GINO’S BRICK OVEN PIZZA: Pizza and Comfort Food Heaven

GINO’S BRICK OVEN PIZZA – I can still remember the first time I tried SMEGG at this restaurant, It was at their Podium branch and I just finished a shoot for a restaurant there and a friend invited me to join their dinner at Gino’s. The pizza was love at first sight, it had everything that I love; gouda, sausage, mushroom and gooey egg on a pie and I took a bite and was blown away! It was so good, exceeding my expectations it was definitely one of the best, if not the best pizza that I’ve tried.

ginos_brick_oven_pizza_featured_posterStill my favorite their SMEGG is just a must-try! A fantastic dough as base housing a layer of gouda and cream at the base and then topped with spiced sausages, mushroom and gooey egg. Heaven in your mouth!!!ginos_brick_oven_pizza_burrata

BURRATA (make-your-own cheese plate) – burrata, pesto, basil, bread, arugula

They make their own cheese here, everything is made fresh, in-house. One of the more popular cheese variant is their Burrata and understandably so as it’s so simple but so damn good. A pouch of creamy goodness paired with some toasted bread, I can eat this all day!


BUTTER PARMIGIANO – fettucine, butter, parmigiano reggiano, black pepper

Another dish where things is just so simple yet it makes for a fantastic palatable pasta treat. Well-cooked fettucine pasta, done al dente so there’s a nice texture to the bite and then you hit that sauce that’s made of butter and then the sharp parmigiano reggiano. This is very good, a must-try specially if you like buttery stuff.


SALTED EGG – fettucine, bacon, salted egg, cream, parmesan

But my favorite of the pasta dishes that we tried is definitely their Salted Egg. Same well prepared pasta base but this time the sauce is a unique combination of cream and salted duck egg, the flavor is quite intense and then you hit the bacon pieces and the parmesan. If you like salted egg, this is definitely a must-try, I can finish two servings of this all to myself, so good!!!

ginos_brick_oven_pizza_spicy_honeyAnd then we moved on to try their pizza and a staple in the restaurant and a crucial component for maximum enjoyment of their pizza creations is this Spicy Honey. I’m telling you some of this sticky, sweet, and slightly spicy stuff with their pizza is heaven in your mouth! One of the few times you see me eating all of the crust including the sides is when it’s drizzled with this addicting stuff.


BOMB – balsamic onions, mozzarella, mushrooms, blue cheese

Something that you’d want to try if you’re into the distinct flavor the blue cheese is their BOMB. The base is a combination of mozzarella for that string-y, creamy, gooey goodness and some blue cheese for that sharp flavor. Then you hit the balsamic caramelized onions giving it a nice combination of sweet and slightly tangy kick and then the mushrooms for some umami goodness.


BACON GOUDA – honey, bacon, gouda

ginos_brick_oven_pizza_bacon_gouda2For the love of bacon, you should definitely try their Bacon Gouda pizza. it’s the same fantastic dough base with a bed of creamy gouda cheese and generous topping of bacon pieces, it’s a heavenly combination of sweet and savory flavor and that spicy honey with this pizza is just mind-blowingly good!


SMEGG – homemade sausage, mushroom, eggs, gouda, cream

Another favorite from their pizza creations is definitely the SMEGG. Still the same base with the dough toasted and charred in all the right places and then a bed of gouda cheese and cream with the gooey eggs making for a fantastic base to the flavorful mushroom and sausage pieces. SO GOOD!!!! This is a definite must-try!!!

ginos_brick_oven_pizza_crack_pieFor dessert we tried their Crack Pie and it’s aptly named as it’s quite addicting, a fantastic sweet tooth treat with a nice and crumbly base and a base that’s just so creamy and that slightly caramelized outer bits, the gradient of flavor and texture here is very good.

I always have a fantastic dining experience at Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza, no wonder why the place is always packed with eager diners longing for their awesome comfort food treats. The SMEGG, Bacon Gouda, and the two other pasta dishes that we had was just fantastic. Definitely one of the best pizza and pasta dishes that I’ve tried, everything is just so simple with flavor and texture combinations that makes so much sense. This place should definitely be on your must-try list!!!

Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza


Third Floor, The Podium,
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Centre,
Mandaluyong City


Bautista Street, Salcedo Village,
Makati City
(02) 779-8192 / +639179645339


Second Floor, K2 Building,
341 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights,
Quezon City
(02) 225-4762 / (02) 212-1212

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