Filipino Culinary Pride: Chef Sau Del Rosario and Chef Miko Aspiras teams up for a wicked Filipino Food Festival at Corniche – Diamond Hotel

Two of my favorite local chefs recently teamed up for an amazing collab at one of my favorite buffet spots in the city. Chef Sau Del Rosario with his iconic and elevated kapampangan dishes and Chef Miko Aspiras that’s famous for his out of the box dessert creations. Their signature dishes will be available at Corniche – the buffet restaurant of Diamond Hotel until July 1.This is Chef Sau’s Crispy Kare-Kare Macadamia – one of his signature dish and is a real crowd pleaser. It’s the rich and luscious kare-kare dish that we all know and love cooked with macadamia nuts as base for the sauce and then you get that whiff of truffle oil. So good specially with a lot of bagoong and rice!

His Sisig Paella is another standout dish for me for all the good reasons. It’s just paella done right crowned with one of my favorite food – sisig. The fatty pork bits with a bit of chili just goes so well with the rice base. I can eat bowls of this dish. So good!

Other must try dishes are the Duck Adobo and that awesome Lechon stuffed with Malagos chocolate. Also don’t miss on the Ox Tongue (lengua) with mushrooms it’s really the bomb and my absolutely my favorite dish of the bunch.

For the desserts I was excited what Chef Miko Aspiras will do and he did not disappoint – he made eye candy desserts that are just great and on-point made the sweet ending of our meal at Corniche even more memorable.

I have to say my favorite of the bunch is this Cherry dessert that’s actually served in a can / shooter type of thing. It has actually layers of chocolate sponge, cherry mousse and cherry chantilly. It’s not too sweet and the flavor and texture combinations made so much sense. It goes well with coffee too.

Continuing with the fruit theme don’t miss on the Mangga that’s actually mango mousse with pasion fruit and mango sauce inside. The Dayap with is a coconut mousse with dayap curd (so good!) that’s been dipped in praline and the Mansanas which is has a dulcey-cinnamon mousse and apple compote dipped in a red glaze. Other standouts in the dessert lineup are the Keso de Bola Macaron (my favorite) and the Zero Waste Ice Cream (must-try!)

The Filipino Culinary Pride themed buffet will be available at Corniche til July 1 and it’s priced at  Php2,780 nett per person. I absolutely recommend this Filipino food festival themed buffet and it’s definitely one of the best collabs that you’ll ever try. The dishes are great across the board and it’s a definite must-try. For inquiries and reservations you can call Corniche at Dimaond Hotel at 528-3000 at loc. 1121.


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