the buffet spread and topped it with a lot of bacon bits 😀

chops_greenbelt_buffet_pastaI also tried some of their old mushroom pasta, creamy sauce base with sausages, bacon,  and mushrooms, the pasta was a bit chewy, the mushroom bits gave the siding more umami goodness.

Then there’s the steak cuts, ribs, and sausages.


Their beef tenderloin has the least fatty bits of all the cuts in the spread, munching on it was a bit stressful, the meat was tough and chewy. Though it has some nice flavors, I didn’t like it at all. Then there’s the striploin, with it’s fat covering it helped make this awesome flavor for the meat, the part that’s closer to the fatty edge was really tender and succulent. The ribeye meat has some nice marbling resulting it to be loaded with flavor and be really tender. If you try their buffet, go for the striploin and ribeye, amazing flavors and really tender meat.


Their ribs was decent, wet-rubbed with their BBQ sauce. Good flavor and the meat was fork tender and nice.


Then my carnivorous side took over and I gorged on a lot of stuff, I think I had 4-5 plates, each loaded with various steak cuts, ribs, and sausages. Enjoying the succulent steak cuts, took a bite and I really enjoyed its pepper-y taste, then there’s the fatty bits melting in my mouth giving this wonderful burst of flavor in my palate. Then there’s the sausages, herb-y and spicy flavors that’s really tender to the bite.

After that carnivorous feast, it’s time for my after-meal sweet tooth cravings.


I got all the pastry offerings at the spread, tried their cupcake, cream puff, and oatmeal cookie. I munched on the cookie first, tough outer layer then you hit the center that’s a bit chewy, then there’s the oatmeal bits gave it a more interesting texture. Next was the cream puff, took a bite and got this light outer shell and as I hit the filling there’s this chewy inner part with the cream filling. Saving the best for last, I then tried their cupcake, mocha frosting on top, moist buttery bread base, then every so often you hit the chocolate chips that gives this nice spike in flavor and texture.


VERDICT: I’ve had a pleasurable dining experience at CHOPS Chicago Steakhouse, although I only tried their weekend buffet, a chance to stuff myself with succulent ribeye steak pieces is more that enough reason for me to revisit the place. If ever you try the buffet, I strongly suggest you skip the tenderloin. Everything else was nice including the service.

VALUE FOR MONEY: The price of the buffet is P1200, though the buffet spread is fairly limited / basic, the steak’s definitely the highlight of the buffet. I  really think their weekend buffet is reasonably priced.


CHOPS Chicago Steakhouse, Greenbelt 5

4/F Greenbelt 5 Legazpi St.,
Legazpi Village, Makati
(02) 945-8088

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    1. Hello Richie! I forgot, was bored that time and needed some GV, thought why not gorge myself with awesome steaks! Anyway the ribeye’s good. Would love to go back there and try stuff from the regular menu. Let’s go!?

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