American Food and Wine Festival at Corniche Diamond Hotel

For the mains they have hefty portions of meat entrées, some were


Sous Vide Pork Loin with Pear Cranberry and Raisin sauce — this one’s really good. And Chipotle Smoked Hot Wings (Buffalo style chicken wings with Chipotle sauce)


US Roast beef served with fresh horseradish sauce, they also have some BBQ Smoked Baby Back Ribs with Jack and Coke sauce.


corniche_roast_us_cut_steak_poster corniche_prime_8

Roast U.S. Prime Cut Steaks, slow cooked and grilled to your preferred doneness. Meat lovers and steak eaters alike will love its unapologetic meaty flavor, it’s best paired with that fantastic potato gratin that everyone raved about and perhaps a good glass of red wine (they’re offering the all America feast with a free flow of Beringer Wines) A dash of their fresh horseradish sauce would cut through the flavorful meat, as for me I enjoyed the steak without the sauce, it’s good as it is.

corniche_turducken_poster corniche_4TURDUCKEN — This one’s definitely the star of the buffet, a big hit at the carving station, it’s actually Turkey stuffed with boneless duck and chicken, rolled and roasted with cranberry dressing and gravy. I got two helpings of it, the first one I got too much of the cornmeal stuffing, and on the second I requested for the various meat parts it’s by then that I got to enjoy the varying flavors of the meat. The whole thing’s massive, they say it weighs about 11kgs. Definitely festive, and equally good.

corniche_us_rack_of_lamb_poster corniche_prime_9

The rack of lamb was another must-try. The meat was fantastic, fatty and really flavorful, plus it’s served with this nice chili-orange sauce, got traces of various flavors as I hit the meat with the sauce. Notes of citrus and faint hints of chili titillated my palate as I munch on these gorgeous rack of lamb pieces.

For the sweet endings, I did try a lot!


Chocoholics will love these Chocolate Pudding Cups — deep chocolate custard, bitter sweet confections. And since I’m partial to dark chocolate and a shameless chocoholic myself, I absolutely loved it. I also tried their Apple Raisin Pies that’s served in these little ramekins. I find the crust to be tougher that I’d like it to bee but I definitely liked the filling; green apples and raisins makes for a sweet filling base, I also got these faint notes of cinnamon, good!


Their Strawberry Cheesecake had a New York cheesecake base and it yields a more dense base with a creamy consistency and sharp flavors. Sharp cheesecake base / filling was balanced by the sweet and tart strawberries at the top, I also got notes of lemon that helped a lot in balancing the sharp and rich flavor of the base. I also enjoyed these Smores; chocolate coated marshmallows on a piece of biscuit, it’s simple and good.


But I really think it’s this Sun-Kissed Sherbet that’s really rave-worthy. A light and fruity sherbet with bright flavors and was a perfect palate cleanser. A concoction of orange, lime and grapes makes for a bright-flavored fruity base. I also got to try some miniature versions of some of my favorite cakes from the cake club; that night they had the supermoist chocolate cake, royale, and Danielle available in the spread. They also had some sugar free confections at the other side of the buffet spread, great!

This All-American Feast / American Food and Wine Festival at the Corniche of Diamond Hotel will run until the 29th, the buffet rate is P1,780 nett per person and you can also enjoy the feast with a free flow of Beringer Wines for only +P495 nett.


Corniche, Diamond Hotel

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