Halal Guys Opens First Store in SM Megamall (Mega Food Hall)

HALAL GUYS – The wait is over as this popular staple in the US opens its first store in Manila at SM Megamall (Mega Food Hall). Get your chicken and gyro cravings fixed – basically everything’s the same for their store here, the big, big servings, the tasty meat and that luscious, oh-so-good white sauce that I know you all know and love.

halal_guys_sm_megamall_gyro_over_riceThey’re calling the biggest serving, New York Size, basically a big platter of the good stuff. This is their Gyro over Rice – that flavorful meat with the awesome rice base and then you eat it with the fantastic piece of bread and devour the rest with the other ingredients. GOOD!halal_guys_sm_megamall_1Their first store in SM Megamall (Mega Food Hall) will be open to the public on Tuesday, October 13, 2015. They also have an Opening Day Promo. They will be giving the first 100 customers in line one free New York size Chicken and Gyro Combo Platter with a drink.

halal_guys_sm_megamall_feastI think what makes their food so good is the quality of the meat and that glorious white sauce, Top tip – remember to ask for extra as it goes well with everything. The hot sauce on the other hand is very spicy, a few drops is enough.

halal_guys_sm_megamall_combo_chicken_gyro_over_riceI’m a heavy rice eater so I tried their Chicken and Gyro Combo Platter drizzled with some extra white sauce. I started eating it with the flat bread – it was light and good just enough to house the meat and sauce. (you can also order extra whole pita) Then I continued munching on every component, mixing the meat with the rice and the veggies that it’s served with. Each spoonful is a party in my mouth, varying flavours and textures bonded with that awesome creamy white sauce.

halal_guys_sm_megamall_falafel_sandwichIf you love Falafel, dont miss on their sandwich! The same awesome pita bread base casing pieces of falafel, some veggies and a drizzling of their white sauce. I’m not usually a fan of the patty since the components are chick peas and other veggies that I don’t usually eat but this one is actually quite good.

halal_guys_sm_megamall_chicken_sandwichNow this one I really enjoyed. Their Chicken Sandwich is really good! Strips of succulent chicken meat laced with their awesome white sauce. And then you hit the veggie bits and the good pita bread that its encased with. A definite must-try!

I really enjoyed the stuff that we tried at Halal Guys’ first store in SM  Megamall (Mega Food Hall). I really hope they can be consistent with the quality of food and service, I’ll definitely be back for more chicken and gyros.

You can also check out Halal Guys Philippines full menu and prices here:


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Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
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