Great Lunch Deal from House of Wagyu

House of Wagyu has always been on my bucket list of restaurants to try. Being a shameless meat lover and a fan of steaks myself, the thought of  enjoying some fine, high grade steak cuts grilled on lava stones is quite tempting. So imagine excitement when they released an irresistible deal of a sub one thousand meal consisting of some high grade Australian Wagyu sirloin and some nice side dishes of classic caesar salad and classic mashed potatoes and veggies.


A gorgeous piece of grade 12 Australian Wagyu Sirloin steak, grilling on a hot lava stone grill for your enjoyment, table-side. A very appetizing experience, a feast to the senses and to your taste buds as well.


OYSTERS ROCKEFELLER – baked fresh oysters topped with creamy sauce, bacon bits, and parmesan

As I was about to stuff myself from their lovely crusty bread and butter, our order of Oysters Rockefeller was served. Gorgeous pieces of freshly baked oysters that’s enveloped by this delightful mix of creamy sauce and grated parmesan. A nice combination of gooey cheesy goodness and then you hit those pieces of crisped up bacon for some crunch. Lovely.


Aside from the usual complimentary bread, which I should tell you is quite good — crusty bread and slabs of butter, some of the best things in life are free. Then I moved on to the warm and comforting bowl of soup, love the presentation too. Soup of the day during my lunch was of an onion base, a nice hint of sweetness from the onions and that creamy, velvety finish of the soup, goes well with the bread too. As for the side of salad, I was actually surprised of how big it was! Usually with these lunch specials / deals, you get a fairly small portion of the salad, but I was treated to a nice plate of fresh crisp greens and a lovely dressing, a classic caesar salad that’s always a treat.


Then it was finally grill time, the main event, and the reason why I went to House of Wagyu is for this baby, a nice piece of Australian wagyu sirloin seasoned well and is grilled table side with a stone grill. I just wish I could capture the aroma of the steak with the photos as it was insanely good. Enough to get any meat lover / steak fan be giggly with excitement. Had mine cooked medium rare for that nice tender and succulent finish.

Had my piece of steak cooked at medium rare doneness for that perfectly seared outer bits with that seasoning turning to a nice caramelization and toasted bits around the edges then you hit that center of succulent steak goodness of warm and red interior. Had a glass of a medium bodied merlot and its all good. I was surprised of how good the steak was, when you think of sirloin, it’s not as fatty as the more expensive cuts but this piece of steak was fantastic. I imagine the more premium steak cuts would give me an even more blissful gastronomic experience. And for the price of P999, this is quite a good deal. Treated to a nice piece of steak, a grade 12 piece of meat at that and it comes with some good and well prepared sides. This is a great deal, and if you like steak, be sure to rush to the nearest House of Wagyu restaurant near you as this promo will only be available until the supplies last.


For dessert I had their cheesecake that had this nice and tart finish. A nice crust of classic graham bits and then you hit the nice creamy and rich cheesecake base then you hit the berries for that nice bit of freshness and some bits of nuts for that bit of crunch that gave it a nice contrast in texture. This cheesecake just like most of the restaurant food is done the classic way, no-nonsense way of preparing food that’s just good.

I was very happy with my lunch at House of Wagyu, a great deal for a steak lunch at a sub one thousand price tag. I’ll be sure to revisit House of Wagyu and splurge on some of their more premium steak cuts next time. This lunch deal will be available at a limited time (while supplies last) at House of Wagyu restaurants in Eastwood, E-Com Center, Greenhills, and The Podium Mall

House of Wagyu

Fifth Floor, The Podium Mall,
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Centre,
Mandaluyong City
(02) 635-3056
(02 )638-5889


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