DyceNDyne in Kapitolyo: Board Games and Good Food

If you love board games DyceNDyne in Kapitolyo, Pasig must be on your go-to list of restaurants, aside from the wide array of game titles that are available for diners, they actually serve good food there. A recent visit had us playing games until wee hours and filled with good grub that takes inspiration to some of the owners’ favourite board games.

DyceNDyne_kapitolyo_bora-bora_bacon_tempuraA personal favourite from the stuff that we tried, their Bora Bora Bacon Tempura of savoury bacon pieces coated in tempura batter and then deep fried until crispy, then they topped it with some nori and served with maple syrup. This is really good, salty and sweet and crispy treat that will get you hooked, I can finish a serving or two of this.

DyceNDyne_kapitolyo_chicken_skin_of_avalonFrom one decadent snack to another, their Chicken Skin of Avalon was also really good! Imagine crispy chicken skin pieces fried to a beautiful golden browl and then served with a drizzling of buffalo sauce. The nice hint of spice left me wanting for more.

DyceNDyne_kapitolyo_bootleggers_hotdogThis is their Bootleggers Hotdog Sandwich of hungarian sausage and bacon topped with salsa and served with a side of fries. Bacon makes everything better specially this spiced sausage that’s served with a soft bun.

DyceNDyne_kapitolyo_munchkin_slidersThis is real comfort food, their Munchkin Sliders is very good! Imagine layers of corned beef patties, hash brown, cheese and egg  on mini pan de sal sliders. Then the yolk of the egg drips down as you bite into it coating the other components like a sauce. Good stuff!

DyceNDyne_kapitolyo_legendary_grilled_cheese_sandwichTheir Legendary Grilled Cheese is a beautiful mess of gooey, creamy cheese and tomatoes on white bread. they used two types of cheese for the sandwich making for this rich and creamy texture, then you hit the tomato bits giving you a hint of sweetness to compliment the richness of the cheese medley making the sandwich not cloying.

DyceNDyne_kapitolyo_code_names_pulled_beef_sandwichI’m a big fan of pulled pork and this Mysterium Pulled Beef Burger is actually very good, utilizing a different type of meat; brisket that’s been cooked low and slow and slathered with barbecue sauce, much flavor and smoky goodness in a filling sandwich form.

DyceNDyne_kapitolyo_mysterium_chicken_fried_steakIf you’re a fan of Chicken Fried Steak then you should try their version. Mysterium Fried Steak of tenderized beef tenderloin coated in light and crispy batter that’s been seasoned well. The meat was tender enough and was quite flavourful that I enjoyed it even without the gravy. This is something that I’d gladly eat with a cup of rice.

DyceNDyne_kapitolyo_miloI love their drinks that’s served in flasks! Reminded me of my chemistry class and these are actually quite good too. The Milo Dinosaur was all that I hoped it would be – malt, chocolaty goodness that’s creamy and not overly sweet and that extra choco powder on top, is a real treat.

I really enjoyed our dinner at DyceNDyne in Kapitolyo. I was surprised with the quality of food that they’re serving – perhaps some of the best food that you’ll see in board game restaurants. And I really enjoyed the game titles that we tried. Will be back for more Cards Agains Humanity playtime with friends and more of their awesome food.


Elements Building,
Pasig Boulevard,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
+63 9063078465
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