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Indulgence, desserts, and healthy food – words that usually don’t go together. I recently stumbled upon this food delivery service from the guys of The Sexy Chef, you might remember them (Chef Barni and Rachel Alejandro) as they’re one of the pioneers in the healty food / diet plans here in the country. Tried some of their desserts that any of us can eat without the guilt and these are some of my favorites.

the_sexy_chef_healthy_indulgence_desserts_blog_posterMy absolute favorite from their Healthy Indulgence Desserts that I tried; a Mango Trifle that would make anyone with a sweet tooth very happy.

the_sexy_chef_healthy_indulgence_desserts_ancestral_banana_breadStarting up with something simple and is excellent with a warm cup of brewed coffee, their Ancestral Banana Bread. Bars of moist and delightfully crumbly banana bread that had just the right amount of sweetness then as you dig your teeth into them you get these slight crunch from the coconut bits and did I mention these are gluten-free and dairy free?

the_sexy_chef_healthy_indulgence_desserts_brawnyLike I said sweet and indulgent don’t usually go with healthy food, their Brawny is gluten-free and dairy-free and a part of their Paleo Diet program. These babies are nice and chocolaty and I wouldn’t think in a million years that these yummy chocolate bars are void of any dairy products. It has a rich and velvety mouth feel and then you hit the nuts for a bit of crunch and texture – good!

the_sexy_chef_healthy_indulgence_desserts_chocolate_macaroonsThey also have some Chocolate Macaroons (gluten-free and dairy-free part of the Paleo Diet) and like any other good coconut macaroons that I’ve tried it has this rich and crumbly texture and the chocolate part isn’t too sweet and then you develop that coarse texture as you continue chewing, while the smooth and chocolaty goodness dissolve, this is really good with a nice cup of milk or coffee.

the_sexy_chef_healthy_indulgence_desserts_banana_muffinsIt’s the first time that I’ve tried anything with a coconut flour as base and these Banana Muffins are a real treat. It still puzzles me how they were able to make these sweet tooth treats that are healthy-fied. The flavors on this one is kind of the same with their banana bread, not too sweet and the flavor is fruity and refreshing only this time this has a more decadent and moist mouth feel to the bite there’s also some nuts for some texture, I really enjoyed them after I chilled it for a while in the fridge.

the_sexy_chef_healthy_indulgence_desserts_black_rice_puddingThey call this Mais Con Yelo Black Rice Pudding, a vegan dessert with a texture that reminded me of a good champorado only more rich and thicker on the mouth-feel. A rice pudding that has a natural chocolate taste in it and then you hit those pieces of corn giving you a more interesting texture and a pop of sweetness. GOOD!

the_sexy_chef_healthy_indulgence_desserts_mango_triffleThis dessert will absolutely blow your mind! Well at least that’s what it did to me – their Mango Trifle is a definite must-try! Imagine layers of oats and nuts (?) and then you hit that layer of cashew cream that really taste like chocolate and then there’s the mangoes that plump and sweet this is so good, I can eat this all day!!!

The Sexy Chef‘s line of guilt-free sweet tooth treats were an eye-opener for me, totally changed my opinion on healty desserts. Their Healthy Indulgence Desserts have stuff that are 100% all natural, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Most of them go into their Paleo Diet program and they also have some that are vegan.

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