Hefty Foodie Mid-Year Giveaway #2: P500 Gift Certificate for Kroketten

Hefty Foodie Mid-Year Giveaway #2, I’m giving away P500 worth of gift certificates for kroketten. It’s a dutch potato snack that’s been given a nice Filipino Twist.

Get a chance to win P500 Gift Certificate that you can use for any of their branches. Joining is easy just follow the instructions at the rafflecopted widget and that’s it 😉

Yummy stuff at Kroketten:

This is their kroket cooked to a beautiful golden brown with a nice and crisp outer layer, bite into it and you’d be fond of its soft and almost smashed potato-like center 😀

This is their Mini-ballen; miniature bite-sized version of their kroket, I actually prefer this one since it has more of that crunchy outer layer that I really like. They have a variety of flavors and dips that would please all potato snack lovers 😀 And with the fairly affordable price range of the snacks, you can even treat your friends with the given GC. 😀 You can also check my Kroketten post for more details 😀

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