GRAMS DINER BGC – Breakfast and Comfort Food Treats

GRAMS DINER BGC – Now this is a place I frequent before because I love their tapa, and also it was a great hangout place with officemates after the shift we’d eat our fill and have long catch up sessions over their free fill of coffee. It’s been a while since I last tried their food and I went back to do a feature of the restaurant, some things changed a bit but at the core it’s still the no-frills good breakfast and comfort food place that we loved back then.

grams_diner_bgc_feature_posterTheir tapa is a must try! Crisped up bits of happiness with gorgeous meat to fat ratio, it’s just perfect with the sunny side up egg and lots of rice!grams_diner_bgc_dollar_pancakesSomething very simple but works, Signature Silver Dollar Pancakes with bite-sized pancakes that are both fluffy and buttery, so easy to eat and served with crisped up bacon strips and fluffy scrambled eggs.

grams_diner_bgc_tapa1A meal at GRAMS Diner BGC wouldn’t be complete without me getting my favorite tapa. GRAMS World Famous Tapa is the name of the item on the menu and rightfully so since it’s very good. You start with the tapa that’s caramelized and crisped up on all the right places with a gorgeous meat to fat ratio, this will leave you wanting for more fried rice and it’s just perfect with the sunny side up eggs. This also comes in two serving sizes; there’s a larger one that comes with two eggs and more tapa and rice.

grams_diner_bgc_bacon_cheeseburgerThey recently launched a number of wagyu burgers on the menu, got the Bacon Cheeseburger and was treated to a hefty serving of a well made burger between the juicy patty and the crisped up bacon bits and toasted bun. This was alright, not bad but nothing really spectacular. Just straight up well cooked burger, now it’s a fairly new item and I hope they do more awesome things for their wagyu burger line of products.

grams_diner_bgc_malted_milkshake1When you talk about burgers and diners, there’s the omnipresence of milkshakes, and this one’s damn good. I’m telling you their Whoppers Malt Milkshake is a must-try! Delightfully chocolaty and not too sweet with a very rich and creamy mouth-feel. GOOD STUFF!

grams_diner_bgc_dessertFor dessert I had a Chocolate Mousse, again it’s a very simple sweet tooth treat with dark chocolate as base with a very creamy and decadent texture and mouth-feel. This goes really well with a cup of coffee, a nice way to end a meal.

grams_diner_bg_calamariAfter our dinner we stayed a bit late for some cocktails and pica-pica. (Yes they serve cocktails too and have a great late night crowd and al fresco dining area) Had some Calamari that’s just straight up well seasoned bits of crispy squid that’s just perfect with the drinks that we got.

grams_diner_bgc_mojitoMy go-to cocktail is a Mojito, part of it is because I’m partial to anything with mint and I just love its flavor combination between the bright flavor from the lime and the mint and that kick from the rum in the base. Their version of the cocktail was quite good too, had two to three of this and it’s all good.

grams_diner_bgc_bacon_margaritaBut my favorite from the drinks that we tried was definitely their Bacon Margarita, in case you missed this restaurant is included in the Bacon Fest MNL and this is their bacon themed item in the menu.

grams_diner_bgc_bacon_margarita2Well made Margarita with crisped up bacon on the rim and the straw is covered with crispy bacon as well, how cool is that?!? Now this is one of the few times that I enjoy the stuff that’s on the rim of a margarita because you know, it’s bacon. This is another must-try!

Had a good dining experience with an old favorite in GRAMS Diner BGC, same stuff that I like, their ever so awesome tapa, the simple breakfast items and comfort food treats and the milkshake. Would definitely be back for more.


Ground Floor, Crossroads Building,
32nd Street, BGC
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City

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