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CRU STEAKHOUSE MANILA – This place has always been on my bucket list of go-to for good reasons; many of my friends sung raves and praises about the place, as huge steak fan myself I wanted to try the restaurant out and see how does would it compare to some of my favorite steak place in the Metro. Went here with a fairly big group, tried the steak and a bunch of other stuff.

cru_steakhouse_manila_marriott_feature_posterA thing of beauty 900 grams of ribeye in all its fantastic fatty awesomeness, carved table-side the slicing of the huge piece of steak has got to be one of the most appetizing sight ever.cru_steakhouse_manila_marriott_steak1I really like the look and feel of this place, tasteful interiors with a number of booths for a more comfortable setup, to be honest this is one good date place, the feel of exclusivity with the dim lighted setup and the fine food that they’re serving. Here’s a preview of what turned out to be our dinner, three big steaks on the grill. I’m sorry I don’t have decent interior shots, again with my telephoto lens problem.

cru_steakhouse_manila_marriott_breadStarted with some complimentary bread, these bread pieces are huge by the way, I really didn’t try it with the butter since the base is flavorful enough, cheese crust on top and then you hit that soft and pillow-y bread base, a nice hint of olive makes this infinitely more enjoyable.

For appetizers, since we went here with a fairly large group, we got to order all of the appetizers on the menu, not going to include all of them though, as I didn’t try all since I’m trying to save room for the star of the dinner, the steaks.


SAUTEED DUCK LIVER – apple chutney, corn cake, maple lemon glaze

Foie gras love! This appetizer dish is fantastic! Pieces of perfectly seared foie gras sitting on top of a nice corn cake (which is really good) and it hat that slightly sweet glaze of maple which is sort of a classic combination to the fatty and rich duck liver. Good stuff.


SALMON TARTARE – lemon dijon dressing, extra virgin olive oil

It’s no secret that I’m partial to salmon so this is a big hit for me, salmon tartare of fantastic salmon in this dressing with a nice bit of zing something so simple but really good. If you love salmon too, this is definitely not for sharing 😀


CRU CRAB CAKES – celeriac apple slaw, cajun remoulade

Their crabcakes are fantastic! Nice light and crunchy crust that yields all those lump crab pieces in the base so flavorful and flaky and so good! I really enjoyed this one between the rich crab cake base and the apple slaw for some texture and that cajun bits that gave it the faintest hint of spice. This is a must-try!


CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF CARPACCIO – parmesan cheese, arugula, lettuce, tarragon dressing

I really liked this carpaccio too, thinly sliced beef pieces with a gorgeous meat to fat ratio and that dressing giving it much flavor and those bits of parmesan crisp giving you that spike of savory flavor – GOOD.

cru_steakhouse_manila_marriott_tuna_tartareSomething new in the menu, I think this is part of their seafood festival theme for the month, they had a number of new tuna dishes including a tuna steak, seared yellowfin tuna and this gorgeous Tuna Tartare of flavorful fish bits and that wasabi aioli giving just the right amount of heat, then you hit the parmesan crisp and that egg yolk and all its creamy goodness.

cru_steakhouse_manila_marriott_steak2cru_steakhouse_manila_marriott_steak3And of couse the pièce de résistance, the highlight of our dinner, the steak. This time it’s CRU’S CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF BONE-IN RIBEYE. The steak was carved table-side and it was one of the most appetizing part of our meal there, seeing the pieces and those gorgeous, gorgeous fatty bits is truly mouth-watering. It was really good, nice caramelized edges with the meat ever so flavorful, got this slightly smoky flavor to it and with that steak fat that just bursts and melts in your mouth in all its flavorful goodness. Had the excess steak fat removed and ask them to toast them up, it was then served with a little bit of glaze maybe a bit of mustard? And it was just heaven in your mouth.

cru_steakhouse_manila_marriott_steak4The steak was served with 5 side dishes, didn’t try them all since I was so hooked with the steak pieces but I did try the gratin and that risotto topped with cheese and had the nice aroma and earthy flavor of the truffle was really good as well.

Do save room for desserts as they have a delectable line of sweet tooth treats as well.

cru_steakhouse_manila_marriott_sweet_and_salty_moist_cakeSWEET AND SALTY CHOCOLATE MOIST CAKE – giant sweet and salty cake slice

I’m a fan of the sweet and salty flavor combination and this huge cake is a damn good one. Perfectly rich, fudge-y and chocalaty cake base contrasted with the bits of salted caramel in the layers, and then you hit some of that dark chocolate ice cream. GOOD!



This dessert is quite deceiving as it’s served like an over-sized piece of praline but the good stuff is inside – a rich and decadent chocolate base and the other half that sweet caramel that’s spiked with cognac. This is really good too, you get the flavor and whiff of the alcohol but not overly so.

cru_steakhouse_manila_marriott_chocolate_caramel_crunch_logTheir Chocolate Caramel Crunch Log really reminded me of a kit-kat bar but infinitely more rich and decadent layers of chewy wafer like chocolate bits, caramel, chocolate mousse and nougat (?) makes for an interesting texture and that classic combination of chocolate and caramel that just works.

cru_steakhouse_manila_marriott_banana_foster cru_steakhouse_manila_marriott_banana_foster2

BANANA FOSTER – caramelized banana, flamed rum, sugar, butter, sliced almons, vanilla ice cream

I always enjoyed desserts like this that’s prepared table side, a cure to my never-ending obsession of warm and cold sweet tooth treats. Caramelized banana pieces with flavor made more interesting with a hint of rum in the background. Then you hit the almonds for some texture and then the vanilla ice cream that’s just so comforting when contrasted with the warm fruit bits. Simple and good.

I had a fantastic dining experience at Cru Steakhouse of Manila Marriott Hotel, the raves I heard from friends were right, this has got to be one of the better steak places in manila. I only tried the US Angus ribeye steak and it was good too, next time I’ll try their Australian Wagyu. The place is lovely and perfect for date nights or if you want to splurge and treat yourself with good steak meal.

CRU Steakhouse

Manila Marriott Hotel,
No. 10 Newport Boulevard,
Newport City, Pasay City
(02) 246-9069 ext:357

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