Dining at 71 Gramercy: Savor Fine Food and a Fantastic View of the Metro

A lot of people go to 71 Gramercy to party, it’s been one of the hottest destinations in the Manila bar scene for quite a while now. But what a lot of people don’t know is they serve some really good food too. This place has one of the best views in the Metro and couple that with some palatable dishes makes for an awesome dining experience.

71_gramercy_feature_posterA personal favorite from the stuff that we tried, Breakfast for Dinner of smoked and cured, melt-in-your-mouth pork belly – fantastic!71_gramercy_the_viewImagine having your dinner with this kind of view, the cityscape when you’re in the 71st floor is just fantastic.


CURED SALMON – green tea cured salmon with arugula, fetta, ginger and shallots.

I’m partial to salmon and all its fatty and delicate texture so this is a big hit for me. A faint whiff of the green tea in the background then you hit the silky mouth-feel of the fish and then the other flavor and texture components and those crumbs of fetta and ginger to finish it, really good.

71_gramercy_food_white_wineSome white wine to go with the appetizers, got a glass of Grant Burge Chardonnay that’s nice and aromatic.


PRAWN SALAD – grilled prawns with Guimaras mango salsa and vanilla dressing

Plump pieces of shrimp with that fantastic mango salsa and all its refreshing flavor that matches the natural richness of the crustacean, this paired really well with the glass of white wine that I got.


TAGLIATELLE TRUFFLE – truffle cream, crisp prosciutto, 62˚C egg and parmesan

This pasta is so simple but very good! A nice cream based sauce that’s not too heavy, just enough to adhere to the pieces of pasta and that whiff of earthy goodness a generous splash of truffle oil makes for this delightful aroma that’s just irresistible to me. The prosciutto for that spike of savory flavor and texture and that piece of sous-vide egg and you break the yolk to mix in with the pasta – GOOD!


PORK AND LOBSTER – slow roast berkshire pork belly and sauteed main with green pea puree and marsala sauce

A nice surf and turf plate of melt-in-your-mouth pieces of pork belly with a gorgeous meat-to-fat ratio and pieces of lobster all in that rich marsala sauce. The pieces of pork belly was fantastic, as for the lobster, didn’t have any since I recently had a bad allergic reaction to the crustacean and I’ve been avoiding it ever since.


GRAMERCY BURGER – 200 grams of ground US angus beef chuck, ribeye, and short rib in a home made brioche bun with gruyere cheese, mushrooms, foie gras and fries

One badass burger with that delectable blend of chuck, ribeye, and short rib giving it nice full flavor, it’s enveloped in rich gruyere cheese and that piece of foie gras in all its fatty goodness. Some mushrooms for more umami goodness and those side of fries are quite good too.


BREAKFAST FOR DINNER – home cured and smoked berkshire pork belly with 62˚C egg, potato hash, mushrooms, and tomato fondant

I can’t tell you enough how much I loved this dish! It’s my type of dish – the components, the flavor and texture combinations – really good comfort food done with more sophistication. A gorgeous, gorgeous slab of cured and smoked pork belly who’s flavor profile reminded me of bacon, but this time a bit more rich. It’s served on a bed of tomato fondant that gave it a more rich flavor, again some mushrooms for more umami goodness and that sous-vide egg! As you break the yolk and it splashes its golden creamy goodness onto the pork and the hash. Heaven in your mouth!

71_gramercy_food_red_wineI was nearing a state of food coma and then they served that delectable tomahawk steak, got a nice glass of red for the hunks of meat I’ll be devouring, some Grant Burge Benchmark Shiraz that’s a full bodied red wine with notes of pepper, spice and cherry that went well with the steak.


US ANGUS CHOICE GRADE TOMMAHAWK – served with two sides; mac and cheese and creamed spinach

The Tommahawk steak is a thing of beauty, caramelized and charred on the edges yielding meat that’s perfectly medium rare, got the slices with a large trimming of fat on the sides and the toasted bits was just fantastic! And those dollops of butter melting over it, makes for a richer taste.The sides were quite good too, surprisingly though I liked the creamed spinach more.


CHILEAN SEA BASS – pan roasted with lemon oil crushed potatoes and eggplant relish

A fine piece of fish that had this silky texture – this is something for the seafood lovers, or if you want something that’s more on the lighter side. The piece of sea bass was cooked well finishing with a nice hint of lemon with every bite.

DESSERTS! A meal wouldn’t be complete without these sweet tooth treats, do save room for desserts when you dine at 71 Gramercy.


#LEGIT CHOCOLATE CAKE – five textures, three chocolates

They take their chocolate cakes very seriously and this one is aptly named as it was a very good, legit chocolate cake. Various chocolate flavors makes for a luxurious mouth-feel that would make any chocoholic very happy – on top is a thin disc of chocolate and then a richer, warmer (chocolate) sauce is poured, wait for a while as it melts and caves in onto the middle of the cake giving it a rich, almost fudge-like texture. GOOD!


ALMOND TART – strawberries, rhubarb and burnt butter ice cream

Happiness – this is what this Almond Tart is – a piece of crumbly, flaky pastry that’s studded with some berries for that nice hint of tartness and together with that scoop of brown butter ice cream – this gave me much joy.


CHOCOLATE AND BANANA SOUFFLE – twice baked with butterscotch sauce and salty peanut ice cream

THIS ONE IS REALLY GOOD TOO! Between the delightfully fluffy piece of rich and chocolaty souffle and that sticky, sweet butterscotch sauce and the salty peanut ice cream with just the right amount of kick to make the flavors more interesting. And then you get some of that piece of caramelized banana on the side. Another answer to my never-ending obsession with warm and cold type of desserts with a flavor combination that makes so much sense.

The next time you go at 71 Gramercy, try their food, they have some really good ones and enjoy more of the cityscape more in their gorgeous view.

71 Gramercy
71st Floor, The Gramercy Residences,
Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion,
Makati City
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