CROQUE: New Neighborhood Cafe + Bakery in Makati

I’ve been curious about this new neighborhood cafe and bakery for a while and finally got to try their food last year when Zomato asked me to do a food photography workshop for some of their users. It was my first time to do a tutorial / workshop and I tried to keep it simple, taught them the basics about exposure and how to experiment on your lighting and tried my best to be more hands-on with the tips and kind of guide them along the way. Kudos to zomato for wanting to improve the quality of photos from their users and I was honored and happy to help.

CROQUE is a place to get your comfort food fix – from their all-day breakfast staples, pasta, and more filling dishes – food here is simple. The place is cozy with nice chairs and booths with textured wooden tables that make for this charming warm ambiance. Racks of freshly made bread and a dainty bar with an open kitchen serves as a focal point upon entering the place.

A nice knife and fork sandwich is their Croque Madame of creamy bechamel and grueyere smeared on top of some bread and ham and then topped with that egg with that yolk giving another layer of creaminess to the dish.


SILOG Medley – house tapa, tocino, garlic rice, tomato relish, fried egg

For something more familiar try their SILOG Medley of downright good tapa and tocino pieces sitting on top of garlic rice. The sweetness of the tocino pieces with some of the fatty bits caramelized in all the right places and down to the vibrant vinegar dipping sauce before hitting it with the runny egg and the rice. It’s happiness on a plate.

croque_bakery_cafe_pulled_pork_fried_pan_de_salAnother fantastic snack is their Pulled Pork and Fried Pan De Sal. Again with a hefty serving of pulled pork bits, I found myself wanting more of the slightly toasted bits on the edges with the meat that’s succulent and flavorful it was very nice paired with their light and fluffy bread.


Pasta Al Funghi – fresh shitake mushrooms, 64 degree egg, enoki

A pasta dish that’s a hit among the zomans, packed with umami goodness from the mushrooms, it was a nice balance between the well cooked pasta and that creamy egg that serves as a sauce thick enough to adhere to the pasta and give it another layer of flavor and an infinitely more creamy mouth feel.


Classic Carbonara – pancetta crisp, poached egg, provolone cream, parmiggiano reggiano

One of the better carbonara dishes that I’ve tried. Not heavy in cream, their classic pasta dish relies on that poached egg with the yolk serving as the binding agent and a sauce to the pasta. A combination of provolone and parmiggiano reggiano makes for a very flavorful sauce base and those crisped up pancetta pieces. GOOD!


Spinach Meat Lasagna – fresh pasta, bolognese, mozzarella, parmiggiano reggiano

One of my favorite comfort food treats their lasagna did not disappoint, layers of perfectly cooked, slightly chewy pasta sheets layered with this thick meat sauce and a medley of cheesy goodness. Didn’t even realize it has spinach mixed in. Another must-try.


Croque Adobo – 36-hour slow cooked adobo, organic black rice, vegetables

When in Croque, don’t miss on their adobo – meat that’s cooked low and slow for 36 hours makes for a melt in your mouth piece of heaven. The meat was so flavorful and the decadent fatty bits went well with the black rice – pour in some more of that adobo sauce like a glaze and you’re in business. Good stuff, another must-try at Croque.

Something light for dessert, we tried their Panna Cotta of light, creamy and jiggly base served with a nice tart and refreshing sauce. It was an awesome way to end the meal with majority of the dishes we tried very rich in flavor, something light and refreshing was the way to go. You should also check on their Speculoos Creme Brulee and Chocolate Mousse with Jalapeno and Sea Salt.

Was pleasantly surprised with the food at CROQUE, a good option when you’re looking for a place to indulge in good comfort food and maybe a mug of hot cocoa and coffee or some pastries.

CROQUE Bakery + Cafe

Ground Floor, Dominion Building
Pasay Road, San Lorenzo,
(02) 246-9069 ext. 186

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