Danish Bar SM North: Japanese Bakery Opens First Store in the Philippines

Danish Bar is one of the more popular Japanese Bakery concepts that opened their first store in the Philippines recently, they launched the first branch in SM North. Savory and sweet tooth delights of buttery flaky pastry that makes for an indulgent treats. They have two main products, danish bars with a different fillings and the danish balls of plain sugar glazed and the other one with dark chocolate.

danish_bar_sm_north_feature_posterHeat them up for a few minutes in the oven / toaster and eat it while its hot, layers of flaky pastry with a nice soft, pillow-y texture and buttery flavor to it, a real treat.danish_bar_sm_north_ballsI actually like these danish balls better, maybe because of their simplicity just little, almost bite size (for me) pieces of flaky pastry, I like to pull them apart and appreciate the layers and how soft the inner bits are. This comes in two variants, a simple sugar glaze and the other one with pieces of dark chocolate mixed in. These area really good, could easily finish a dozen in one seating.

As for the danish bars, they have both savory and sweet filling.

danish_bar_sm_north_savory_sausage_ham_and_cheeseThey have two savory variants for the danish bar; first is the one stuffed with sausage which was okay, but the one that I really liked is the ham and cheese. Imagine soft and flaky inner bits with that filing of ham and slightly melted cheese (reheating the danish bar, specially for the ham and cheese is very crucial IMO). It’s really simple but really good.

danish_bar_sm_north_matchaOf course I had to try their Matcha Danish Bar! A sugar glaze on the outside yielding those fantastic layers of pastry with the earthy flavor of the matcha mixed in. Then you hit the filling of red bean. This goes really well with a cup of black coffee.

danish_bar_sm_north_chocolate_oreoBut really the big surprise for me is this one stuffed with a mixture of chocolate and oreo, although it would seem that the cross section and the filling is a bit hollow, I really think this is the ideal filling portion as any more would overpower the pasty. Browned, caramelized outer bits and then those layers of soft pastry and into your mouth with that filling of slightly sweet chocolate and crushed oreos. SO GOOD!

Check out Danish Bar in SM North it’s located in the first floor of the Main Building, near National Book Store.

Danish Bar SM North

1/F Center Mall, SM North EDSA,
Quezon City
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