Back at HEAT: ASEAN Food Festival at EDSA Shangri-la

And we’re back at HEAT! One of EDSA Shangri-la Manila‘s signature buffet restaurant. I remember trying their buffet a couple of years back, long before I started the blog, and I’m a big fan of their dessert creations back then. And now I’m back to sample their recently launched food festival called Magical Malaysia, that will showcase dishes popular to ASEAN countries. This particular food festival will run for two weeks. Most of the inspiration for the dishes of the buffet spread are sourced from the recently launched ASEAN Culinary Delights Cookbook that’s also available at HEAT


Dishes of bold flavors and spices, from beef rendang to my personal favorite sinigang sa miso, and crab fat rice. Promising dishes for diners to savor, a buffet spread of diverse cuisines from the ASEAN region.


It’s no secret that I’m not really a fan of vegetables, but these starter dishes are fun and quite pretty to look at so I also tried them. The Gado-gado was my favorite among the two. Various components of both flavor and texture more like a deconstructed salad and then you eat eat it with some of that rich peanut-based dressing. The papaya salad on the other hand was more refreshing and a good side in between courses since most of the dishes have bold flavors, this served as a good side and palate cleanser.


The Vegetable Spring Roll was actually quite good. A light and crispy wrapper fried to a beautiful crisp and then you get these veggies that had this slight sweetness to it and a spicy vinegar dip that further whets your appetite and leave you wanting for more. Now that’s a sure way to trick non veggie eaters like myself to eat dishes like these, place it on a crispy wrapper and a killer dip to go well with the flavors.


Their Hot and Sour Soup got nothing but raves from all of us. It was this warm and comforting concoction of thick soup filled with seafood and and other bits that makes for this really appetizing combination of both flavor and texture. A nice tinge of spice and acidity that’s not too overpowering, perhaps just enough to leave one wanting for more. And then the various bits in pieces from the soup; shrimps and tofu bits to some of the more gelatinous components that makes for a very interesting texture, each spoonful of the soup was a treat and a surprise.

The Hokkien Mee was quite nice a mixture of thicker chewy noodles and the more fine vemicelli ones makes for an interesting combination to the bite. The flavor on this one was very simple and quite enjoyable, more on the sweet side and then you hit the various veggie, seafood, and meat components that gives it these nice spikes of savory flavor. It’s a real treat, but for the most of us that are more partial to rice I’m sure you’ll love their…

CRAB FAT RICE! Imagine fluffy white rice enveloped by this rich and flavorful concoction of mostly aligue / crab fat. Although the flavor on this one is more on the lighter side, I think they purposely toned it down since most of the dishes from the buffet spread had really bold and intense flavor, matching it with a really strong carb filler would make it cloying. I actually like that I get to eat more aligue / crab fat rice this way. It pairs really well with most of the dishes from the spread especially the Beef Rendang and Sinigang na Lapu-lapu sa Miso at Kamias.


Their BEEF RENDANG is really good! Whether you’re a fan of spicy food or not, you’ll love this dish of slow cooked meat in coconut milk and spices. The meat was so very tender and not dry at all, as I dug in with a fork, pieces of meat easily falls of as I savor its slow cooked goodness you’ll get hints of intense flavor from the coconut and the spices they used in cooking, giving you a nice balance of richness in flavor and a tinge of heat to leave you craving for more.


It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of sinigang. I find its sour and bright flavor just irresistible and comforting, and this Sinigang na Lapu-Lapu sa Miso at Kamias is the bomb! I’m not really a fan of the fish, but they cooked it in a way that the fishy taste was well masked and all you get to savor is this gorgeous and succulent piece of fish that’s absorbed all the bright and refreshing flavor from the soup base. A combination of kamias and miso in sinigang was something new to me, sinigang sa miso was perhaps my least favorite version of the well-loved stew but this very dish downright changed my preference to it.

The sinigang na lapu-lapu was really good and best paired with the aligue / crab fat rice. It’s just this wonderful combination of the naturally flavorful fluffy rice and you hit it with some of the soup and its amazing flavor tones it all down and just gives you this wonderful medley of both flavor and texture, that succulent piece of fish with the rice and the soup – heaven in your mouth.

For desserts we were treated to this beautifully plated dessert trio, took us a while to eat the whole thing, it’s just one of those dishes that it’s so pretty to look at, you kinda feel bad to break down and dig in into this beautifully plated dessert plate.

heat_edsa_shangri-la_magical_malaysia_asean_food_festival_vegetable_dessert_plateIsn’t it a thing of beauty? Three sweet tooth treat in cute little ramekins and a block of dark chocolate with flags of the countries from which each dessert dish is from. Love the presentation on this one. I first tried the Leche Flan, perhaps the most familiar from the three, it’s what it should be creamy and served with a sweet sauce. Although I’m more partial to a more rich base and sweet sauce that I’m used to when we make it in our household, but this is still a good treat in its own right. Next I tried the other two; the Pulut Hitam was this nice little rice pudding of black glutinous rice and is bathed with a nice creamy sauce, while the Nam Wan a taro sago of some sort packing a more subtle and refreshing flavor. I also ate some of the dark chocolate block which you know I’m a big fan of this bittersweet treat, the flags are actually slices of white chocolate, so I get to enjoy that as well. Paired it with a nice cup of brewed coffee and it was a very nice sweet ending to what turned out to be an amazing lunch at HEAT of EDSA Shangri-la Manila.

The Magical Malaysia / ASEAN Food Festival will run for two weeks at HEAT of EDSA Shangri-la Manila and is priced at Php 1,786.40 nett per person for lunch on Mondays to Saturdays and P 2,500 net for Sundays. You can also enjoy the buffet spread with champagne, wines, and cocktails – Php 3,888 net, and Php 2,032.80 net for dinner on Sundays to Thursdays and Php 2,279.20 net for Fridays and Saturdays.


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