Crave for CHAMPS Burger at Quezon City

Went to this new burger joint at Maginhawa Street, Quezon City. I was invited by a fellow foodie and blogger friend, Yani. She said they serve good burgers so it was an instant YES! 😀

I arrived a bit early, and had the chance to talk to the owner of the restaurant, Mr. Tierry Garcia. There I learned that they were formerly with CRAVE, (A burger joint around the area) but the owner had a vision, he wanted to provide better quality of food at an affordable price.

If you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time now I’ve said this before, taking wide shots for restaurants is quite hard for me since I have a short telephoto lens. The place is simple, with a sporty look and feel to it. I love the black couch inside. sadly I can’t show to you 🙁

We got their Touchdown and Boracay Regatta. *first ;)*

Touchdown (250)
Touchdown (250)

One thing I noticed right away; the actual burger and the one that’s on their fliers and posters looked exactly the same, no false advertisements and whatnot, THUMBS UP! 😀 They grind their own meat for the patties and got it from different suppliers to ensure the quality which is good.

lean and meaty goodness throughout!

Cut the burger in half and it occurred to me, they grind their own meat for the patties for a good reason, they got rid of all the litid so you get that full beefy goodness in every bite. I’ve tried a lot of big burgers and most often than not, the quality is not that good, it’s been evident with the other BIG BURGER sellers out there, they bump up the serving, but the quality of the burger itself was compromised. Fortunately it was not the case for CHAMPS, I did enjoy munching on this bad ass burger. Every bite is packed with flavors and that juicy goodness that I love.

Boracay Regatta (P135)

Yani sure loved this one! Notice that the fish fillet is even bigger than the bun, you get good value for your money! It’s beer battered so you get the nice hint of beer flavor minus the alcoholic content 🙂 Yani raved on how the fish fillet was crunchy on the outside but moist on the inside which is really good.

Boracay Regatta (P135)

And I liked how the tartar sauce went well with the fillet, it complimented it well providing this nice creamy sauce for the fish.

And since they serve chicken wings as well we got them all! 😀 and we also tried a few of their sides as well

Winners Circle / Knockout (P275 / 6pcs.)

We had an assortment of their Winners Circle and Knockout. They serve boneless chicken wings! Okay, some may disagree with me but I love boneless cuts like these, less effort in eating and more fun enjoying the savory goodness of the chicken. 😀 The Winners Circle was cooked beautifully to a golden brown, it’s really crispy just the way I like it. Their Knockout on the other hand is the spicy version of the chicken wings. I actually prefer the spicy one, it has this hint of spiciness that left me wanting for more.

Chicken Wings in Teriyaki Sauce

This is normally served with rice, it’s called Super Bowl(P99); two pieces of juicy chicken wings cooked on the griddle, topped with teriyaki sauce and fresh cucumber on the side. We got it with no rice and siding, it was good! Yani said she’s a big fan on anything with teriyaki sauce so this was an instant favorite of hers 😀

Home Made Onion Rings (P95)

Their home made onion rings had this salty and peppery flavors that I really like! I’m not really a fan of onion rings, but this one had be wanting for more. One bite after the other you’ll enjoy its crispy goodness, and for a side that’s priced at P95 it’s good for sharing that’s really a plus 😀

We also tried their Skinny Fries(P85) it shared the same salty and peppery goodness as their onion rings with a serving that’s good for sharing. It went well with our choice of burgers and sandwiches.

AND for our sweet ending, we had something that’s not on their menu yet. The owner’s keenness to detail is really admirable, he wanted to perfect the dessert dish before they include it on their menu.

Fried Snickers

The snickers were cut and breaded and then fried to a golden brown, when you bite into it, the chocolatey goodness from the snickers oozes out, it’s really a blissful moment for me. Immediately I took a spoonful of the vanilla ice cream and you have this contrast of hot and cold, the chocolatey flavor of the snickers and the rather subtle taste of the ice cream. It was indeed a good way to end the meal and a great treat for those with the sweet tooth (like Yani and me :D)


VERDICT: Had a great time at CHAMPS Burger, loved their burgers and chicken wings! The place really deserves a return trip, I have my eye on their rosemary chicken wings for my next visit! And I admire the owners efforts to ensure the quality of food and service they offer, I salute him for making sure that he’s on top of things and his attention to detail is really good. 😀

VALUE FOR MONEY: Definitely great value for money! Almost all the menu items we tried were good for sharing and it tasted good too.


CHAMPS Burger, Quezon City

#154 Maginhawa Street
Sikatuna Village
Quezon city
(02)435-4088 / (02) 387-7085
Facebook Page


12 thoughts on “Crave for CHAMPS Burger at Quezon City”

  1. Ay… anlayo naman pala. I love burgers talaga, lalo na ung mga store na wala sa malls. mas masarap at unique ung mga burgers na tinitinda nila. btw nag punta kaba sa bloggers night ni Chef Hasset? di ako nakapunta binaha kasi kami e..

  2. Good thing they took the litid off. That’s one of my pet peeves in a burger. I think that their burgers are reasonably priced. Too bad I’m too far to try Champs.

  3. Ay ang daya hindi nag invite si Eugene at Yani! Ha ha ha! Mukhang ang sarap sarap pa naman! Hays kailan kaya mang lilibre dyan si Eugene at Yani?

  4. same question I asked Yani…did you eat all these? I like Crave, so I hope Champs outdone them 🙂

  5. WOW!!! Another reason for me to visit Maginhawa street! I am a certified burger and onion fries kind of a gal, oh and of tartar sauce. I can actually imagine myself now biting into these meat treats!

  6. Champs really serve good burgers, i can finished the whole burger( not enough want more!!!! ) try their boneless chicken wings, and their fries hmmm so yummy…….. try IT, i assure you, you will leave champs happy ( baBAlik balikan nyo ang CHAMPS SIGURADO YAN)

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