Filling Comfort Food at Chelsea Kitchen Eastwood

CHELSEA KITCHEN – I’ve been wanting to try this place for quite some time, with raves of their food from some of my foodie friends and upon checking out their menu online, I knew they serve my type of food – no frills comfort food that’s definitely filling and awesome. I had a leisurely lunch at their Eastwood branch a few weeks ago and had a great time over plates of palatable dishes and good company with some friends.

chelsea_kitchen_eastwood_chorizo_gambas_on_toastIt’s no secret that I’m a fan of anything with Spanish chorizo so of course I had to get their Chorizo Gambas on Toast. Imagine a generous topping of salty chorizo and juicy shrimp pieces – with the oil from the meat rendering this glorious sauce that coats the bread giving it much flavour – GOOD!chelsea_kitchen_eastwood_mozzarella_stuffed_mushroom_risotto_ballsIf you’re a fan of arancini, then you should try their Mozzarella Stuffed Mushroom Risotto Balls. Imagine a nice crunchy layer on the outside and creamy, gooey and cheesy as you bite into it, this is one filling appetizer dish.

chelsea_kitchen_eastwood_truffle_gravy_fresh_cut_friesTheir Truffled Gravy Fresh Cut Fries was actually quite good too. In contrast to the classic truffle fries that I’ve tried, their version had the truffle essence in the gravy and the skin-on fries was topped with a combination of gravy and cheese sauce as well as these earthy and sweet toasted mushroom pieces that further highlights the flavour of the dish.

chelsea_kitchen_eastwood_jones_tapa_fried_eggSome of the bestsellers from the other Raintree restaurant concepts has also resurfaced on Chelsea Kitchen’s menu. Like this Jones Tapa and Egg – a personal favourite from Mr. Jones, it’s a classic meaty combination of salty and sweet that’s just oh so perfect with lots of rice – then you hit it with some of that spicy vinegar and the roasted garlic – so good!!!

chelsea_kitchen_eastwood_yellow_carbonaraAlso I had to order their Yellow Carbonara of well cooked spaghetti, smoked bacon spinach, poached egg and hollandaise. This was so simple but really good. A combination of hollandaise and the creamy, gooey goodness from the egg yolk coats everything and adheres to the pasta like a sauce and then you hit a spike of savoury flavour from the bacon.

chelsea_kitchen_eastwood_US_roast_beef_gravy chelsea_kitchen_eastwood_US_roast_beef_gravy2A BIG YES for this US Roast Beef & Gravy of tender and flavourful roast beef pieces and gravy sitting on top of crusty bread pieces. The meat was almost melt-in-your-mouth tender with a nice meat to fat ratio and then there’s the luscious gravy that’s so awesome with the bread as it soaks so much flavor. GOOD!!!

We were on a state of food coma after finishing all these dishes but of course we had to save room for our sweet tooth treats – dessert stomach to the rescue!!!

chelsea_kitchen_eastwood_donut_holesWhat’s not to like about these chewy little donuts that’s been stuffed with dulce de leche and served with a dark chocolate dip? I loved this! And can definitely finish a serving or two of this with a cup of coffee. Their Donut Holes, specially if you like dulce de leche, is a must-try!

chelsea_kitchen_eastwood_cookie_dough_cheesecakeAs for E’s dessert choice, she tried this Cookie Dough Cheesecake of creamy and dense base and buttery graham crust with dollops and sections of cookie dough running through making it a bit sweeter than your usual cheesecake. This goes well with a strong cup of coffee too.

We had an awesome filling meal at Chelsea Kitchen Eastwood. Loved the stuff that we tried specially the more decadent main dishes, perusing their full menu, there’s still a lot of dishes that I wanted to try, but I guess I’ll have to save that for my next visit.

helsea Kitchen

Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall,
Libis, Quezon City
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