#CocktailCollab at Long Bar of Raffles Makati

COCKTAIL COLLAB  – A new dining offer at the Long Bar of Raffles Makati where guests and diners will be treated to bespoke cocktails prepared by their award winning bartenders. Basically you choose your flavour and liquor preference,  the procedure / methods for the cocktail and you get to choose on what glass they’ll serve it and finally the name of the cocktail, how cool is that?!

long_bar_raffles_makati_cocktail_collab_9BACON! Yes a bacon cocktail! And it’s actually really good – pieces of smoked bacon, black label, dissarono and green chartreuse. It had these nice smoky notes running in the background and then that amaretto flavour hits you along with the refreshing base to balance the nose and palate. GOOD!

Of course with good drinks comes the decadent bar chow and these pork rinds definitely hit the spot.

long_bar_raffles_makati_cocktail_collab_2(Chicharon) Pork Rinds with a nice flavour profile, it’s slightly sour and it reminded me of the glorious chili tamarind pork rinds that I had at Long Bar a while back. A plate of this is definitely not for sharing, it’s so good you wouldn’t want to share.

long_bar_raffles_makati_cocktail_collab_1Moving on from something that’s included in their regular cocktail menu, the Maynila Sour, it’s actually a signature drink of their very talented bartender, Orman Bag-ao that recently represented the country to the Diageo annual competition. This is really good a light and refreshing base of don papa rum, calamansi mix, ripe mango and egg white for that creamy foam on top.

long_bar_raffles_makati_cocktail_collab_6Something that’s best eaten with your hands, don’t miss on Long Bar’s Baked Chicken Wings! These finger lickin’ good babies are sticky and sweet on the outside and moist and tender as you bite into it. Good stuff.

long_bar_raffles_makati_cocktail_collab_3During my college days I’ve had a couple of really drunk nights and tequila was my liquor of choice. For this I asked Orman to prepare something with espresso, chocolate and tequila and he came up with this. A layered drink of that rich chocolate syrup at the bottom, some espresso and finally some don julio blanco tequila. This is really good, a fun drink specially if you like the sensation of heat that the liquor base provides.

long_bar_raffles_makati_cocktail_collab_4Plump shrimps cooked in olive oil and some garlic makes for a great bar chow, I had this it some sourdough bread to mop the flavorful bits that’s left on the plate.

long_bar_raffles_makati_cocktail_collab_5Of course I had to order their Singapore Sling, Long Bar’s signature drink. This light and refreshing drink has bombay sapphire, cherry heering, cointreau, fresh lemon and pineapple, angostura bitters and topped with some benedictine. If you want a more luxurious version of this, do try the Makati Luxury Sling that has some gold flakes along with a great alcoholic base.

long_bar_raffles_makati_cocktail_collab_8If you want more of a heavy grub to go with your drinks I suggest you try their sandwiches, I tried their signature burger before and it was really good. This Open Lobster Club Sandwich is a definite eye candy of classic club sandwich with lobster tossed in shrimp bisque mayonnaise, served on toasted sourdough bread and that cajun spiced fries that’s really good.

long_bar_raffles_makati_cocktail_collab_13I also had them prepare something that highlights the cinnamon flavour which I absolutely love. This one had the whiff and essence of the cinnamon running in the background and it had a lovely base of bourbon, lemon and aperol syrup.

long_bar_raffles_makati_cocktail_collab_10This is quite addicting, their Long Bar Fries that’s tempura battered potatoes tossed in cajun spice and served with caramelised onion mayo. Aside from the flavorful and lovely potato pieces, that mayo is just fantastic with the fries, leaving you wanting for more.

long_bar_raffles_makati_cocktail_collab_7Something that the ladies will enjoy, this cute drink has vodka, midori, lemon and guava and finally garnished with a sour belt on top. The flavour profile is as light and colourful as the hue of the drink, really good stuff.

long_bar_raffles_makati_cocktail_collab_11This is Spanky’s Cocktail Collab, American Pie of rye whiskey, apple juice and frangelico, this actually reminded me of apple pie but with a nice kick. the frangelico and whiskey component makes for a lovely base.

long_bar_raffles_makati_cocktail_collab_12To cap off the night, I had some frangelico on the rocks, for those of you that’s not familiar with this liquor, it’s hazelnut flavoured and just lovely as is. Had a glass or two of this to go with some of their chorizo that I ate with rice and runny sunny side up egg.

I had a great time at Long Bar of Raffles Makati, the Cocktail Collab is a great dining offer, immortalize your personalized cocktails and work with their talented bartenders to craft the drink of your dreams. Will definitely go back for more of that bacon cocktail!

Long Bar

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