I Am Kim at Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons – Customizable Bibimbaps and Good Korean Comfort Food

I AM KIM – A new Korean casual dining restaurant by Chef Him Uy de Baron in the newly opened Estancia Mall at Capitol Commons. The restaurant stars bibimbap as star of the menu with signature combinations and an option to make your own from their wide array of sauces and produce. I really think chef Him is one of the best when in comes to flavor and texture combinations and I’ve always been a fan of their food.

i_am_kim_the_bec_bapHere’s something unique, their B.E.C. Bap has BACON, grilled chicken and egg. This is so good specially with their homemade sauces and that fantastic umami butter.i_am_kim_dirty_fries_baconi_am_kim_dirty_fries_adobo_flakesSomething new and is currently off the menu, their version of Dirty Fries with crispy sweet potato strings as base and that oh-so-flavorful gocuchang butter glaze and the sous-vide egg and that creamy yolk coats together like a very creamy sauce. They offere this with two toppings; bacon and adobo flakes. Although it’s no secret that I’ll be forever partial to bacon, I actually like the other one that’s topped with flavorful adobo flakes.


KOREAN SAUSAGE – ground pork and beef, spices, crepiente style with shiso served with kimchi slaw

This is very good, tender, moist meat with a mixture of pork and beef as base and it’s covered in shiso giving that nice bit of flavor and texture. The sausages were actually flavorful as is that I enjoyed it even without the dipping sauce.


KOREAN FRIED DUMPLING – chicken seasoned with aromatic soy, dried shitake, deep fried and coated in spicy sauce. served with pickled radish and shiso to wrap

These Korean Fried Dumplings are a must-try! Start with the crispy outer bits covered in this sticky slightly spicy and flavorful sauce glaze and then you hit the meat filling of chicken and shitake giving it much flavor and then you wrap it with the shiso and some of their gocuchang sauce, SO GOOD!!!

i_am_kim_make-your-own_bibimbapOf course I had to try the make-your-own bibimbap option and I got this hearty bowl that has fluffy Japanese rice as base, umami butter (must-try) and roasted garlic paste as sauce, and for the produce I got a mixture of kitayama wagyu BBQ short ribs and grilled chicken thigh. Mix everything together with some more of that gocuchang for some spice and that umami butter is just gold! Gives everything much flavor and is just perfect with lots of rice.

We also tried a number of their Composed Baps, signature bibimbap creations, I had so much rice during this lunch I actually skip the dessert because I was so after all the rice dishes that we tried.


SALMON / TUNA BAP – fresh raw salmon or tuna, teriyaki sauce, carrots, leeks, salmon egg, sous-vide or raw egg

This has the most simple flavorful combination of the composed baps that we tried, but it’s just so good. Fluffy white rice as base topped with these beautiful pieces of tuna and salmon and then you mix them together with the sweet teriyaki sauce and that egg yolk binds everything together. It reminded me of a really good chirashi but this time has more flavor and you also get the toasted bits of rice at the bottom of the stone pot which I think is the best part.


BBQ PORK BELLY – marinated pork belly cooked in the bowl, shitake, spring onions, carrots, zucchini, gocuchang bulgogi sauce, egg

Fantastic marinated pork belly pieces with their bulgogi gocuchang sauce that makes for this sweet, salty, slightly spicy combination that’s just perfect with rice and then you hit the mushrooms elevating the flavors a bit more and then that egg with the yolk as a creamy binder that goes well with all the other components. GOOD!

i_am_kim_steak_and_eggs_bapAnother must-try is their Steak and Egg Bap with some really good kimchi fried rice as base and then you have that fried egg and a bit of gocuchang for more flavor and then you eat them with the perfectly cooked kitayama wagyu steak pieces. A flavor combination that just works with good meat as star of the dish.

i_am_kim_ktown_burgersteakThere’s also the KTown Burger Steak with a hefty piece of meat that’s wonderfully charred on the edges but still moist and tender as you bite into it. It’s slathered with their flavorful butter gocuchang glaze and served with fried egg over some kimchi fried rice. This is comfort food in a bowl right here and the toasted bits at the bottom of the stone pot is just gold!

i_am_kim_the_bec_bapTHE B.E.C. BAP – bacon, egg, chicken, crisp bacon, grilled chicken thigh fillet, bok choy, grean peans, egg, soy caramel, cheese

Another must-try and my absolute favorite from the lunch is their B.E.C. Bap of wonderfully cooked chicken thigh fillet and crispy bacon as the meat base over fluffy white rice and that combination of sauces between the soy caramel and some cheese bits, so good!  Next time I’d ask them to remove the green peas as I’m not a fan. Actually tried this with some of their umami butter and I was just blown away.

We had an awesome lunch and dining experience at I Am Kim located at the lower ground floor of the newly opened Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, everything from the quality of service from the staff and the food from appetizers to their rice dishes are spot on. Would go bacon for more of the B.E.C. Bap and maybe try their Umami Bomb since I love the compound butter on almost everything that we tried.

I Am Kim

Basement 1, Estancia Mall,
Capitol Commons, Oranbo,
Pasig City
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