IHOP’s Simple All-Day Breakfast Joys

Breaking my hiatus with this long overdue post about IHOP and all its simple all-day breakfast joys. There’s been this juggernaut of anticipation and excitement when people learned that a certain restaurant group is bringing this well-loved breakfast place to the Philippines, and as they opened a couple of months back they were thrown to the lions as the people decided that this is something good, previous experiences, memories of their previous dining experience at IHOP in the US, left this hype(for lack of a better term) over its first branch in the country. A lot of people lined up to get a table during the first couple of months of their operation, hundreds of excited foodies eager to sample their breakfast creations and other comfort food, and as expected there were a number of birth pains, this is the main reason why I delayed this post about IHOP, I wanted to do a feature about it when all that hype subside, as I really believe that food this simple, simple breakfast treats and other comfort food items are not really worth lining up for hours.

This post is a collection of my previous dining experiences with IHOP at Bonifacio Global City, stuff that I like; from their pancakes, stuffed french toasts, and other breakfast favorites to the more filling savory and sweet selections.

Starting with my preferred beverage, now while I enjoy  a bottomless fill of their coffee pot, and the warm and comforting appeal of their chocolate and flavored coffees, it’s the Splashberry that I enjoy most.

SPLASHBERRY (P175, bottomless) — A delightful concoction of strawberries, orange juice all in a lemon-lime soda base. It’s a light and fruity drink that pairs well with most of their food, sweet and tangy notes and pieces of strawberries makes for this wonderful drink. Be mindful of how many of this you drink though, since it has a soda base it can make you feel bloated after having too many servings.

Then there’s the pancakes while I enjoy their basic buttermilk pancakes and the plethora of syrups that you can pair it with, I have some personal favorites as well.

— Two pancakes filled with this nice spread of cream cheese. Topped with this strawberry pieces and syrup, sweet and sticky. It offers a light and filling snack, sweet and fruity notes that I really enjoy as is, even without the syrup.

CINN-A-STACK Pancakes(P235) — It’s no secret that I love cinnamon, the wonderful aroma that it emits, the sweet and earthy flavor that it yields. So this light pancakes with generous filling cinnamon and swirls of cream cheese to boot was an instant hit for me. It’s sweet but not cloying and pairs really well with their coffee.

TOP TIP: If you fancy some of their pancakes you may want to order some of their savory dishes, ones that are served with buttermilk pancakes, you can upgrade those to the flavored ones for much less.

I also like their stuffed french toasts, this one in particular, one that’s topped with that gorgeous cinnamon and apple campote. A simple sweet tooth treat of that sweet cinnamon topping, lovely aroma and a tinge of crunch from the apple bits. Then you hit the filling of condensed milk, another layer of sweetness.

BACON AND CHEDDAR HASH BROWN STACK(P295) — Bacon and cheese? A BIG YES! Stacks of their flaky hash browns with a lot of bacon bits and a generous topping of melted cheddar cheese. Layers of flavor and texture, from the crisp edges of the hash browns and the crispy bacon bits and then you hit cheddar topping binds all that savory goodness, awesome!

Moving on to the more savory, meaty stuff from their menu, I like their Big Steak Omelette and T-Bone Steak and Eggs.

BIG STEAK OMELETTE (P325) — A simple omelette of tender steak pieces, some peppers, onion, tomatoes for some color. It’s stuffed with more meat pieces and a bit of cheese. A play of a lot of flavors, from the savory steak pieces and the creamy cheese and mushroom bits giving a nice kick of umami goodness. Then you hit it with the salsa with all its clean, refreshing flavor that goes well with all that meaty bits. It’s served with some buttermilk pancakes that you can upgrade to the more interesting flavored ones for a cheaper price.

T-Bone Steak and Eggs (P685)
— Their T-Bone steak is thinner than I’d like it to be, though for the price it’s okay. Meat that’s attached to the bone yields a more flavorful base, two cuts in one steak, a gradation of tenderness and flavor. I suggest you get this medium rare, as its a significantly thinner cut, flavors okay. Whenever I crave for a hefty serving of meat at IHOP this is always on my list, if not for their gorgeous  Fried Chicken Dinner of big pieces of chicken perfectly cooked served with corn, mashed potatoes, and biscuits.


Here’s one of their newer offerings, the Griddle Melt. Hefty serving of sandwiches served with a side of fries available in three variants; Spinach, Roasted Pepper & Cheese, Western, and Ham and Egg Melt. I like the ham and egg melt in particular, really simple but quite good and filling. Slices of ham and egg and lots of cheese encase with these bread this makes for a simple and filling quick snack.

ihop_rooty_tooty_posterIf you want to sample everything then this Rooty Tooty Fresh n’ Fruity is something that you can try, a platter of your usual breakfast staples, two eggs, hash brown, bacon, and pork sausages served with pancakes. I like pairing it with their double blueberry pancakes, with all that fruity bits, it’s something light and sweet to pair with that hefty platter of happiness. I usually get this with their never empty coffee pot and I’m a happy camper.

IHOP (International House of Pancakes) at Bonifacio Global City serves really simple and filling breakfast treats. Prices are lower than most breakfast places in the area and their food and service has improved since they’ve opened a couple of months back, they’re more consistent now with the quality of food and the service. I usually go here on weekends when I get that late night craving since their open til late, bottomless serving of their splashberry or coffee pot and a number of these breakfast favorites and I’m all good. They’re food is rather simple, just straight up comfort food, good thing there’s not much of that horrendous waiting line and queues anymore.

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