Fun Food and Drinks at Happy Hour Manila @happyhourmnl

HAPPY HOUR MANILA – A new bar and restaurant in City Golf Plaza serving some uncomplicated food and drinks. I had dinner here with some foodie friends where we tried almost everything on the menu, cocktails included.

happy_hour_mnl_beary_sour_whiskeyThis is their Beary Sour Whiskey of bourbon + lemon base and that foamy egg white on top with those yummy gummy bears on top. It’s an eye candy of a drink that’s actually quite good.

happy_hour_mnl_potatoIf you’re having drinks here with some friends I suggest you order their Po-tay-toe, Po-tah-to, Po-tay-tuh – that’s basically a basket full of different types of fries served with three types of dips. I’m love twister fries so this was a hit for me. Definitely a good beermate when you’re dining with a large group of friends.

happy_hour_mnl_for_liu2Something for the ladies, do try their For Liu with a lovely moscato base mixed with blueberry and vodka. The flavor combination on this one is spot on and I love everything with moscato as base.

happy_hour_mnl_chicken_cocktailFor the love of deep fried food, do try the Chicken Cocktail of well cooked, deep-fried chicken tenders served with honey mustard sauce. I love how the chicken pieces stayed crisp and juicy even if it took us a while to eat them  because everyone was trying to take pictures. A good bar chow specially if you like chicken.

happy_hour_mnl_snow_whiteNow this is something that I’d love to drink while on the beach or on a hot day. Their Snow White is very refreshing! Made with  a coconut + vanilla + vodka base that makes for this light and sweet flavor. If you like your drinks sweet and light, I suggest you try this one.

happy_hour_mnl_kani_tempuraIf you like crabsticks on the other hand, do try their Kani Tempura that’s fried in a light and crispy batter served with this nice sweet sauce. Fried stuff is specially good when you’re drinking as it helps you consume more alcohol.

happy_hour_mnl_booze_almightyI must say I love the name of their cocktails and it’s nice how they use good liquor as base for them too. Like this Booze Almighty with a beer, tamarind and brandy base. I love how the citrus-y notes from the tamarind affects the flavor combinations making it easier to chug down.

happy_hour_mnl_cheese_and_sausageCheese and Sausage platter of slices of grana padano, hungarian and italian sausage. This paired well with the cocktails that we tried and I specially liked the spice and smokiness from the Hungarian sausage slices and the sharp flavor from the cheese.

happy_hour_mnl_dirty_popAnother light drink – Dirty Pop with a gin, apricot brandy and lemon base. What I like about it is the texture as it had icy bits and it’s like a grown up version of the slurpy, the flavor profile is very refreshing as well and they did a good job in masking / pairing the flavor from the alcoholic components of the drink.

happy_hour_mnl_pork_bao2Their Pork Bao is actually quite good. Deep fried pork cutlets topped with japanese mayonnaise and slaw cased in fluffy mantaou bread. This is something that I’d love to munch on after a few drinks, it’s quite filling too.

happy_hour_mnl_the_manila_margarita2The Manila Margarita of tequila, dalandan liqueur and lemon base. I’m a big fan of Manille so I really liked this one. The flavor is quite light and refreshing even with the mostly alcoholic base. And how cute is that wooden moustache pin?!

happy_hour_mnl_pesto_grilled_cheeseIf you’re a fan of no-frills Grilled Cheese, do try their version that’s laced with a layer of pesto. Between the fluffy and buttery bread base and the creamy, gooey cheese filling this is one good comfort food treat.

happy_hour_mnl_call_me_fashionedTheir version of old fashioned is quite good, and it has chocolate in it so I really liked it. Call Me New Fashioned of snickers infused bourbon, frangelico, and bitters. This is quite good specially if you like chocolates. I do hope they offer frangelico (hazelnut liquor) by the glass as I just love that stuff with a bit of ice.

happy_hour_mnl_katsudon2To the lot of us that can’t have a meal without rice (myself included) they also have a few rice meals. I only tried this Katsudon of deep fried pork with egg as sauce over fluffy japanese rice. I’d love to eat this for a quick dinner and cap it off with some of their drinks.

happy_hour_mnl_kings_cupDefinitely a gentleman’s drink and aptly named as King’s Cup. This cocktail has a strong base of bourbon, vanilla vodka, cointreau, amaretto and bitters. Pronounced flavors and that bold whiff of aroma makes this one killer cocktail.

happy_hour_mnl_spam_musubiI think this was everyone’s favorite from the bar chow, their SPAM Musubi is a must-try! Layers of fluffy japanaese rice, mayonnaise and nori and a thick slice of spam. This is definitely one of the better if not the best spam musubi that I’ve tried in the metro. I can eat a dozen of this! Definitely something that I’d love to snack on after a night of drinks. I would’ve loved to order some for take out after our dinner but I was so drunk after trying all the cocktails that I forgot.

happy_hour_mnl_sayonaraTheir strongest cocktail of purely alcoholic base, aptly named Sayonara it has sake, soju, umeshu and gin as base. It has a lighter, cleaner flavor profile that their King’s Cup but definitely  packs a stronger kick.

I had a great dining experience at Happy Hour Manila, I was pleasantly surprise with the quality of food, specially their cocktails. Would definitely go back for more SPAM Musubi and more drinks, cheers!!!

Happy Hour Manila

CityGolf Plaza,
Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Pasig
Store Hours: Tue – Sun 5:30 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.
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