COVA Tapas y Sangria: Good Food and Killer Drinks!

Since COVA opened last January, I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about it, mostly raves about the food and the killer drinks, we had dinner there the other night, where we stuffed ourselves with some really good food; some tapas, LOTS of sangrias, and a mouthwatering Cochinillo to top it off. One amazing dinner.

First WOW of the dinner their take on steak tartare, the Tartar de Toro, an awesome combination of flavor and texture, you’ll love the chorizo infused migas, so good!

 The place just looks gorgeous, with the interiors designed after a cave, the attention to detail with the ceiling pieces was just lovely. With some nice music and an amazing ambiance, I kind of knew we’d have a great time here.

Then there’s the bar, with lots of liquors to choose from, and they have this promo every Thursday night, unlimited wine! Definitely a great way to chill and hang out with friends. We also got the chance to meet the Chefs and owner of the place, Patrick Hesse and Tatyana Guevarra. Graduates from Enderun Colleges. They also went to Spain and fell in love with the Spanish tapas concept, and decided to have their own unique take / spin on some traditional dishes.

COVA Tapas y Sangria MENU: Dinner Menu | Lunch Menu | Bebidas (Drinks)

First order of business: Their killer Sangrias!

Red Sangria (P447 – 500ml | 895 1L) | White wine Sangria (P447 – 500ml | 895 1L)

The Chefs’ his and her’s drink creations, I personally like the White Wine Sangria better, little did I know it had a significantly higher amount of alcohol in it. But for the start of the dinner, it was my choice of poison.

White Wine Sangria

We started the dinner with some lovely steak tartare 😀

Tartar de Toro (Racion P349)
Tartar de Toro (Racion P349)

Fresh beef tenderloin, fresh egg yolk, chives, piparra, migas, crispy onion

Their Tartar de Toro is really good! First you have to mix them all together, with the glorious fresh egg yolk binding all those awesome stuff together, I just love the flavor and texture from the beef tenderloin, then every so often you hit the migas, that is infused with the flavor of chorizo, and there’s the crispy onion bits as well.

We had it with some freshly baked bread and I’d say it was the perfect way to start the dinner, definitely had my taste buds titillated, some really good stuff. Their take on the steak tartare is a must-try!

Huevos Cabreados (P320)
Huevos Cabreados (P320)

Fried Eggs, shoestring potatoes, crispy chorizo, alioli

Munching on this yummy treat was a great experience. First it definitely looks good, when it was served I was all revved up and excited to dig in, but they had to mix it first. The yolk of the egg explodes in the process giving this nice coating of it’s golden yolk-y goodness to the shoestring fries. Took a bite and I just love the flavors savory then there’s the creamy thing to it with the eggs and the alioli, but with the shoestring fries having retained this nice tinge of crunch to the bite, it definitely gave the dish a more interesting texture. This one’s a must-try!

Apple Pie Sangria (P 447 – 500ml | 895 1L )

We also tried their newest creation, the apple pie sangria. It had this cinnamon taste to it that I just love, smells really good too.

Cap I Pota (Tapa P280 | Racion P560)
Cap I Pota (Tapa P280 | Racion P560)

Ox tripe, wagyu cheeks, jamon, blood sausage, tomato, sultanas, pine nuts

Their version of Callos, the Cap I Pota was good too. Got a spoonful and I love the flavor I got from it, some of the bits just melts in your mouth, and the wagyu cheeks are just awesome. Took another bite same thing happened, all those good stuff but this time I got some of the pine nuts and it had this nice hint of crunchiness, definitely made a more interesting texture. And I love blood sausages too! Good stuff!

Then we had some Socarrat love and tried some of their Paella dishes. 😀

Paella Negra (P900, serves 3-4)
Paella Negra (P900, serves 3-4)

Soft shell crab, mussels, squid, prawns, alioli

First on our mini paella feast with my socarrat loving friends was their paella negra, moist rice infused with the squid ink resulting this rich, slightly saltybase, then there’s the plump prawns and the mussels, but it’s the soft shell crabs that got raves from most of us, you’ll just love those succulent bits with every bite. An extra dash of alioli and lemon’s the way to go!

Paella de Mariscos (P900, serves 3-4)
Paella de Mariscos (P900, serves 3-4)

Prawns, clams, shrimps, mussels

This one’s my favorite of the paella dishes we tried, a more traditional, seafood paella that I just love. The chef’s originally planned to use big head prawns for this one but it was tad expensive so they used the normal ones instead. Tho I tell you this is really good! Seafood lovers rejoice! You’ll love every bit of their Paella de Mariscos, oh I just love the toasted socarrat bits on the bottom of the pan, extra alioli please! 😀

Fideua (P699, serves 3-4)
Fideua (P699, serves 3-4)

Squids, clams, short noodles, alioli

A pasta base paella for a chance, they used fideo pasta for this, this kind of pasta had thickness variations and they’ve used the thinnest one. The pasta base had this nice tinge of crunch to the bite,  then you’ll get to enjoy the seafood bits. I find this one very inventive since it was my first time trying a pasta-based paella.

Saving the best for last, we were the first guests to try their newest creation a feast for the senses, their Cochinillo Asado!

Cochinillo Asado (P3500, needs to be ordered 2 days in advance)
Cochinillo Asado (P3500, needs to be ordered 2 days in advance)

3 week old suckling pig roasted in the oven.

Good things come to those who wait, and this is definitely worth it! Oh that glorious crunchy skin! Then you get this herb-y flavorful meat, it was sinfully good! As they were cutting the pig, this amazing aroma came forth that got us really excited!

Served with the drippings of the pig that’s pumped up with some butter, we had this amazing gray-like sauce that really highlighted the flavor of the meat. The skin was oh-so-crispy! Considering it took us a while to take pictures of the dish. Then you hit the meaty and fatty bits that’s infused with this wonderful herb-y flavor, munching on it brought me utter bliss. This one’s a treat to the senses, a definite must-try!

Though we’re really full and stuffed with all those yummy dishes, we can’t pass on desserts!

Apple Fritters with Dulce de Leche Ice Cream (P300)

A simple sweet ending to one lovely dinner, we had their appple fritters that’s served with that dulce de leche ice cream! The apple fritters was simple and good, I’d gladly munch on it with or without the ice cream, simple and good. The ice cream was a nice inclusion and definitely a treat to us with the sweet tooth. You just can’t help dipping the fritters in it, some really good stuff.


VERDICT: We had an amazing dinner at COVA Tapas y Sangria, got to munch on some really good stuff! I really enjoyed everything that we tried, coupled with some killer sangrias, we had a great dining experience.  Good food, killer drinks, amazing ambiance. And good thing they’re open during lunch so you can munch on those awesome treats earlier in the day, do check their lunch menu for more info.

 VALUE FOR MONEY: Depending on what you order, menu items here can be a bit pricey, but they  have  racion serving sizes that’s meant for sharing. And if you’re willing to splurge on a place to unwind  munch on  some good food and have some nice drinks with friends of family, COVA should be on your list.


COVA Tapas y Sangria, Jupiter Street

22 Jupiter St
Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 478-9700
Facebook Page

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  1. Everything looks delish, especially the Tartar de Toro. I love Tapas! I’m not big on drinks but I’m sure my husband would love to try what they have. I added this place to my restaurants-to-visit next time I visit my family in the Philippines.

  2. I’ve tasted an equally young suckling pig in the hometown of my mom in Quezon Province that’s why I can understand the flavorful bliss that you talked about on your post. I adore the presentation of Tartar De Toro. Reminds me of sushi.

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