Go-En Ramen Shop in Quezon City

GO-EN Ramen Shop – A nice legit Japanese Ramen Shoppe that serves some of the most unique and very good bowls of ramen treats that I’ve had in the Quezon City area. Owned by a couple that is still based in Japan, their recipes are authentic with some unique dishes that you’ll probably won’t find anywhere else. This is definitely my new favourite ramen place in the North.

go-en_ramen_quezon_city_cheese_ramenA personal favourite from the stuff that we tried, their Cheese Ramen. A lovely miso base and the nice springy noodles and then there’s that mound of cheese and underneath than mountain of creamy goodness is actually ground pork, then there’s some sweet corn and aji-tamago mixed in – heaven in your mouth! This is super good, a bit on the heavy side because of the rich and very flavourful soup base and as the grated cheese mixes and melts into the soup base it becomes more thick and creamy. A definite must-try!

go-en_ramen_quezon_city_karaageA real crowd pleaser, their Karaage is composed of japanese style fried chicken that’s boneless thigh pieces fried in light, golden and crispy batter that’s flavourful on its own, but you can also hit it with some japanese mayonnaise for some of that creamy goodness.

go-en_ramen_quezon_city_okonomiyakiFrom one really good appetizer dish to another, their Okonomiyaki is a must-try as well. Void of any of that extra, luxurious stuffing, it’s just straight up good pancake made of a nice soft and chewy base and topped with layers of flavourful sauce and a drizzling of japanese mayonnaise. So simple but really good.

go-en_ramen_quezon_city_gyozaOne of the more familiar appetizer dish that we tried, their Gyoza is quite good too. One side is nice and toasted and the other soft and steamed and then you hit the meat and veggie filling with more flavour from the sauce.

go-en_ramen_quezon_city_ramen_burgerTheir Ramen Burger is actually very good! Think of it as a deconstructed version of your favourite bowl of ramen. They serve this in shoyu and karamiso variants, we’re not a fan of really spicy stuff so we got the shoyu. Starts with the buns, compact ramen noodles that wonderfully holds its shape and then there’s the filling that’s actually every topping that you can find on their shoyu ramen, from the chashu pieces to the ajitamago, nori and other components. Then finally there’s the gravy that’s actually made from the soup base, think of it as a thicker, concentrated version of the ramen’s soup and you’ll pour it over the filling of the burger coating everything and giving it much flavor. SO GOOD!

go-en_ramen_quezon_city_tantanmenThey have good Tantanmen too! Although they serve it with just a little spice but of course they can adjust to your liking this glorious bowl of ramen has a lovely spicy sesame broth then topped with a generous amount of ground pork and those lovely ajitamago pieces that I just can’t get enough of.

go-en_ramen_quezon_city_shoyuNow this is one unique bowl of ramen, although it’s deceptively simple looking, their Kogashi Shoyu is made of layers of a thick and light soup base with a lovely shoyu base. The components had this lovely grilled / smoky flavour going on and it’s just perfect with the soup! Remember to mix everything as soon as its served to fully incorporate the layers of the soup base.

go-en_ramen_quezon_city_tomato_ramenAnother unique ramen treat with a unique soup base, unfortunately I forgot to get the name of this ramen but it had this light and slightly sweet and refreshing tomato soup base and topped with pieces of pork dumplings. This is actually very good, so simple but the unique flavour of the soup allows for the other components to shine through.

go-en_ramen_quezon_city_tsukemenOh and they have Tsukemen too! For those of you that’s not familiar with the dish, it’s a dipping ramen thing where you eat the noodles and the other components after you dip it with the flavourful, concentrated dipping sauce / soup base. They also serve it with extra soup that’s light in flavour so you can adjust the intensity of flavour that you get when dipping it into the sauce. This is a good treat specially if you want to try and appreciate each of the components.

go-en_ramen_quezon_city_mochi_ice_creamDo yourself a favour and try their Mochi Ice Cream that’s handmade, chewy mochi sweet tooth treat that’s stuffed with ice cream. This is very good, probably one of the best mochi that I’ve tried in the Metro. This also sells out really fast so be sure to call and reserve if you plan to dine here as they can only make a small batch per day.


go-en_ramen_quezon_city1They also have a nice manga collection and some kendama that the diners can use and buy making for a more enjoyable and engaging dining experience.

Go-En Ramen Shop

Jardin de Zenaida, Unit B1,
34 Sgt. Esguerra Ave,
Diliman, Quezon City
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