Golden Bay Fresh Seafoods Restaurant: 50% off on Dim Sum!

Went to Golden Bay Fresh Seafoods Restaurant in Macapagal Boulevard with cousins to try their dim sum. They have an ongoing promo that is, 50% off on Dim Sum for lunch and dinner, so off we went.

The place is classy and nice with a lot of fresh seafood and other delicacies for your tummy and tastes bud’s delight.

But we came there for their dim sum offerings (that is served at half the price) so we did splurge on their wide array of selections. 😀


Hakaw (P128)

Their Hakaw was really nice, even though it’s half priced (promo) they didn’t cut on the quality and the ingredients.

Hakaw up-close

It’s packed with flavorful shrimps and is really wonderful.

Siomai (P128)

Their Siomai was siksik and nice. It’s pork and shrimp.

Glutinous Rice with Chicken (P128)

Their Glutinous Rice with Chicken was served like this, similar to the way suman is normally served.

Glutinous Rice with Chicken (P128)

It’s seasoned sticky rice with minced chicken and egg filling,

Asado Pao (P138)

Traditional asado siopao, it’s really meaty and nice, my cousins loved it!

Giant Meat Pao (P128)

As the name suggest, it a giant siopao that is similar to bola-bola.

Giant Meat Pao (P128)

But it has this tinge of herb-y flavor, I think it’s tausi. I love bola-bola siopao so I really liked this one.

Red Date cake (P138)

I can’t remember what movie it was that I heard the word date but it’s supposed to be this traditional welcome food in the middle east. When I tried this red date cake it actually tasted like our  local cutchinta.

Siao Long Pao (P138)

Their version of siao long pao (often referred to as soup dumpling) had this nice and balanced flavor it was not too salty. I’d characterize its flavor as clean and nice.

Siao Long Pao up-close

Do know that the soup already oozed out at this shot.


Pan Fried Cuttle Fish Cake (P148)

Their pan fried cuttle fish cake was served with mayonnaise, it really complimented the saltiness of the fish cake.


Crispy Prawn Roll (P138)

One of their favorites, well not for me because I’m not a big fan of shrimp, but it did tasted good.

Crispy Prawn Roll up-close

I’d highly recommend this, if you love shrimp this should be on your list when you try their dim sum.


Asado Rice Roll (P138)

Asado bits and rice wrapped in these thin sheets and is served with it’s sauce. This actually reminded me of lumpiang ubod.


Baked Egg Tart (P128)

I really like their egg tart it’s not so sweet and creamy.

Coffee Cake (P128)

The name of the dish should be Coffee Jelly, it’s the usual coffee jelly nothing special.


And for our sweet ending we tried their Snow Lady.

Snow Lady (P128) / 3pcs.

It’s one of the best-est desserts I had, it’s a chilled mango mochi (sticky rice cake) that is not so sweet, and inside there’s this melt-in-your-mouth goodness of it with the mango filling it’s really a blissful experience, munching on it.

Snow Lady and it's melt in your mouth insides and mango filling

Fortunately my cousins were so full that they didn’t finis their orders of snow lady.





VERDICT: Golden Bay with this promo offers quality dim sum dishes at a GREAT price, couldn’t ask for more, do check it out!

VALUE FOR MONEY: You get quality dim sum dishes at half the price, GREAT value for money!


Golden Bay Fresh Seafoods Restaurant, Pasay

Lots 3 & 4 Super Block A, Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Blvd.
Pasay City, Metro Manila

32 thoughts on “Golden Bay Fresh Seafoods Restaurant: 50% off on Dim Sum!”

  1. I haven’t been to Golden Bay in a while, and this post definitely made me crave for dimsum! Anyway, do you have an idea if this promo is still ongoing?

  2. I’m not so much into dimsum, but your photos make them look so delish. 🙂 I do eat dimsum, but they’re like appetizers or merienda. I couldn’t really eat a lot of it.

  3. Hmmm…when I read the title of the post I feel ecstatic kasi I just had my experience with Golden Bay last Feb 04. Na surprise talaga ako sa sarap ng food nila. The food was really excellent and the management will give as much as 50% discount if you go there as a big group.

    what I cant forget in their menu is the “snow lady” “it melts like clouds in your mouth” weeehhh…

  4. Looks like you love the dimsum more than the seafoods haha! I do love dimsum too, and your superb photos made me crave for siomai and crispy prawn roll! siopao like it too, but that was my snack just awhile ago so i can’t let it pass for now. oh i haven’t yet tried the glutinous ice with chicken (but reminds me of mcdo rice burger.remember?) and the asado rice roll. for dessert love the chilled mango mochi!!!

    1. Hi Mheanne

      Not really, it’s just that their dimsum’s served at half price so we did splurge a bit :p

      Will revisit Golden Bay soon and try their ala carte menu.

  5. I haven’t been to this place but I wonder why 50% sila during hours na maraming kumakain ? How long does their promo last, btw ?

    The Red Date Cake and Coffee Cake look so pretty I might not want to eat them if I see them. Pero oo nga noh, I agree that it should be named Coffee Jelly kasi based on the photo, looks really jelly-jelly talaga.

    Take care 🙂

  6. sarap naman ng mga food ,winner.I was wondering kung ano yung pambalot nila sa chicken and sticky rice ,mukhang masarap.kakamis mga pagkain sa Pilipinas.

  7. Oooh!! Not bad! I thought only the dimsum will have cheaper price, but also the rest of the dishes you guys bought! I definitely want to try this soon. I love dimsum and that close-up photo of it just makes me wanna go there at this very moment. Yummm! I also want to try their buns.. Thank you for sharing this!

  8. Waaaa! That egg tart reminds me of the custard cake I baked a few days ago. Haha!
    I’m not really into dimsum and everything but they really looks delicious.

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