Japanese + Western Food at Ma Maison

Indulged in good food at Ma Maison, where we tried their Japanese-Western dishes. I was with PH and some other good people. Nothing beats good food and chitchat with friends. πŸ˜€ Yummy escargots baked with garlic butter! I’m not really a fan of crustaceans, but it was really good, enough to make me a convert. πŸ˜€

I already visited Ma Maison last month (My dessert post on Ma Maison) and we did enjoy their dessert offerings, this time we tried quite a few items on their menu.

Chasoba Salad (P425)

Cold green tea soba, ham, egg, tomatoes, and cucumber in japanese mayonnaise and sesame dressing.

Their Chasoba Salad was good, the cold green tea soba with the mayonaise and sesame dressing, provided good contrast of flavors that I really liked. It’s a good starter dish.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings - Japanese Style (P245)
Deep Fried Chicken Wings - Japanese Style (P245)

Their deep fried chicken wings was nice too, though some pieces we a bit too toasted for my liking, their honey vinaigrette was a perfect match for the wings. We got the Japanese style, but they also serve have an oriental style version of the dish.

Escargots Baked in Garlic Butter (P385)

Baked snails with Garlic Butter

I’m not really a fan of crustaceans, but their escargots looked nice, and the way they serve it seemed really enticing so I gave it a try. It actually tasted like portabello mushrooms, and the flavor of garlic and butter went well with it.

Hamburger Steak (P375)
Hamburger Steak (P375)

Minced beef and pork patty topped with egg, served with potato salad and vegetables.

Thick beef and pork patty topped with egg and served with their brown sauce. Their hamburger steak was really good for sharing, the brown sauce worked well with the lightly seasoned patty.

Tonkatsu (P375)

Ma Maison’s famous version of Japanese pork cutlet

Their tonkatsu was served with two sauces; one for the pork cutlet and the other for the shredded cabbage. You can also add some sea salt to the tonkatsu sauce to improve the flavor. That hint of salt heightened the taste of the sauce and left me wanting for more.

Beef Stroganoff Butter Rice (P375)

Buttered rice wrapped in omelette served with beef slices in brown sauce.

I love the buttered rice wrapped in omelette! πŸ˜€ The strips were cooked just right and the brown sauce had this really strong flavor with some hint of sour cream.

Scotch Eggs (P375)
Scotch Eggs (P375)

Hard boiled eggs wrapped with miced beef and pork on a bed of brown sauce, served with potato salad and shredded cabbage.

I honestly think it would be better if the eggs were soft-boiled, like how they do it in ramen. It would’ve given it that melt in your mouth center and the meaty combination of minced beef and pork, it would be really good! Though I’m not saying their scotch eggs are bad, the sauce went well with it, and the minced beef and pork outer cover of the eggs kind of resembled that of a morcon dish. (stuffed meat roll with sausage, egg, and some other stuff)

Curry Udon (P325)

Japanese noodles, bean curd, leeks, and fishcake in curry.

Now that the weather’s becoming more erratic, a bowl of their Curry Udon would be really nice. Hot bowl of japanese noodles in curry with that hint of spiciness for that extra something, we loved it. And it’s also good for sharing, this would make a nice treat for the rainy days ahead.

For our sweet ending, we had their White Chocolate Mixed Fruit Tart and Frozen Green Tea.

White Chocolate Mixed Fruit Tart (P195)
White Chocolate Mixed Fruit Tart (P195)

Sweet pastry crust filled with white chocolate cream and topped with mixed fruits.

This is not your normal tart, the white chocolate part was a bit cake-y and the mixed fruits went well with it. Though like I said on my dessert post, I prefer it to be a bit chilled or maybe a more creamy base for the white chocolate. But nonetheless it’s still a nice treat for the sweet tooth.

Frozen Green Tea (P185)
Frozen Green Tea (P185)

Four layered frozen dessert with egg meringue, green tea ice cream, custard cream, and graham crust.

If you’ve read my dessert post on Ma Maison, you’d know that I love their frozen green tea. This is their version of brazo de mercedezΒ when you grab a spoonful you’ll enjoy the nice contrast of the flavor from the frozen green tea, with the graham crust and meringue that acting as the sweetener, it’s really nice.


VERDICT:Β We had a great dinner at Ma Maison, the tasteful and comfy ambiance of the restaurant and their nice Japanese and Western food choices were good. And the service greatly improved since our last visit, so thumbs up! My love for their frozen green tea haven’t changed, i really consider that four layer frozen dessert treat a must-try.

VALUE FOR MONEY:Β Okay-good value for money, you get good food and service. And some of the dishes are good for sharing too.


Ma Maison, Greenbelt 2

G/F, Greenbelt 2, Esperanza St
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 729-9122
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13 thoughts on “Japanese + Western Food at Ma Maison”

  1. The escargot dish reminded me of Zuni, one of the best I’ve visited back in PI. Yum! These dishes are truly a fusion of Japanese-Western especially the burger steak with egg…hihi my fave!

  2. Hi Eugene, your previous post about the desserts at Ma Maison left a beautiful impression to me so when I finally got the chance to visit them, I savored all the dishes to bits. Green Tea Brazo de Mercedez was pure love! but it’s the White Chocolate Tart which made me visit Ma Maison twice in one week! πŸ™‚ Your post made me hungry, seriously!

    1. Great! It’s nice that you had a great dining experience at Ma Maison. And yep their white chocolate mixed fruit tart was also nice. What else did you try?

  3. Great pics and review! Made me hungry. hehe

    I love Japanese and Western food individually but I haven’t tried japanese-western fusion type of food. I’ll have a go at this one soon πŸ™‚

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